Video CD and the Sony Playstation SCPH 5903

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Last week I made a video and wrote a short article about the Sega Saturn's Video CD add on.  In the comments a few people mentioned a few other Consoles ability to play the Video CD format which sparked my curiosity.  One comment mentioned an early Japanese version of the PS1 that could play VCDs so I did a little bit of googling and combing through ancient forum posts. 

Handhelds A-hoy!

Posted by Critical Failure On Sunday, October 24, 2010 6 comments

Would you feel comfortable playing your PSP sitting at a bus stop? When a gaming company like Nintendo or Sony markets a handheld system as “portable”, how much of that is marketing and how much of that is reality? We know from past systems that a handheld system does not always equal a portable system. (This can be seen with the Sega Game Gear taking 6 AA batteries for a total of 12 min of game time.) On the other hand, there are plenty of handhelds that fit the portable profile quite well. But what exactly are the defining features which classify a handheld as portable or not? The short answer would be: durability, functionality, and sheer size.

Sega Saturn and Video CD

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Anyone that knows me knows of my love of all things Sega Saturn. The more you look into the Saturn the more interesting features you find. I've hailed the Saturn as one of if not my most favorite consoles of all time in large part due to how innovative and ahead of its time it really was.

00015 Morton's List

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This week I speak with one of the creators of Morton's List.  Awesome!  Later this month I'll be going to Youmacon in Detroit!  I'll only be there on the 29th so if you're in the area come and say what's up.  I talk a lot about Mondo Cool TV and may have fixed that busted up 360 for good this time. 

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Axe Handed Ninja

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I was going through my external hard drive looking through some more content from my first website.  I found this bad ass picture I drew way back in the day.  I had a short lived comic strip called Axe Handed Ninja here's a cover I drew.  It'd be a lot sweeter if there were a background but I still think this is one of the coolest pictures I've ever drawn. 

The Mondo Cool Rating Scale

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, October 2, 2010 2 comments

Something I've noticed over the past few years is the confusion of video game ratings in regards to reviews. Across many forums and message boards I've noticed that if a game gets less than an 8.0 it's regarded as a bad game and a definite pass if it's a 7.5 or lower. That's not how a 1 - 10 scale works. At all. So that's why I've been using a simplified rating scale for my youtube reviews.

Doo doo game


Mondo Cool!

Or basically don't like it, you may or may not like it and wow I love it! This scale is in response to the confusion brought on by 1 -10 scales or one of of five items ratings or whatever. How often do you really try to slap a number on a vague concept based on something as intangible as likes and dislikes. Some times you just like something and can't really quantify it. Is that game really an 85%? Or is it an 83%? Who the hell knows?!

If you're going to use a 1 - 10 scale why bother with decimal points? You might as well just use a 1 - 100 scale. I recently heard a podcast that was using a 1 out of 3 scale. They used decimal points so why not just make it 1 out of 30?

I think the simplicity of Like, no strong feelings either way and love it is much easier to relate to. Would you rate your favorite foods out of 100%? Probably not!