Mondo Cool TV S01E02

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Review: Back in 1995 (2016) (PC/Steam)

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Completing my 10 Dollar a Week Computer

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Watch the construction and completion of the 10 dollar a week computer I have affectionately come to call "The Panzer"

Movie Review: Thirst (1979) (Blu-Ray)

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Thirst is an Australian supernatural thriller about a woman named Kate Davis (played by Chantal Contouri) whom is just an average girl that loves to work and hang out with her boyfriend.  Sadly for Kate, she soon finds out that one of her relatives died, she will also soon find out that this is one moment that will lead to an experience she soon won't forget.  While Kate and her boyfriend are busy making love, a shadowy figure is watching them and reports to a group of what looks like doctors and business men.  It all turns out that they all want Kate because she is the last member of her family, a family that has a line of vampire royalty.  Yup, Kate is a vampire queen and gets kidnapped by the creepy people so they can ease her into her duty.  Rightfully enough, Kate wants nothing to do with them and all she wants to do is escape from them go back to having her normal life.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Movie Review: Eaten Alive (1977) (Blu-Ray)

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Eaten Alive is an American horror movie directed by Tobe Hooper, yes, the same Tobe Hooper that directed the classic film, The Texas Chainsaw Horror Massacre (1974), and the fun but not as great, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986).  This film starts off with a runaway named Clara Wood (played by Roberta Collins), trying to be a hooker to earn ends meat (pun not intended) but after getting some sexual requests that even she doesn't want to do to a customer named Buck (played by Robert Englund), she quits and goes to spend the night at a hotel.  Clara happens to find a friendly looking place called the Starlight Hotel, sadly this place is operated by a creepy war veteran named Judd (played by Neville Brand).  Long story short, he isn't a fan of this woman's work, so he brutally murders her and disposes of the body.  Not too long after, we see a family of a husband, wife, and daughter all turn up to spend the night and all without knowing how crazed the hotel clerk is.  We also see Clara's family turn up in hopes of finding her (yeah, good luck with that).  Oh, one other thing that I forgot to mention, Judd has a big African Crocodile as a dear pet and he is willing to feed it anything... ANYTHING!  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio 167 - Highland Coffee Time

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This week on TCR, John Romero's new classic Doom map, Sega Classics on Steam now has a rom hack workshop, and Tomb Raider 2013 is now on Linux.

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