Hey party people! I've been adding a lot of crap to my website about video games. Now that I'm an unemployed bum and have received my huge check from those jerks I worked for I've got plenty of time to work on reviews and such. I added like 15+ mini reviews of all my favorite games to my game page.

Also I'm totally positive that in a few weeks when I get the next huge checks from my former employers I'll rush out and get a DVDrecorder. I can't wait for that. Then I can make video mini reviews of all my favorite games. As well as making a few comparisons.

I'd like to make a few comparison videos showing the differences between The Lost Vikings on SNES and Genesis as well as comparisons of The Lost Vikings 2 SNES VS Norse By Norsewest on the Playstation. The SNES version of LV2 is the far superior version and people need to know! I wish I had The Lost Vikings on GBA and the Saturn Version of Norse by Norsewest. I'd also like to comapre Vigilante 8 on the PSX and N64 as well as the sequels for the N64, PS1 and Dreamcast.

Saw Dragon Ball Origions for the Nintendo DS at Meijer for $20 so I picked that up. So far it's a pretty sweet game. It's nice to play something Dragon Ball that isn't a fighting game. It's a fun little adventure game and the story is sticking very closely to the comic. Even with Bulma flashing Roshi, which they hide in between the two screens which is a very nice touch.

Besides that I've been playing a lot of games on my Saturn. I've been working on getting through Dark Savior, which is like an Action RPG but not with that much action but plenty of platforming. There's a lot of jumping across moving platforms which is actually kind of hard. Also I've been playing some Panzer Dragoon one and two.

I got laid off from my job and am taking some time off, I'm going to focus on working out and getting back into shape and being a champion but during all that recovery time I'm sure I'll have plenty of time for some fun kick ass video games.

My lucky saturn! So many new games to show it some much needed love. Panzer Dragoon is as awesome as I remember it being. I can't wait to finish up the Panzer Dragoon games. Then maybe I can save some cash up and buy Panzer Dragoon saga. I can dream, right?

I also got the bonus gift of Dark Saviour. Which is turning out to be one hell of a fucking great game! I'm still getting the hang of the controls, switching controllers helped a lot, but I still keep dying over dumb shit. Oh well. I really think I'll have a lot of fun with this game no matter what though. It seems like it'll have a good story and it's been a very long time since I've gotten into an RPG so this'll be a nice change of pace no matter what.

Man did I get a load of junk in the mail today. I ordered the 3d controller for the Saturn since it's compatable with Duke Nukem and I do plan on getting NiGHTS someday, I got a game called Wing Arms and I also got the Sega Saturn I accidentally won on ebay for $15. It came with 10 games or so only two of them worth mentioning and another Netlink Adapter. Virtua Figher 2 and Tomb Raider, the rest are sports games. Yuck! It's another model one Saturn, I was hoping it was a model 2 so I could have it modded. Not that I can't have this one modded it's just not as easy if I decide to do it myself.

Capture card was a piece of garbage and doesn't work. Like at all. Sending it back tomorrow. I'll just save up and go to Wal Mart and buy a DVD recorder. I've got a shit ton of DVDs lying around anyway just aching to be used for recording sweet video game footage.

The copy of Virtual On that I won on ebay was infact listed correctly. That word "playstation" in the auction really made me nervous about bidding on it and probably scared off a lot of other people too. But I ended up getting a shrink wrapped copy for $3.95 including shipping! When I took it out of the shrink wrap it even smelled like 1997 Sega vintage.

Also I got my copy of Saturn Bomberman. The disc is being a little fussy. Not 100% positive if I'm going to try resurfacing the disc. The dude that sent it to me sent it before I could pay him, which is incredibly cool. Next payday I'll send him his cash. The game has trouble booting every now and then. The last few times its started without a problem so I might hold off on that resurfacing as long as it's not acting up.

That brings me up to three out of five Sega Netlink games. The other two are racing games and I'm really not interested. If I saw them in the wild for really cheap I'd snag them up just to have and play online with a few times but I just really don't care for racing games at all. Now I'm just waiting on Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 to come in the mail from another member of the Saturn League. What a cool Saturn community it is!

Video games are rad. Waiting for shipping is not so rad.