Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 119

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Last Mondo Cool Cast of the year!  It's an impromptu solo show but maybe someone likes that?


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Monday Night Morrowind - Deep Pockets

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VAG: Vides of Acquired Games 11 27 2016

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Beholder - PC/Steam (2016)

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                Did you like the fast passed tension of Papers, Please? Beholder is a game about spying on tenants of a rundown apartment building and like in Papers, Please, you enforce dystopian policy in an oppressive society.. but in a fun way! Beholder is weird, slow and all black and brown, but the sneaking is fun and the characters are awesome.

                Once the game has begun, mechanically everything feels like a point and click game as opposed to the matching fast passed puzzle mechanics of “Papers, Please”. If I were to compare Beholder to Papers, Please, I would say if Sierra released Papers, Please in 1993 for PC, it would look like Beholder.

The interface is...