DVD Review: Princess Jellyfish (2010)

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Princess Jellyfish is a bizarre drama/comedy about a group of female otaku called "The Sisterhood" that fear a lot of things but mainly fancy looking people they call "The Stylish".  Tsukimi is the main one you will see and she is obsessed with drawing jellyfish and is always fantasizing about being a princess, Chieko is the daughter of the landlord and is always dressed like a traditional geisha and likes to collect traditional Japanese dolls, Mayaya is the one that always wears a green jumpsuit and is obsessed with kung-fu and Romance of the Three-Kingdoms, Banba is the short one with an afro and a toy train addiction, Jiji is a manga artist (mainly does Yaoi) that barely leaves her room because of work and has an old man fetish.  One night while Tsukimi was on her way home she notices that the pet shop wasn't taking proper care of their jellyfish so she freaks out all about it and gets into a fight with the guy working there and gets kicked out.  Lucky for her she is helped by a beautiful strange woman named Kuranosuke who stops the whole situation from turning into a disaster.  The two hang out for awhile and they go back to Tsukimi's place and pass out.  When Tsukimi awakens in the morning she finds out that Kuranosuke is actually a guy who has a habit of walking around public in women's clothing (cue the theme to Bosom Buddies). (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the review).

Kuranosuke takes  Tsukimi back to his place so he can pretty her up, this is when we find out that he is a son of a very rich politician family and they find his habit very shameful (minus his uncle).  After putting make-up on her, Kuranosuke's brother starts to have a crush on Tsukimi and they go out on a date which leaves Kuranosuke very jealous.  After the date The Sisterhood go to a community meeting and find out some dreaded news that their building is going to be taken down so a new freeway can go up.  Kuranosuke and The Sisterhood must find a way to stop this from happening.

Ooohh, look at the jellyfish.
Don't let the goofiness of the story make you think that this is some terrible harem anime with Mrs.Doubtfire because it is far from that. The story is quite good with very interesting characters that are also quite lovable.  Comedy is pretty funny and it also has the right amount of drama to stop it from crossing the goofball boarder.  You will also find yourself getting addicted pretty quickly and as soon as you know it you have flown by the whole series.  One complaint I do have is that the ending gives you a message that pretty much tells you that if you want to know what happens next, read the manga.
Art-style is pretty good, has a nice colorful, cute, detailed, and fresh look to it that is quite refreshing to see these days.  Animation is really great and lively which is perfect for this show as it blends in really well with the nature of the characters.  Soundtrack is really awesome, especially the songs used in all the credit sequences and it just adds to the charm of the show.  English and Japanese dubs were pretty decent but far from perfect with some mild annoyances with Kuranosuke as his voice can get irritating (in both dubs).  It really doesn't matter which dub you watch this show on as they both sound pretty similar (minus the part of both dubs speaking in different languages) so there is no superior dub in this show. 
Professor Jelly will also be popping up over time as added comedic relief.
There is a very odd problem in the set that I have with episode five and that is that there is no English dub on it.  Not saying that in a way that they never made an English dub for it, but when you do have it set on the English dub you just get nothing but stone cold silence.  No idea if this was just my copy but if this happens to you just switch the dub to Japanese ad turn on the English subtitles.  Not many special features in this set but what you do get are some pretty sweet ones with audio commentaries on episodes one and eleven covering all the typical stuff you hear in funimation commentary.  Overall this was a very nice show to watch that will easily fill up your day with cheer.  I recommend giving this series some love.

My Gary's ghost!  There is a girl trapped in a tank full of Jellyfish!

Title: Princess Jellyfish
Animation Studio: Brain's Base
Genre: Animation/Anime, Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 242 Minutes (11 Episodes)
Distributor: Siren Visual (http://www.sirenvisual.com.au/)
Rating: M15+ (Sexual references)
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes 


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