Top 20 RPG's: 18-17

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Mondo Cool TV 0007.00

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Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 33

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Sorry about the audio quality in this one. I didn't recover all the audio settings from when my PC asploded and well I was drunk too.  Did get the audio settings tweaked over the weekend so expect next weeks show to sound much much better.  I hear the people that showed up live really enjoyed this one.

Download or listen to the show after the jump.

PTV Episode 22 : Sonic & Knuckes (Sega Megadrive)

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I *beeping* hated this episode.
Full audio can be found in Catcast #46.

Kaiser's Drunkin Riffs #1 : Beauty & Warrior

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No words needed to describe this.....cause I can't.

The Anime Room: Clannad Review

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This is a review of slice of life type anime. This isn't usually my cup of tea personally, but even I found this anime to be surprisingly good and definitely worth checking out.

Sequel Rant: The Prequel Part 2

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Nowadays video game sequels are more common place than they have ever been. Some are released on a yearly basis, and others take their sweet old time. However, more development time isn't always a good thing (Yes, I'm looking at you Duke Nukem). It's almost guaranteed these days that if a game sells well, then a franchise it will be. (Sorry Duke Nukem). There are several who snub at the notion of yearly releases, while others thrive in the predictability as if it's video game Metamucil. Personally, I have mixed feelings on the topic, and for some reason felt the need to rant about the subject for a while.

Top 20 RPG's: 20-19

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PCDX Gameplay Series: Sonic the Fighters (PS2)

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Only one part to this one. Enjoy.

the Gaming Beast Episode 3 (Abuse)

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The GamingBeast plays an awesome freeware futuristic Run & Gun game in the style of Contra and Metal Slug. Get the game legally for FREE here:

LIVE! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 00032

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Sorry for thedelay in getting this out had some massive PC problems as I was exporting the mp3.  However this is another good episode.  No interviews this week but I've shot off some emails to some pretty big internet celebrities so wish me luck!

Modern games aren't as good as retro games!

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How many times have you seen this conversation online in forums, YouTube videos, tweets or articles?  I completely disagree with that statement.  People tend to only remember the all time best era defining classic games which taints their perception.  Ten years ago people were making the exact same arguments and probably will make the same argument 10 years in the future.  What generation of gaming do you think is the best in gaming history?  If you answered anything other than now or the future you are wrong and I'll tell you why.

PTV Episode 21: Machine Gun Joe (Sega Master System)

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Season 2 of PTV starts here!

Original Audio can be found on Catcast #44.

Shintai Reviews: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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Star Ocean is an action rpg series and this is a review of the most recent installment. If you like stuff that's heavy on the combat, but light on the story, give it a shot!

LIVE! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 00031

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This week I go over the new Youtube layout, some hot gaming news and a few give away details. Show notes, player and download link after the jump?

Unboxing X-com 1 and DSA 2

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Got these two awesome PC games for dirtcheap!

LIVE! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 00030

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This week I talk about Yakuza 2, Morrowind Mods, Gamestop is for dipshits and have play an interview iwth Dj Fob Fresh of  Show notes, download or listen after the jump.