Blu-Ray Review: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 (2011)

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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a bizarre action show about a high school class training to be high level warriors who end up going to war to rescue a girl called Horizon from being sentenced to commit suicide.  While it is a simple story the show tries to make it more complicated than what it really is and it makes it very frustrating.  While the story is very dumb and confusing you will be drawn in by two very strong elements which are the characters and the action.  The action is very top notch with exciting robot battles, clashes of iron against armor, erotic and exotic magical powers giving it a feeling that I'm listening to a "Dungeons and Dragons" session that me and my friends record every now and then.  Characters in this show are very insane like Tori who is a very flamboyant looking pervert that loves hentai, Masazumi daughter of a politician who is forced to live as a boy, Tori's busty sister Kimi that specializes in the art erotica, and other weirdos like a curry throwing Indian, twin witches that use their broomsticks as guns, a talking slime, and a fat nerd that sounds like a character our pal Darabka the Gaming Beast does for his Beastbar cartoon.  While weird they all have a lot of charm and a lot of sex appeal that you can't help but to find them enjoyable. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of this review).

Blu-ray Review: GYO Tokyo Fish Attack! (2012)

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GYO Tokyo Fish Attack is a short animated horror film about mutant cyborg sea creatures causing havoc in Tokyo.  The movie starts out with a group of teenagers camping in a cabin by the woods and they are having a good time like you would normally have at a place like that.  The slutty one of the group (pardon my tongue) decides that she wants to have a threesome with two of the guys there and right as they are about to mingle a mutant cyborg shark bursts through their window and attacks everyone.  This shark is one mean old perverted bugger too as the first thing he does is pin down the girl from the three way but she manages to get away with only her skirt ripped off and she's screaming bloody murder and running down the hall with her bare ass hanging out (again, pardon my language).  They miraculously defeat the mutant cyborg shark with only minor damage, so what do you think happens next?  She continues on having her threesome with the two bro dudes of coarse.  The other half of the teens are a bit more shaken up about it and they watch the news on the TV and then Kaori (our main heroine) receives a very distressed phone call from her boyfriend saying "Do not return to Tokyo".  Kaori decides to pack up and go back to Tokyo anyway to find her boyfriend but runs into trouble when she sees that the whole city has been infested by mutant cyborg sea creatures.  Kaori is not alone in this twisted fish war as she is joined up with a handsome freelance reporter that just happens to be after her boyfriends uncle who might know the cause of the invasion. (To read the rest of the review please click "Read More").

Blu-Ray Review: Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2 (2012)

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This second (and final...?) collection of Bodacious Space Pirates episodes has the crew left very ill after a shipment gone wrong when monkeys go running wild on the good ship Bentenmaru spreading a flu like virus that infects all the crew except for Captain Marika (due to her being at home to get some rest at the time of the incident).  Now the crew are stuck in quarantine so they don't go spreading the virus around on their home planet.  Captain Marika now has to find a new crew so she can do her jobs otherwise she'll have her pirate license removed due to not being active.  Captain Marika goes searching for a crew but has no luck until the Captain of the space pirate ship Barbaroosa gives her advice about finding people she can trust.  This gives Captain Marika the idea to hire the Space Yaught Club (a class she is a part of during high school) to be the replacement crew.  So with a new crew comes some all new kinds of trouble so how will Captain Marika handle this gang of teenage booty bandits? (Click "Read More" to read the full review if you are reading this on the main page).

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 92

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Sega Pluto, Super guns, Terror Dome art project, MCTV and much more!  Listen and download after the jump.

DVD Review: Princess Jellyfish (2010)

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Princess Jellyfish is a bizarre drama/comedy about a group of female otaku called "The Sisterhood" that fear a lot of things but mainly fancy looking people they call "The Stylish".  Tsukimi is the main one you will see and she is obsessed with drawing jellyfish and is always fantasizing about being a princess, Chieko is the daughter of the landlord and is always dressed like a traditional geisha and likes to collect traditional Japanese dolls, Mayaya is the one that always wears a green jumpsuit and is obsessed with kung-fu and Romance of the Three-Kingdoms, Banba is the short one with an afro and a toy train addiction, Jiji is a manga artist (mainly does Yaoi) that barely leaves her room because of work and has an old man fetish.  One night while Tsukimi was on her way home she notices that the pet shop wasn't taking proper care of their jellyfish so she freaks out all about it and gets into a fight with the guy working there and gets kicked out.  Lucky for her she is helped by a beautiful strange woman named Kuranosuke who stops the whole situation from turning into a disaster.  The two hang out for awhile and they go back to Tsukimi's place and pass out.  When Tsukimi awakens in the morning she finds out that Kuranosuke is actually a guy who has a habit of walking around public in women's clothing (cue the theme to Bosom Buddies). (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the review).

Sega Pluto 01 and 02 Surface in the same week

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Recently a Sega prototype console was revealed to the world by a former employee of Sega.  The Sega Pluto is a version of the Sega Saturn with a built in Netlink modem.  Holy shit.  My personal love affair with Sega really took off in 2009 when I discovered the Netlink modem and the small rag tag group of Sega enthusiasts that still to this day get together for Netlink matches.

DVD Review: Bakemonogatari Part 1 [Limited Edition] (2009)

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Australians rejoice as we are graced with a limited edition package available only in Australia but the real question is, is it worth it?  Bakemonogatari (that's a mouthful to say) is a show about an ex-vampire named Koyomi Araragi who saves a girl named Hitagi Senjogahara from one of the tallest staircases I have ever seen and becomes very curios about her as when he caught her she was lighter than a feather.  Koyomi then starts to find information about her but she bursts in and threatens to kill him and then leaves.  Koyomi starts to follow her and then gets brutally attacked by Hitagi and her seemingly infinite amount of stationary supplies. After this battle we find out why she felt light as a feather and it is due to being cursed by an evil crab god.  Koyomi decides to help her get rid of the curse by taking her to the same guy that helped him cure his vampirism.  This won't be the only time you will see him as this series has a bunch of cases like this.  (To see full article please click "Read More").

DVD Review: Fractale (2011)

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Fractale is about a young boy named Clain living in a world called Fractale where most people have given up their humanity to live in computer servers.  Clain is obsessed with collecting old technology and while on his way home from a local flea market he sees a girl being chased by a group of thugs.  Clain sees her jumping off a cliff and goes to check out the body (that sounds more morbid than what it really is). The girl is alive and he takes her back to his place so she could recover from her wounds and later we find out that her name is Phryne. The gang of thugs invade his house after several failed attempts to trick him into inviting them in and find nothing but her dress and Clain gets beaten up as the thugs think that he did some very naughty things to her but nope as it turns out that she fled.  Clain finds her in an old building and they chat for a little while until both of them fall asleep.  Clain wakes up in the morning to see that she has fled once again leaving him feeling very frustrated. (For full review please click "Read More").

Mondo Cool TV #00 The Best of Special (Rough Version)

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Behold the rough version of the best of MCTV.  There may be a full polished version in the future but in case there isn't you have this version anyway.

Some examples of stuff I need to fix are, picture quality, host segments, credits, screen size, may be cut for TV,ETC.  Please comment on the show anyway if you liked it, hated it, or have some feedback as to what you wanted to see in this episode.

Blu-Ray Review: Ef - A Tale Of Melodies (2008)

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Ef – A Tale of Melodies is the sequel series to Ef – A Tale of Memories.  Much like the previous series this show is made up of two romance stories normally taking up half a show each but towards the end each story gets their own full episode. The first story takes place in the present where Mizuki Hayama is staying in Australia (doesn't say where but from the looks of location it's based in Sydney, New South Wales) and for some reason she decides to go visit her neighbor Shuichi Kuze. Mizuki starts to fall for him but Shuichi has a rare disease and is trying to ward her off so she won't feel bad for him when he passes away. However this doesn't stop Mizuki from trying her best to get together with Shuichi. This portion of the show also follow-up on all the characters that found love in the first season. (Click "Read More" for the rest of the review).

Tiger Claw Radio #117

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Tryed to do an episode of TCR with my son present. It was difficult to say the least. Hence this one is short. Also I didn't upload through the normal channels so you can pick it up at the old TCR Podomatic page. Enjoy!

Check out TCR 117 here.

Game Review: Non-Existent (Nothing)

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Non-Existent is a game that doesn't exist for a console that never came out and is not available to the public but I managed to pull a few strings to play this unborn gem. Much like the classic television show “Seinfeld” the game is about nothing. There are no characters to be met with no setting to be found. Later in the game you will find that the game leads to nowhere and I applaud this bold movement as the sweet nothings it promises doesn’t happen gives the story a very original feel that will leave you feeling hollow. This game also has no violence, no action, no dialogue, and no form what so ever but it does make you use your imagination quite a bit. One thing I should say is that this game will offend nobody so there is no need to fear about anything that might do that thing that gives you that feeling.

The graphics are really transparent which makes it hard for me to make out what I'm supposed to look at, it's easier to see air than what you are supposed to see in this game. Couldn't do anything with the controls as no matter which direction I wave my hands in the air at the game does absolutely nothing and it's very... well I can't say as there is no word to describe how the game plays. The soundtrack has zero tracks and boy is it amazing with it's silent sounds that it could grow into something bigger than Beatlemania but I don't like how it ends as it seems to just vanish into thin air. Trying to track down this game is pretty hard as no stores stock it and the website is not available. Overall I have nothing more to say about this game and trying to score this is pretty unthinkable as there is no score that can sum up this game.

Platform: None
Developer: No one
Publisher: Nobody
Price: Nothing
Recommended: N/A