playin' some Jag

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, May 30, 2009 0 comments

So I finally won an Atari Jaguar on ebay! For $30! They usually go for a million dollars more than they're worth. I bought a Wonderswan for $20, free shipping from Japan! I'm also bidding on a Wonderswan color, so far it's only at a dollar so lets hope it stays that way!

I'm also buying MGS integral from Japan. Some day when I either mod my slim ps2 or buy a Japanese Ps2 I'll play it. It's got the full english translation. I hear it has a first person mode and you can change the guards paths. So that should make for a challenge to the people that have the guards patrols memorized for the past ten years.

Fuck yes! I just won a Nokia Ngage QD! It's a Tmobile phone and I have Tmobile so I'll be able to just pop in my SIM card and use it! I'll be the coolest dweeb on the block! Fuck yeah!

3DO! Wooo!

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My new 3DO works great. All the games that came with it are in amazing shape. This is the first time I've ever actually played Castle's a pretty sweet game. Very bland and basic though. But it's still pretty cool. I'm bidding on a few very inexpensive games on ebay. I'm aiming to get Gex and Alone in the Dark then there's a bunch of other crap coming with them. I'm surprised at how cheap the games go for. I was expecting to just download and burn them all but if they're this cheap it's easier to just buy them. No chance of downloading a bajillion viruses either.

The controller is pretty good too. It's like a cross between the SNES and Genesis sixbutton pad. I wish I had the controller with the headphone port on it. I wish the 3do had memory cards or some better memory management. I'm no where near the limit and doubt I'll go over it actually but it would be nice to have memory cards to shuffle saves around. I'd like to know what kind of memory it uses and if its battery backed or not. Oh well. I did win a second 3do on ebay for $30 I'm going to test it out and either resell it or just keep it as a back up.

Getting my 3do tomorrow!

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I've contacted a guy on Craigslist and am getting a 3DO tomorrow. It comes with five games three of which I want so that's pretty bad ass. I'm pretty geeked up. I can't wait to add another console to the collection. Now all I need's an Atari Jaguar.

Got myself a sweet Gameboy Advance SP off of craigslist. $35. Which is $15 cheaper than usual...the catch? It's pink. I'm macho enough to play a Pink GBA though.

God damn internet shopping spree. I really shouldn't have! Oh well, now I've got a ton of games coming to me. Like more at one time than I've ever had in my life. I wish I didn't get so many damn games. Because now there's a new game I want and I definitely am not going to let myself buy it. At least not yet! Maybe after I get a check or two from the Jerk's I used to work for. Or maybe someone that's totally awesome would love to buy the game for me? I wish!

I've got a DVDr and recorded some footage for my Lost Vikings review. I've also bought the Saturn version of Norse By Norsewest The Lost Vikings 2. My computer's exploding so it'll be a while before I start editing the video. I've also got to get some editing software to add voice overs. If I hadn't bought so many games over the past week I'd probably get the GBA version of Lost Vikings too.

Oops Ebay mega raid!

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I went crazy again! I splurged on ebay one more time. This time mostly getting stuff for my Gameboy collection. First I bought a FC Mobile II, which is a hand held NES. You can hook it up to your TV and play NES games with the included 2 wireless controllers and the wirless light gun! As well as use it as a handheld NES. So I'll finally have an easy solution for moving to another TV to play Duck Hunt since I can't on my HDTV.

Next I bought a Psone so now I have the full playstation line of consoles. That's bad ass to have a complete collection...maybe someday I'll track down the LCD screen so I can really play PS1 games on the go.

The next huge round of splurging I did was after I made my gameboy collection video on youtube. I was playing around with Wario Land and thinking about how it's one of my favorite platformers and decided I needed to get the rest of the Wario Land games. I was actually thinking this same thing a few weeks or months ago so I went ahead and ordered Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3. Browsing youtube I noticed the Gameboy light, so I bid on a couple of those but won't know if I get them for at least six more days. I've all ready been outbid on one of them, the ugly yellow one that I didn't want, but I'm still the highest bidder for the beat up one that comes with Pokemon green. That's the one I'm hoping to get. I would like to have Pokemon green and don't care if the system is a little beat up as long as it works, and lights up. I just want to be able to play regular gameboy without sitting at funny angles to get good lighting. So I'm crossing my fingers for that. Plus I want to have a rare Japanese gameboy in the collection.

The last thing I ordered was a Super Gameboy 2. I just discovered them yesterday, also from poking around youtube. The Super Gameboy 2 plays Gameboy color games in full color, has a port for a link cable and is generally awesome. Now it is designed to be used with the Super Famicom but I have modded my SNES to use Super Famicom carts and I do believe there's no region lock on gameboy games so this should work out just fine. The plan is once I get my Super Gameboy 2 is to use the link cable to trade pokemons from my Super Gameboy 2 to my Gameboy player....that should be interesting!

You might be thinking why are you getting a Super Gameboy 2 if you've got a gameboy player? Well honestly I'd rather play those games with a SNES pad than a Gamecube pad. If I could find a decent Wireless Gamecube pad laid out like a SNES pad I'd jump all over that too.