Blu-Ray Review: Hellsing Ultimate Collection 1 (2006-2008)

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Hellsing Ultimate Collection 1 contains the firs four OVAs based on the hit horror manga from Dark Horse Comics.  This series is about an organization hell bent on killing vampires called the "Hellsing Organization" lead by Sir Integra Hellsing being called a "sir" she is actually female).  Something really dark is going on when vampire and ghoul attacks are happening a lot more than usual making her very suspicious about the whole situation.  Turns out the Nazis are back in town and they want to take over the world with waves of vampires, ghouls, and other kinds of creepy creatures.  How on Earth are we going to fight these creatures of the night?  With fighting fire with fire that is.  Enter Alucard, a vampire that hunts down other vampires with the help of his partner Seras Victoria, an ex-police officer who was rescued by Alucard right before she was about to get raped and eaten (or eaten then raped) by ghouls.  Together they hunt down the Nazis and blow any one they find to smithereens with some really powerful guns with bullets that can plow through waves of enemies with one pull of the trigger.  A shorter way to describe the insanity is that this series is like Nosferatu (1922) crossbred with the Deathwish (1974) movie series.  (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the review).

DVD Review: Arakawa Under The Bridge Season 2 (2010)

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Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2 (AKA: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, and Under the Bride 2) is an animated comedy series about two lovebirds named, Recruit, and Nino who are living in a homeless community called Arakawa along side their insane neighbours including a guy in a suit who claims to be a 620-year old Kappa (a legendary turtle like creature from Japanese folklore), a guy in a star mask who brags about being a rock superstar, a cross-dressing nun, a scary little girl, and many more interesting nutters that you will instantly fall in love due to their colorful personalities and flavorsome antics. This season our gang is trying to help Nino get to her home on Venus but first they have to go through some brutally tough astronaut training. The insane mix of both the characters and situations blend together very well and will give you a intoxicating cocktail of emotions (mainly good ones) making it some very good comedy. (Click "Read More") to see the rest of review.

Blu-Ray Review: Ef: A Tale of Memories (2007)

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Ef – A Tale of Memories is the first season of this romance show based on the PC game Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.   The way the show is formatted is that there are two different stories taking up half
an episode each but sometimes they'll give one of them more air time than the other but anyway let's see what stories this show has to offer.   Storyline A is about Hiro Hirono whom is desperately trying to balance out getting his manga done and getting through high school.  During Christmas Eve on his way to visit his sister he meets a girl who is chasing down a mugger that took her purse.   The girl then takes his bike in a scene that reminds me of when Ash meets Misty in the first episode of Pok√©mon, he  then begins to then chase her down to get back his bike.   Hirono eventually catches up to her but when he does he sees the girl unconscious in the snow from crashing the bike.   Mystery girl wakes up with Hirono all worried that the girl might have a concussion and tries to convince her to go to the hospital.  Mystery girl refuses and convinces Hirono to hang out with her for the rest of the night.   The next school year begins and while Hirono is relaxing on the roof to then he is reunited with the mystery girl whom we find out is named Miyako Miyamuro and after a few episodes of him denying they are a couple they end up dating.   However Miyamuro has competition as Hirono's sister becomes very jealous and tries to separate them because she wants him all for herself (eww). (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the review).

VAG Episode 02

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Retrokaiser's Vinyl Collection #1

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Killer is Dead English Trailer

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Who else is geeked about this game?

Blu-Ray Review: Berserk the Golden Age Arc 1 - The Egg of the King (2012)

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Berserk: The Egg of the King is the first part to a series of films based on The Golden Arc of the Berserk manga. Set in a medieval time our story starts off with an army raiding a castle only to be blocked off by a axe-welding warrior who can wipe out a ton of soldiers with one swoop. He then gets cocky and opens a challenge to the invading army to see if their strongest soldier can beat him. We are then introduced to one of our main characters who is named Guts (sounds like a name of a GWAR band member if you ask me) and he is up to the challenge and fights the big metal monster. The fighters clash with Guts winning in a very gory fashion and the army continues to raid the castle. From a far we see our other main characters, Griffith, and Casca admiring the battle. Celebrating victory they then offer Guts to be a higher ranked member of the army but he refuses as if the army was a useless thing. Guts then starts riding into the horizon but is then ambushed by bandits. Guts slices though them very easily and before he could kill Casca, Griffith stabs Guts with his sword knocking him out. We soon find out that the so called bandits were actually Griffiths men sent to test out how strong Guts really is. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the article).

DVD Review: Alien 9 (2001 - 2002)

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Alien Nine is a four part OVA series about a group of three twelve year old school girls that get elected by their class mates to be in a select group called the “Alien Party”. This squad has the girls, Yuri Otani, Kumi Kawamura, and Kasumi Tomine capturing aliens that have landed on school grounds so their teacher (Megumi Hisakawa) can study them to see if they can be trained like animals we have on our planet. The job is very dangerous so they are assigned some aliens of their own called Borgs (resistance is futile) to help aid their battles. The Borgs are symbiotic frog-bird looking things that sit on top of the girls heads (like a helmet) and they help with the weaponry as they can launch out weird drill looking tentacles that grab the aliens and they can also kill them when needed. Borgs also use their wings to shield the girls from attacks the other aliens may have and they can also use them to fly around although the flight is limited when they are attached to the girls. (Click "Read More" to see rest of review).

DVD Review: UN-GO (2011)

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UN-GO is a mystery/action series about Shinjuro Yuki AKA “The Defeated Detective” and his partner (and boss) Inga who go around solving crimes in a very fast paced manner (mainly murders). There is also a weird anti-piracy and new world order overarching sub-plot where the government is strict on people uploading illegal files (like anime, unreleased video games, and documents) but they also have a say in what they deem is illegal which could be stuff like original content that we wouldn't have a problem with sharing. This adds a disturbing feeling as this gives the government control over the people. Later in the show we are joined with Kazamori Sasa, a AI in the form of a little girl who can possess any electronic device. This character brings a weird romance element as she is sexually attracted to Yuki and in one scene she tries to rape him while possessing a teddy bear. (Click "Read More" to see the rest of this crudely done review).  

DVD Review: .hack//G.U. (2007)

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.Hack//G.U. Trilogy is a computer generated film based on the video game .Hack//G.U. for the Playstation 2. Set inside a fictional MMO game called “The World” the movie is about a PK (Player Killer) named Haseo who is on a quest for revenge when a warrior named Tri-Blade kills the woman he loved. Haseo then gains a new party member named Atolli who uses the same character skin as his love (well this is meant to be set in a MMO after-all so you are bound to run into people that look the same). They eventually meet up with Tri-Blade who then beats up Haseo to the point where he is close to pushing up daisies. Lucky for Haseo he gets saved by a group called AIDA who then help him level him up to a point where he can absolutely obliterate Tri-Blade but there is also something darker going on when certain players are falling into comas due to reasons unknown. (Click "Read More" to see the full review).

The New Heroes of Thair Session 2

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The second Session of the new Heroes of Thair. The characters get Mitches Thief a new body and do some easier jobs to gain experience. Sorry about the bad sound and more info after the bump

Beastcast Episode 37 - No more Nolan!

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Talking about DC Warners plan to crown Nolan the Ultimate God Empereor Supreme of the DC Movieverse. Soon DC will be rebranded as CN (short for Chris Nolan). Also talking about a humble Sam-Rai Man and other nerdy junk! FOR DOOM!!!. Download and player after the bump!

VAG Episode 01

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