Game Review: Non-Existent (Nothing)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Monday, April 1, 2013 2 comments

Non-Existent is a game that doesn't exist for a console that never came out and is not available to the public but I managed to pull a few strings to play this unborn gem. Much like the classic television show “Seinfeld” the game is about nothing. There are no characters to be met with no setting to be found. Later in the game you will find that the game leads to nowhere and I applaud this bold movement as the sweet nothings it promises doesn’t happen gives the story a very original feel that will leave you feeling hollow. This game also has no violence, no action, no dialogue, and no form what so ever but it does make you use your imagination quite a bit. One thing I should say is that this game will offend nobody so there is no need to fear about anything that might do that thing that gives you that feeling.

The graphics are really transparent which makes it hard for me to make out what I'm supposed to look at, it's easier to see air than what you are supposed to see in this game. Couldn't do anything with the controls as no matter which direction I wave my hands in the air at the game does absolutely nothing and it's very... well I can't say as there is no word to describe how the game plays. The soundtrack has zero tracks and boy is it amazing with it's silent sounds that it could grow into something bigger than Beatlemania but I don't like how it ends as it seems to just vanish into thin air. Trying to track down this game is pretty hard as no stores stock it and the website is not available. Overall I have nothing more to say about this game and trying to score this is pretty unthinkable as there is no score that can sum up this game.

Platform: None
Developer: No one
Publisher: Nobody
Price: Nothing
Recommended: N/A


Critical Failure said...

I enjoyed this post. Real dedication to write a whole page about this. 10/10 would read again.

Darth Tallis said...

Best part; no DLC. Already this game rocks. :P

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