Ahnuld plays Skyrim (Part 1)

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What is best in life? off course its Ahnuld playing Skyrim you GIRLY MAN, NYAARGHH!!!

Discussing Satoru Iwata's Passing

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Batman VS Superman

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The new Trailer has for Zach Snyders Batman V. Superman has arrived. Let's finally answer the question of who will win in a fight? The Dark Knight Batman or the Man of Steel Superman? The DC titans will settle the score in the Virtual Warriors arena once and for all. Let the fight commence, for the Deathmug of Doom!

Let's Play Talisman (Part 4)

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Kaiser, Darabka and Swingle continue to troll each other and become the ultimate king of the hill.

Tiger Claw Radio #145 - Back From Vacation

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Returning from vacation, here is a roundup of what has happened in the subsequent two weeks.

Download the MP3 Here