DVD Review: Mega Man - Complete Collection (1994 - 1995)

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Mega Man is an 1990's animated show based on the popular video game series of the same name.  This show is about a boy robot named Rock who gets converted into a battle-bot that goes under the name Megaman.  Megaman must protect the world from the dastardly deeds of the mad scientist Dr. Wily who comes up with very insane plans to take Dr. Light's (Megaman's creator) plans or to take over the Earth or even both at the same time.  Dr.Wily isn't fighting alone as he has some robots of his own to battle Megaman including: Protoman (Megaman's Brother), Cutman (who has the power to cut stuff through steel as if it were hot butter), Gutsman (a robot with magnificent strength), plus many more like Darkman, Iceman, Crashman who appear on certain episodes unlike the first three robots I mentioned who appear on all of them.   Megaman also isn't alone in the fight as he has a sister named Roll who was initially designed to be a housekeeping robot but due to her stubborn nature she is normally out fighting along side with her brother.  They also have a very loyal robot canine named Rush who can turn into any type of vehicle for Megaman to ride.  Some adventures Megaman will have in this show include:  Megaman battling killer robot dinosaurs,  rescuing a shrunken Washington D.C; Fighting evil toys, and teaming up with X from Megaman X (wow!).  This show sounds really fun right?  Well let's see.  (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the review to find out).

Beastcast 45 - Happy Beastmass 2013

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I catch up on stuff like the Batman VS Superman movie and such. Happy Beastmass to you all! Download after the bump!

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 96

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Metal Wolf Chaos, Red Steel 2, Typing of the Dead, New consoles no one cares about and more!

Blu-Ray Review: Hakuoki Season 3 - Dawn of the Shinsengumi (2012)

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Hakuoki: Dawn of the Shinsegumi is the third season of this samurai drama which is based on a video game series.  This season is actually a prequel series to the events that happened in the first season and goes as follows.   Ibuki Ryunosuke is in the middle of the forest left to die after being beaten half to death.  A stranger walks up to him offering him a rice ball and asks him "Do you want to live?".  Ibuki reaches for the rice ball but the stranger drops it on the ground but Ibuki goes after it anyway.  The stranger goes on about how much of a pitiful samurai he is for choosing survival over honor and then Ibuki passes out.  Ibuki wakes up in the building where the newly moved in Roshigumi (soon to be known as the Shinsengumi).  Ibuki has a bit of a rough first impression as he is very rude to them and then the Roshigumi tell him to go thank the guy that saved him before he even thinks of leaving.  He goes to him and finds out that he is a very mean man that likes to treat people like dirt.  Ibuki doesn't like his attitude but sadly he still has to repay him for getting his life saved and ends up becoming his servant.  Turns out the rest of the guys don't like him either and his attitude has even driven some of the members craving for blood lust but sadly they are going to have to let him live as without him they don't have a home.  From here on in we see all the events that lead up to season one of this show through the eyes of Ibuki.  Does he (by "he" I really mean "me") see good or does he see bad in the events that will soon follow?  Find out after the jump.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Princess Knight Part One (1967 - 1968)

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Princess Knight Part One is the first volume containing the first half of this classic cartoon series directed by Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy).  This show is about a prince named Prince Knight but he is no ordinary prince at all, he isn't even a boy but in fact a girl instead.  Yes in reality she is Princess Knight but her gender is kept secret from the public so they can keep her place to be the next ruler secure due to a law stating that women can't rule the throne.  Sad for her that the king's brother smells something fishy about it and sends out his men on missions to try to prove that she is actually a girl so he can have his son take her place in ruling the throne.  They are also just bad people in general and pick on the villagers and try to take over other countries in secret.  So it is up to Princess Knight along with her loyal horse and her friend Choppy (who is an angel) to foil their plans to save the people and protect her identity all at the same time.  Some adventures you can expect to see in this volume include:  Princess Knight fighting the big bad wolf, traveling to the city of Atlantis to defeat an evil group of shark men, stopping the sandman from attacking the castle, helping out a ghost, saving slaves with her friend Prince Frank.  All this and more in the first volume of this classic animated series.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Anime Review: Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part 2 (2012) Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray/ Hardback Book Combo.

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Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part Two is the second and final volume of this action/crime animated series.  The show itself is about the adventures of the very beautiful thief named Fujioko Mine who takes only the most valuable and priceless treasures for her ever growing collection.  Sadly Fujiko Mine has a deep dark secret and that secret is her dark past which is starting to catch up with her.  This dark past I speak of is a man dressed up as an owl who is always haunting her dreams but that is not all as this owl man has also hired another famous thief named Lupin the Third to catch Fujiko Mine and take her back to him... well he tried to as while Lupin the Third does want to catch her he refuses his offer as he wants her all for himself.  Where's Fujiko Mine you ask?  She suffered a psychotic breakdown during an attempted heist and is currently resting at a house of a samurai named Goemon.  Once she awakens she turns on the radio only to find out that there is a thief going around stealing stuff that is claiming to be Fujiko Mine.  What is this?  Creepy owl dudes, a horny thief, a super samurai, and now a Fujiko Mine impostor?  Oh boy what does a girl have to do to get some peace and luxury around here?  Welcome to the crazy world of Lupin the Third.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (2012)

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Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is a comedy film starring that bizarre duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job and Tom Goes to the Mayor).  This film is about Tim and Eric and how they were given one-billion dollars (that's right I said one-billion) to make a masterpiece film.  Unfortunately the film is a bomb before it has as chance to hit cinemas as due to irresponsible spending and directing the film ends up being a three-minute short about a... no,no,no,no,no, I'm not going to spoil it.  The owner of the company isn't too pleased and demands that Tim and Eric give him back the one-billion they were given to make the film.  Later that night Tim and Eric become depressed and go on a drug bender but during a trip to the toilet they see a television ad that could help them get out of debt.  The television ad is for a position as boss of a mall and promising that the job will earn them one-billion dollars.  They waste no time and start preparing to go see about the job by changing their look and coming up with a catchy business name.  Once they make it to the mall they see that the place is a complete dump full of homeless people and spoilt yogurt.  They agree to run the place and now it is up to them to save the mall.  Will Tim and Eric turn this place from "dump" to "greatest mall on Earth"?  Will they find that they have a really "Great Job" or will it all be for nothing?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Strange Handheld

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A strange handheld device I got ahold of somehow.

DVD Review: Samurai Pizza Cats Collection 1 (1991)

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Samurai Pizza Cats Collection One contains the first half of the classic animated series from the early nineties.  The show itself is about a group of cats who run a pizza store called "Samurai Pizza Cats".  The group consists of two boy cats Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy and two girl cats Polly Esther and Francine.  While they aren't working hard in making a living with their pizza business they are working even harder at stopping crime as these tough kitties are also superheroes that go by the name "Samurai Pizza Cats"... yes just like the name of their shop.  Most of the time the crime is caused by a corrupted politician named The Big Cheese and even though they refer to him as a "rat" he is obviously a "fox".  The Big Cheese doesn't work alone as he is also teamed up with the leader of the ninja crows, Jerry Atric.  The evil duo conduct schemes that don't make much sense at all and they send out the ninja crows to help put the plans to fruition.  The Samurai Pizza Cats battle Big Cheese with the help of their magical weapons but sometimes that's not enough as they often get into deep trouble.  Lucky for them they have a rescue team that they call simply by ringing the bells around their neck.  Some of the crazy scenarios found in this volume include: Battling giant Swedish robots, dealing with butterflies that can change your gender, an out of control punk band, a very cheeky princess, people getting kidnapped to work on a mine to break into a shopping mall, and going through a marathon to get a starring role in a feature film.  That's only a small smidgen of the insanity that this show contains.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Shogun Assassin (1980) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 7)

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It's the final day of Samurai Week 2013 and to close it all off I am reviewing Shogun Assassin.  Shogun Assassin is a special re-cut/re-edit of the first two Lone Wolf and Cub film's ("Sword of Vengeance" and "Baby Cart at the River Styx") with an English dub.  The story in this one has also been slightly re-written to work with the re-edit and it goes as followed:  The Shogun (Retsudo in the original Japanese films) has become disappointed in his people and has gone into hiding in his own palace.  Ogami is spending time with his wife and child while off of work.  While he takes his son into the shrine that he has built to pay respect to the dead his wife is murdered by the Shogun.  Angry for revenge he goes after the Shogun and his men.  Ogami gets challenged to a duel and if he wins he gets freedom from the Shoguns law.  Ogami wins the duel in a very gruesome fashion and becomes a wandering hitman.  The Shogun doesn't keep his word and sends men after him anyway and Ogami must fight for his life every day because of it.  Ogami gets called to meet a client who pays him one-thousand gold to kill the Shogun's brother which Ogami accepts and takes the nearest ship to take him to the location.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - White Heaven In Hell (1974) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 6)

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White Heaven in Hell is the sixth and final film in the Lone Wolf and Cub series and in this film we see our favorite hitman Ogami whom is fed up with Retsudo (the guy who framed him for the murder of his wife in the first film) and wants to put their deadly feud to rest by taking his revenge and killing him.  Over at Retsudo's place he is thinking the same thing and send his daughter out to kill Ogami.  Retsudo's daughter meets-up with Ogami and challenges him to a duel but ultimately loses due to Ogami being too good of a fighter.  Retsudo hears that his daughter has failed her task and gets really mad to the point where he becomes very desperate and travels up to the mountains.  Once Retsudo arrives to the mountain you see him talking to a weird stone slab... or so we think.  After the chat we see a bunch of mountain ninjas come out from the bushes and we find out that Retsudo is talking to his bastard (illegitimate) son that he abandoned in the mountains after finding out that a concubine he slept with gave birth to him.  Retsudo's son isn't happy to see him and goes on about how much of a bad father he was and refuses to have anything to do with him.  However Retsudo's son decides to go after Ogami anyway.  This guy doesn't mess around either as not only does he try to attack Ogami but he also takes out everybody that comes in contact with him.  What's even more scary is that Ogami is starting to show fear with all the scare tactics going on.  Will Ogami conquer his fear and get revenge on Retsudo and his family?  All this and slightly more in the final installment of Lone Wolf and Cub.  (Click "Read More" for the full review).