Thoughts on Tripwire Interactive

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Tripwire Interactive is an extremely overlooked developer.
They have created an outdated World War 2 FPS, back when they were relevant, and a zombie FPS, back when they too were relevant.

Seven Samurai vs. The Magnificent Seven

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Stepping away from what I normally talk about (video games and anime) in this video I compare two great films and see what's similiar, and what's different other than the blades and hand guns.

Pussy TV #20 : Dream On Vol.2 (Demo, Sega Dreamcast)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Monday, May 23, 2011 1 comments

Season 1 final & also my longest show to date.

LIVE! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 00024

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, May 20, 2011 2 comments

This week I talking about Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the Xbox.  Finally caught a flying Pikachu in Pokemon Soul Silver, still after the elusive Surfing Pikachu.

Mondo Cool Game Night!  Participate in the discussion!

Panzer Dragoon Special, watch it!

Cracked: Gaming advancments older than you thought

Download or listen after the jump.

Mondo Cool Game Night

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12 comments

Now that the PSN is back I've been spending quite a bit of time getting my fix of online gaming.  Which has got me thinking I need to organize a Mondo Cool Game Night.  Of course I'd want to play games on Xbox Live as well.  But what games to play?  I'll write up a list of games that I have that have online multiplayer but what I'd really like to see is some suggestions in the comments!

Mondo Cool TV: Panzer Dragoon Special

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, May 17, 2011 3 comments

Seb Reviews: StarDrone (PSN)

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With PSN finally back in the air, we can look at some more games available on there. Take for example StarDrone, is it any good? Any bad? Well, check out my review and find out!

Pussy TV #19 : Golden Axe Sega Ages (D3, PS2)

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Pussy TV #20 Will be the season 1 final. (What is episode 20 about? Wait till the end of the video to find out.)

Full audio can be found on catcast 38-1 .

the Gaming Beast Episode 2 (Tyrian 2000)

Posted by theGamingBeast On Monday, May 16, 2011 1 comments

Pussy TV #18 : The Next Tetris (Crave, Sega Dreamcast.)

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Full audio can be found on Catcast 38-2.

LIVE! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 00023

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, May 14, 2011 1 comments

In this return to live podcasting the Mondo Cool Cast is reinventing itself to stay fresh.  This is the first in what will be a weekly show airing Thursdays at 10pm Eastern Standard Time right here at!

Changes to the format include a rotating roster of cohosts, more focused attention to current gaming news, and eventually live call ins. 

Listen/download the show after the jump

Pussy TV #17 : Psychic Force 2012 (Taito, Sega Dreamcast)

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Full Audio can be found on Catcast 38-2.

Collecting for the Sega CD

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Pazer Dragoon OVA:MCTV Special Sneak Peak

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Pussy TV #7 : Thunder Force V (Sega Saturn)

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BEHOLD! The final episode of Pussy TV before I was picked up by this website.

I can't think of a better game to end the pre-MCC era PTV.

Pussy TV #6 : Virtual Volleyball (Sega Saturn)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Wednesday, May 11, 2011 1 comments

Part 7 of 8 of the pre-MCC Pussy TV era.

Sega Mega Modem FAQ

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I was browsing the forums over at the Saturn League when I came across this FAQ for the Sega Mega Modem.  The Sega Mega Modem was a dial up modem for the Sega Genesis.  I've heard of it before and even heard of or seen promotional materials saying that Sega was bringing the Mega Modem to the states but that's about all I know about it.  I contacted the author rush6432 and asked if I could post it on my website just so a few more people might see this.  I'm glad to have this on the site as I'm always interested in knowing more about early attempts of networking on gaming consoles.

Pussy TV #16 : Fighting Angels (D3, Playstation 2)

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Yay! Another bikini themed episode.

Fap away!

Pussy TV #0 : Sonic Jam (Sega, Sega Saturn)

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An episode I nearly forgot I had done. This my friends is the original episode of Pussy TV from back before I had the idea to record live audio over it.

The game that is shown is Sonic Jam and this was originally recorded the day before I did Pussy TV #1. So the live audio idea came quite quickly after I done this one.

Pussy TV #15: Dream On Vol.1 Demo disc (Sega, Sega Dreamcast)

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Let me tell you guys something. This was a bitch to encode and is also the longest episode to date. (Well, from what I have uploaded so far *wink wink*.)

Full audio can be found on catcast 37.

Pussy TV #5 : Steep Slope Riders Demo (Sega Saturn, Cave)

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Part 5 of the pre-MCC episodes of Pussy TV.

The final 2 pre-MCC episodes will be up next week.
Pussy TV 15 will be up tomorrow. Edit: Delayed as the thing won't *beeping* encode right.

This was originally from Kaiser Konvention 1. (The only pre-MCC Kaiser Konvention.)

MCC Presents:Pandora's Box

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 3 comments

In this first episode of Pandora's Box Shintai and TheDevilBurning get things started. Introductions are made, words or spoke, good times are had.

Pandora's Box is a supplimentary podcast put together by members of the Mondo Cool Team. Give it a listen.

Download.  Right Click, Save Target As.

Pussy TV #4 : Sega Touring Car Championship Demo (Sega Saturn)

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Part 4 of the pre-MCC era Pussy TV.

Originally from Kaiser Konvention #1.

Package from Triverse

Posted by theGamingBeast On Sunday, May 1, 2011 2 comments

Got the Doom Night 6 price, from Triverse from Scenic7.

Kaiser Konvention 4 : PCDX Gameplay Series May - June Preview

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Episode was in 3 parts as the show crashed....twice.

^Part 1

Click read more to see parts 2 & 3.