I keep wanting to play Policenauts but I keep putting it off. Yesterday I worked on a few videos and did some running. For anyone that does follow this blog, all one of you, I also enjoy running and am gearing up for some 2010 Marathons. So I didn't do nothing but play the shit out of Policenauts like I originally inteneded. Lame!

On top of that I got my copy of Snatcher in the mail. I've been going through the manual and reading every word and studying every picture. Man they don't make games like they used to. the manuals huge and full all kinds of immersive tid bits. There's a comic, a list of JUNKER's guide lines and character bios and Metal Gear Mk II's specs. I've just been admiring the packaging. I knew there was a sticker on the disc but now that I've got it I want to get it off but there's no way to go about it without harming the disc. Sucks. But just having this makes me giddy. It's probably one of the most rare pieces in my collection.

Just started playing the Policenauts fan translation. It's a really solid translation and a very enjoyable game. Now I'm pretty liberal with my language, all for freedom of Speech and against any forms of censorship especially with regards to totally bitchin' video games but the only small things that's bothered me so far is the dropping of the F bomb. Just the way it's been used a few times so far feels...sort of forced. Sine it's a fan project they can get away with pretty much any damn thing they want...but the time they used "fuck" that was ok...but Ed in casual conversation said "fuckers" which just felt forced. There were a few other harsh words used that at the time caught me off guard but I don't recall them at the moment.

Maybe it's just because I'm used to games not using the word fuck or any of its variants? It's possible that I just don't see that being a part of the original script? Then again I've only played games in English and only know the offical translations which do make minor tweaks. It's by no means a big deal...just something I noticed that didn't sit right with me. I say fuck pretty casually, many times, through the course of my normal daily routine so you wouldn't think it bothers me. I just don't think it sits right with a game originally made in the mid 90's.

But all my bitching about minor deatails in the dialogue aside the game is spectacular. I'm playing it with an emulator, which kind of sucks, but it lets me use the mouse and the mouse really is the best way to play. I'm thinking of buying a modchip for one of my many spare ps1's. The modchip's only $20 which isn't bad but the problem is it would be the most complicated soldering job I've ever attempted. I'm sure I can do it though. If not I've got a ton of spare ps1's if I fuck anything up.

So remember that post about buying a complete copy of Snatcher? Well I was randomly checking prices on ebay (A thing I do far too often which gets me into trouble. Financially) and I saw a Konami Justifier light gun for $8 bucks. So I bought it. I've wanted a Konami Justifier ever since the first time I played Snatcher. I want to see if it'll help me with the shooting sequences. First thing I'll do when I get it is fire up Snatcher and go to the shooting range and see how awesome it is.

Here's everything that pisses me off about the Gameboy Advance! Why the hell aren't there four face buttons? That would have been easy to do and all those SNES ports would have played a hell of a lot better. The most comfortable one to hold is the original...the SP's have great backlit screens but are a bitch to hold with my massive man hands...why the hell didn't the first GBA have a backlit screen?! God damn you Nintendo! The end.

I finally did it. I went crazy and bought two of my most wanted games, two of the most expensive games I wanted. I picked up complete copies of Ninja Golf and Snatcher. I've never played Ninja Golf and can't wait to fire it up. I got it in the mail today but won't have a chance to mess with it until guests leave. I've played and beat Snatcher but I really can't wait to get it. I want to leaf through the manual and beat an offical copy. I'm done buying games for a while. I swear.

I'm also going to try and sell some stuff off. I hope.

So several months ago I won an Xbox on a gaming auction site. I've been emailing the seller back and fourth since like early October and had assumed I was ripped off. I wanted to see how long they'd keep sending me e-mails. Eventually I stopped getting e-mails. I had paid with a check so I had their home address and considered going on the 1,600 mile round trip to knock on their door and ask where my Xbox was. Well out of the blue on Monday, I got my Xbox.

For $32.50 I got an Xbox, all the cables, two controllers and 8 games. That's even including shipping! What a great deal! Just a shame I had to wait like a million years to get it. Now that I have it though I can proceed with my plans of modding the bugger. I've ordered the AR Max I need to migrate some files over to the Xbox and I've had a copy of Splinter Cell for a while so that's cool. I should have everything I need any day now. I can't wait to mod that bad boy up and use it to run a million emulators.

poppafatsisreal: And how fucking cool was it being able to pilot Rex?
poppafatsisreal: Even though it makes no sense for that thing to be functional or able to stand up against a Ray specifically designed to beat the shit out of Rex's
SOME DUDE: yeah, that battle was a lot of fun. made me yearn for Zone of the Enders 3.
poppafatsisreal: I'm sure all those Shadow Moses rats are all the wiring in that thing in the span of ten years
poppafatsisreal: of course I meant "ate"
SOME DUDE: I knew what you meant. :-) and you're right, it doesn't make a ton of sense. but I suppose that isn't the point.
SOME DUDE: how often do you think about those sorts of things in an action movie?
poppafatsisreal: No the point was making my fanboy organs explode in glorious nergasmotastic glee
poppafatsisreal: Which is the worst thing I've ever typed in my life
poppafatsisreal: But I don't care, it was that fucking cool
poppafatsisreal: And I'm going to blog about that sentence