I keep wanting to play Policenauts but I keep putting it off. Yesterday I worked on a few videos and did some running. For anyone that does follow this blog, all one of you, I also enjoy running and am gearing up for some 2010 Marathons. So I didn't do nothing but play the shit out of Policenauts like I originally inteneded. Lame!

On top of that I got my copy of Snatcher in the mail. I've been going through the manual and reading every word and studying every picture. Man they don't make games like they used to. the manuals huge and full all kinds of immersive tid bits. There's a comic, a list of JUNKER's guide lines and character bios and Metal Gear Mk II's specs. I've just been admiring the packaging. I knew there was a sticker on the disc but now that I've got it I want to get it off but there's no way to go about it without harming the disc. Sucks. But just having this makes me giddy. It's probably one of the most rare pieces in my collection.

Just started playing the Policenauts fan translation. It's a really solid translation and a very enjoyable game. Now I'm pretty liberal with my language, all for freedom of Speech and against any forms of censorship especially with regards to totally bitchin' video games but the only small things that's bothered me so far is the dropping of the F bomb. Just the way it's been used a few times so far feels...sort of forced. Sine it's a fan project they can get away with pretty much any damn thing they want...but the time they used "fuck" that was ok...but Ed in casual conversation said "fuckers" which just felt forced. There were a few other harsh words used that at the time caught me off guard but I don't recall them at the moment.

Maybe it's just because I'm used to games not using the word fuck or any of its variants? It's possible that I just don't see that being a part of the original script? Then again I've only played games in English and only know the offical translations which do make minor tweaks. It's by no means a big deal...just something I noticed that didn't sit right with me. I say fuck pretty casually, many times, through the course of my normal daily routine so you wouldn't think it bothers me. I just don't think it sits right with a game originally made in the mid 90's.

But all my bitching about minor deatails in the dialogue aside the game is spectacular. I'm playing it with an emulator, which kind of sucks, but it lets me use the mouse and the mouse really is the best way to play. I'm thinking of buying a modchip for one of my many spare ps1's. The modchip's only $20 which isn't bad but the problem is it would be the most complicated soldering job I've ever attempted. I'm sure I can do it though. If not I've got a ton of spare ps1's if I fuck anything up.

So remember that post about buying a complete copy of Snatcher? Well I was randomly checking prices on ebay (A thing I do far too often which gets me into trouble. Financially) and I saw a Konami Justifier light gun for $8 bucks. So I bought it. I've wanted a Konami Justifier ever since the first time I played Snatcher. I want to see if it'll help me with the shooting sequences. First thing I'll do when I get it is fire up Snatcher and go to the shooting range and see how awesome it is.

Here's everything that pisses me off about the Gameboy Advance! Why the hell aren't there four face buttons? That would have been easy to do and all those SNES ports would have played a hell of a lot better. The most comfortable one to hold is the original...the SP's have great backlit screens but are a bitch to hold with my massive man hands...why the hell didn't the first GBA have a backlit screen?! God damn you Nintendo! The end.

I finally did it. I went crazy and bought two of my most wanted games, two of the most expensive games I wanted. I picked up complete copies of Ninja Golf and Snatcher. I've never played Ninja Golf and can't wait to fire it up. I got it in the mail today but won't have a chance to mess with it until guests leave. I've played and beat Snatcher but I really can't wait to get it. I want to leaf through the manual and beat an offical copy. I'm done buying games for a while. I swear.

I'm also going to try and sell some stuff off. I hope.

So several months ago I won an Xbox on a gaming auction site. I've been emailing the seller back and fourth since like early October and had assumed I was ripped off. I wanted to see how long they'd keep sending me e-mails. Eventually I stopped getting e-mails. I had paid with a check so I had their home address and considered going on the 1,600 mile round trip to knock on their door and ask where my Xbox was. Well out of the blue on Monday, I got my Xbox.

For $32.50 I got an Xbox, all the cables, two controllers and 8 games. That's even including shipping! What a great deal! Just a shame I had to wait like a million years to get it. Now that I have it though I can proceed with my plans of modding the bugger. I've ordered the AR Max I need to migrate some files over to the Xbox and I've had a copy of Splinter Cell for a while so that's cool. I should have everything I need any day now. I can't wait to mod that bad boy up and use it to run a million emulators.

poppafatsisreal: And how fucking cool was it being able to pilot Rex?
poppafatsisreal: Even though it makes no sense for that thing to be functional or able to stand up against a Ray specifically designed to beat the shit out of Rex's
SOME DUDE: yeah, that battle was a lot of fun. made me yearn for Zone of the Enders 3.
poppafatsisreal: I'm sure all those Shadow Moses rats are all the wiring in that thing in the span of ten years
poppafatsisreal: of course I meant "ate"
SOME DUDE: I knew what you meant. :-) and you're right, it doesn't make a ton of sense. but I suppose that isn't the point.
SOME DUDE: how often do you think about those sorts of things in an action movie?
poppafatsisreal: No the point was making my fanboy organs explode in glorious nergasmotastic glee
poppafatsisreal: Which is the worst thing I've ever typed in my life
poppafatsisreal: But I don't care, it was that fucking cool
poppafatsisreal: And I'm going to blog about that sentence

Wooo! I beat Zelda II! And I started recording right before my second attempt at taking on Shadow Link and I totally wooped his ass. He's way fucking easier than Thunderbird. Thunderbird was a fucking bitch.

I'm going to review this game on my youtube channel. It's pretty awesome going through the game a second time with all your stats maxed out and all the spells. I'll have a blast going through this a second time.

So I'm playing Zelda II, getting my ass kicked all the way to the final Palace. I manage just barely to get to it for the first time ever. I carefully make my way in and down the first elevator. I've got one squar of health left and two squares of magic. I cast my shield spell and cautiously proceed to the left. There's some for of bird faced dude shooting fire. I back off to plot my course of action carefully. My phone lights up, got a text from my hot babe girlfriend. I pause my game and answer the text. I pick my controller back up and the game freezes. The music is glitched and the screen has gone black. FUCK!

What the hell!? The game just doesn't want me to see the inside of this final palace. I'm going to keep playing and beasting my skills up. After a few days of playing the shit out of this game I'll be as good as I was when I first played up to this point. Have to get back into monster slaying mode.

But since that happened a few minutes ago I made it back to the final palace but this time I had two blocks of health and just a little bit less than one block of magic. I couldn't cast shield, fuck! So I figure why not take a crack at this fire breathing bird headed dude. Got my ass killed. I got in a few good stabs, probably would have kicked his ass if I had just a tiny bit more magic to be able to cast shield. Oh well. I'll keep at it till I fuck this Palace up.

Today I'm going to spend some serious time trying to finish Zelda II. Last time I tried I came close to making it to the final palace. It's a bitch navigating those caves. I don't know the enemies names but those flying blue eye ball things are real motherfuckers. I will beat this game damn it!

I don't know if I posted this on here before or not but I was looking through reviews I've left on Amazon and found this one for Tiny Tank. So I'm just going to copy and paste that review over here on my game blog.

"Years ago in High School I had a massive migraine headache that lasted for five days. I stayed home from school and ended up going to the emergency room. But in those five days I had the chance to play the hell out of this game. The concept is a lot like the Terminator and the Matrix. It's a distopian future wasteland where the machines have taken over the world, humans have retreated underground and there's very little atmosphere left on the surface to support human life.

Through cut scenes the story is told in the form of outtakes of commercials. Some time in the 2000's a law was passed to make hyper intelligent computer controlled weapons. They made a cute mascot Tank for various TV spots with a silly charming child like wit to help sell the killing machines to the public. This Mascont was Tiny Tank. He saw how ridiculous it was that he was cute as hell but still had an 8mm canon for a nose and is a highly lethal killing machine.

The enemy mutank leads the machines for a hundred years until a lone satelite in space is reactivated and reactivates Tiny Tank to save humanity and reclaim the surface world. Each stage comes with another out take from the commercial spots, filled with funny little one liners providing the back story leading the the machines uprising.

At the beginning of each stage you get a briefing from the satellite and Tiny Tank desceneds from the sky on a little rocket platform. The game is a little bit like Mega Man, the weapons of the enemies can be claimed after defeating them, you gain power ups and can customise your weapons by alocating more or less energy to them, you can spawn little mini tanks that'll follow you around and gather power ups. You can take weapons from the bosses as well. The first Boss is a giant robot with a cowboy hat which can be claimed after defeating him. Which you will keep until you die. During Missions there's a talk radio call in show lead by the super computer villain and other machines and call in talking about your progress through the game...much like what happens in the GTA series with the radio news updates.

This is a hell of a good game and it's going for a little less than $5 now on Amazon...you should definitely pick up a copy."

Bought some games from a friend. Picked up Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero for the Gamecube as well as Bat Man for the NES. Also got one of those third party SNES controllers which is probably destined for ebay. Also in the mail I got Dragon Ball Season one box set and Last battle for the Sega Genesis. Awesome.

I'm excited to be collecting the Dragon Ball DVDs. It's been years since I've seen Dragon Ball. Cartoon Network played the fucking shit out of Dragon Ball Z but I'm more of a fan of the early parts of the series. Z got way to repetative.

Also I think it's awesome that my Desert Bus review has been getting so many views. I'm sure it's because its release coincided with the www.Desertbus.org annual charity event. Which is pretty fun to watch. I even donated them a few bucks. It wasn't much but I hope it helps and also wanted to do my part to torture those guys with more Desert Bus play time.

I've got a plan to get subscribers. I'm going to make a video announcing my plan then have interested subscribers and youtube friends of mine also make videos about this to spread the word. For every new subscriber I get I will drive 1 mile in Desert Bus! So from when I make the announcement to when I plan on streaming the live event I'll count up the subs I've gathered. It'll be awesome! I hope! I hope people will want to torture me with 100's of Desert Bus miles. I hope my newest plot to get subs works out.

Holy shit. I downloaded Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for the Sega CD. This game is epic, it's the most amazing video game ever. Mostly because of Desert Bus Driver, but also the side scrolling game Smoke and Mirrors is pretty creative too. The sound track to Smoke and Mirrors reminds me of the sound track to Leathal Weapon.

I've only messed around with it a little bit. I'll be making a video about Desert Bus Driver and showing off what I think is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a video game.

First awesome thing I noticed today, this blog finally has a follower! Woo!

Anyway, yesterday I got myself a copy of the Lost Vikings for the GBA. It's a perfect conversion from the SNES version of the game. The sound is all there and the controls aren't too gimped by missing two buttons. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the items in my inventory but once I got that down it was smooth sailing from there.

I'd be willing to go as far as say this is the best version I've played. It's got the ass kicking soundtrack of the SNES version but more importantly it's got a built in save feature. With many save slots. So I don't have to mess with any of the passwords. This is mostly a good thing but I am a little disappointed I can't go straight to the Egypt levels to dick around. I love those levels and I love the music even more.

I wish Lost Vikings 2 was ported to the GBA with a save feature. That'd be way awesome. I still need to finish Lost Vikings 2 on the SNES. I'm in the pirate levels and so far those stages have the best music in the game. Man, this series has the best game music I've ever heard. Everyone should play and beat these games just to experience the sound.

Lukemorse1 posted a video about the Japanese version of the Saturn Netlink today. I've been commenting like a son of a bitch on his video pimpin my Netlink series. I have a special fondness for my Netlink videos. They were my first game related videos that started getting a lot of views. Also I'm crazy about the Netlink and trying to spread the word to get people gaming on the Netlink. There's not many Sega Saturn games and of that tiny population even fewer know of the Netlink.

So anyway I've been commenting about the netlink and telling people about my videos on it and that I've got footage of an actual Netlink matches. So that's cool. So besides me championing the cause of the Sega Netlink I've also gotten 24 subscribers so far! Which is another one of my personal quests. I'm trying to get as many subs as I can. I wasn't very excited about my 150 mark but I've been looking forward to my 200 sub mark.

I've added a chat window to my personal site, but I can't upload it because my servers being a piece of shit right now. Some old crap I don't feel like talking about. If I wasn't about to pass out from being super tired I'd just upload my crap on my ISPs free hosting services and call it a day. But that'll have to wait tomorrow. Anyway I'm thinking for my 200 sub special I'll have a sweet LIVE CHAT session. I'm thinking out of 200 people maybe like 5 people will show up hahaha.

I just typed up a huge thing about Bleemcast Metal Gear Solid, but blogger ate it. I'm mad and refuse to retype it right now. God damn internet.

I made a sweet video about my Pioneer Laseravtive. You should hop on over to my youtube page and check it out. Yesterday in the mail I got ahold of Star Trek Starfleet Academy for the Sega 32X. I loved the SNES version so will I love this version? Well I got in about 10 minutes of play time while my girlfriend was running to the store so I could at least get a feel for the graphical upgrade.

The 32X version looks WAY better. The SNES version all the ships are gray polygons and pretty bland. In the 32X version there's some actual details and a few colors. The Klingon Bird of Prey and Batle Cruisers are actually green! In the battle practice mode I dicked around in I couldn't figure out how to activate the cloaking device on the Bird of Prey so I'll need to pull up a FAQ and look for the controlls.

My first impression based on that short ten minutes of gameplay were actually really good. The combat controls were really smooth, the graphics and sound were great. I look forward to simulating some Starfleet Academy!

I picked up Morrowind again. Haven't played since April according to my last saves date. I was questing along the north coast and found an Orc town. They wanted to kick my ass so I killed some Orc lady and was looting her corpse when some Orc Wizard came around and tried to start some shit so I got out of there. This is a note to myself:Go back to Orc town and fuck up Orc Wizard.

Got my PS3 back. It seems to be working this time. I haven't checked the Serials yet to see if it's the one I sent in. I'll look when I get around to trying to swap the hard drive.

Got in a Sega Cd today. Doesn't work. Tried swapping the fuse and put it back together and fired it up. Now I get something. The Drive access light doesn't light up but I get an image on the screen. The background of the Sega CD logo comes up but not the foreground and no sound. I might have to readjust the ribbon cable I took out of the CD drive. Who knows. I might try to swap the motor in this one with my other Sega Cd that works but has a crappy CD motor.

Downloaded Audacity. I think I might record a podcast and see what I think of the finished product. I might have to get some friends in on that project. But none of my friends are hardcore into the games like I am.

Right now I'm off to check out a TV I saw on the curb while out on my run. BYE INTERNET!

Virtual Reality, where'd that go?

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, October 15, 2009 1 comments

Remember Virtual Reality? I do. When I was a kid cartoons, movies, and even theme parks were all abuzz about VR. The last time I heard anything about Virtual Reality was Nintendo's Virtual Boy. The VB did a good job of mimicing those helmets, in design anyway. It definitely looks like some VR goggles. Even if all it did was allow you to see what amounted to Gameboy games in 3-D.

Well wouldn't now be the best time for Virtual Reality? We've got some sophisitacted control schemes and some damn impressive graphics. Back in the mid 90's all the best super advanced VR looked like a couple texture free polygons.

Just think how cool it'd be to have a VR headset spitting out HD ps3/xbox 360 visuals with your Natal and ps3 motion controller based interactions! Now the possibilities are endless but no one even remembers VR. I guess the Virtual Boy hurt its repuation that bad. What a shame.

Can not fucking wait to get my Sega 32x. I think it's being mailed from Ohio and I believe I got a confirmation number in my email this morning. So I'm thinking I'll have it on Wedensday. I hope so! Then I have to go up to lame ass Vacs N Videos and get me a 32X game or two. To test this bad boy out.

I think I've seen Star Wars Arcade up there a million times so I'll try to snag it. What I really want to play though is Star Trek Star Fleet Academy. I loved it so much on SNES and I've finally found some video of it on youtube and it does look significantly better on the 32X. So that's the number one game I want for my new Sega add on. Can not wait!

I hate holidays that keep me from getting mail. I hate Sundays because I don't get any mail. I LOVE GETTING MAIL! Actually I LOVE GETTING VIDEO GAME RELATED PACKAGES IN THE MAIL!!!

I just beat Gunstar Heroes for the first time. I only died once. Awesome. Now to kick this games ass on Hard mode. I've been playing the game with my good friend Arthur Perkins. He wants to do a two player speedrun for my youtube channel. So I'm beasting up my skills. After playing last night and getting to the second to last Boss fight going back by myself the game was way easier. So now that I've beat the game by myself I think beating it in two player will be a lot easier. Now that I know how little I had to go.

The two player mode does really ramp up the difficulty. Not impossibly mostly just how much damage is dealt and the length of the boss fights. Man I need to go to fucking bed soon.

I won a Sega CDX on ebay this week. It was mailed out on Monday so I'm really expecting it to get here today. I really really want it today. I want to start another playthrough of Snatcher when I get it. That games also bad ass. I've decided it's in my top 3 favorite all time games.

Also I've been questing for more subs on youtube. So I had a free game give away! The first batch of games are ready for shipping. So I should be getting my shoutouts soon!

I made this Bomberman. I might make another, better Bomberman. The plan is to make a Bomberman trophy and send it out to Atarix777 for his Bomberman 10 player tournament spectacular! Good thing no one reads my blog of the secret would be out! I'm thinking of painting it gold. I want to let this one dry out first and see how the paint works before I make my Bomberman 2.0 statue.

Just got my ps3 back. The DVD that was stuck inside came back so that's good news! But the bad news is...it's already acting up. It wasn't the ps3 I sent in...I had my serial number written down. This refurb'd ps3 is acting up....on the first damn game I tried playing. So it's going back tomorrow as I've got a 90 warranty. I'm pretty pissed about this shit.

When ever you get an S or A rank during one of the demo missions you get this sweet wall paper for your PSP. It has your stats for kicking the games ass in the bottom right corner. Pretty cool!

Wow! I woke up and found out that the MGS Peace Walker Demo is out! I was hoping it would be after it was released at the Tokyo Game Show. It's on IGN and can be downloaded here:

Also the first thing that I noticed is the defualt camera controls are terrible. They needed to be inverted bad! So I headed on over to game faqs and saw a topic with instructions on how to change the options around:

That topic was very helpful. If only I had bought my PSP TV out cable sooner! I could have a gameplay video of the MGS PW demo up right now! I'm headed off to Wal Mart and Meijer to see if I can track one down in the real world.

I keep getting comments on youtube about my Gameboy collection video. Specifically comments about how I toss my games onto my bed as I go through what games I have. They're fucking Gameboy cartridges! Falling six inches onto a bed will not hurt them. I could throw them at a brick wall as hard as I can and run it over with my cart, set it on fire and it will still work fine. What the hell is up with these dudes? Are they not familiar with how indestructable carts are? Must be because they grew up with CD based games and think everything is delicate.

There's a new rumor that localization for Yakuza 3 has begun! This is great news! I loved Yakuza, a lot. I haven't started on Yakuza 2 yet but I'm really really excited for Yakuza 3 on the ps3. This will be one of those games that I rush out and buy on release day, to show support for Sega. Sega deserves my dollars when they do something good. Keep doing good things Sega.

I'm pissed. Really fucking pissed. I was on ebay looking for a Dreamcast webbrowser, specifically version 3. I got one for $20 total. That wasn't bad, they're hard to come by. All those Dreamcast browsers you see for like basically free are version 2, which are useless with the broadband adapter. Only version 3 works with the broadband adapter so that's why I ponied up the cash for this bitch. First of all it took like a week and a half to get here when it came from the same state, so that means the ebay is slow and secondly there is a giant fucking crack in the disc. Gee, don't you think that's something that should have been mentioned in the fucking auction? No it says it was working and tested, well there's no pictures of the data side of the disc on the auction so I guess I have to take their word for it. Maybe it happened during shipping? The case it came in was one of those folded in half cardboard jobs, and the case was in a fucking bubble pack. Boo. So it may have happened during transit. Let's see if this asshole gives me my damn refund. I'm mad. I can't find another 3.0 webbrowser on ebay, and I can't find a fucking ISO on the internet because I'm not agaisnt burning a copy.

All I wanted to do was download some images to my VMU for use in Jet Grind Radio. Fuck! Stuff like this gets me super mad, this sucks. I was so exicted to finally spray some custom tags. Damn it!

Dropped off the ps3 at the UPS store. Man, I hope she makes the trip safely! SHould be about two weeks till I get it back. Still stressing about my DVD. I better get that shit back!

Got the coffin for my ps3 today, boxed it up and got it ready to go to UPS tomorrow. So sometime tomorrow I'll go up there and drop it off. I'm still super bummed about the whole situation.

I found the sound track to 3 Dirty Dwarves. Man, listening to it is awesome it has such a catchy soundtrack. The more I play this game the more I love it. what a shame that such a bad ass game went unnoticed just because it was on the Sega Saturn. Had Sega only known how to advertise the Saturn's strong points and maybe didn't screw up the launch and piss off all the third parties then maybe games like this would be classics and we'd have a new Sega console on our entertainment centers.

So I've started playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass. It's pretty sweet, but do you know what would make it even more sweet? Normal controls. I've only beaten the first dungeon but I can tell this is going to be a pretty easy game.

It definitely feels like a Zelda game which is good. I actually am one of those weirdos that loved Wind Waker and the Link in that game. Toon Link is awesome and expressive making him the only Link to have any kind of personality which is one of the reasons I loved Wind Waker so much. I can't wait to get further in this game, its nice that I'm starting to get some good DS games.

The controls are ok but I'd really rather control Link with the D pad. The only cool thing so far about it is using the stylus to draw the path of the boomerang. Using the stylus to run around is awkward though.

Just got paid for the Network adapter, so I'm going ot be sending out the package with the Network Adapter and memory card. So in about a week or so I should be playing games straight off the HDD on my ps2. Can't wait. It may give me something to do while waiting for my ps3 to get back from the graveyard.

Uploaded several videos. Most importantly the MGS VS MGS TTS video. It's my third video to ever use any kind of editing. So I'm always proud of those. So check those out, there's a handy dandy youtube app on the right hand side of this page.

Also I finally got 100 subs on my youtube page! Someday I'd like to have like 50,000 subs so I can slap google adsense on there and start making the big dollars. Wouldn't that be sweet? To be paid to play with video games and making videos? Hell yeah it would be. So subscribe to me and tell all your friends your Mama and your Granny to sub.

I'm going to make a review. An honest to God video game review for my page. It won't need much video editing, and I can just slap a narration over it, so that's why it's happening. Expect that someday soon. Probably the next video I upload.

Today I missed the UPS man, he was dropping off my ps3 coffin. I need it so it can be packed up and sent in to Sony. I hope I'm not with out it for too long, I dearly love my 60gb ps3.

Called Sony and got everything taken care of for sending my ps3 in for servicing. The phone call was pretty painless. Let's just hope that I get my damn Venture Bros DVD back. I really want to watch that crap! It's one of my favorite shows!

A ps3 Died in Ohio tonight.

Very tragic news. My Playstation 3 died on me tonight. Very sad. I just started watching a Venture Bros DVD and about 30 seconds in the video freezes and the screen goes black. I hit the eject button and get beeping, I hit the power button and more beeping and the power light started beeping. So I turn off the main power, turn it back on and hit the power button, I get a green light, it flashes red then just starts flashing red. If I hit the power button it'll go into standby, if I hit the power button again it starts blinking red again. Lame.

So in the morning I'm going to actually call the support line. If you knew me you'd know how much I hate making phone calls, talking to people makes me uncomfortable.

I may make a video about it documenting the process of shipping it off. I better get my God damn DVD back is all I know. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

So yesterday I got my hands on a ps2 HDD and an extra Network Adapter. I want an HDD for my ps2 so I can run HDD Loader! Which is a program that lets you rip an image of a ps2 game to the ps2's HDD so it can be played from the HDD. Neat! I think you can even make it so it'll play ISO's or some crap. That'd be rad!

So looking up how to make all of this magic happen I came across a youtube video showing how to load the homebrew app for the first time. Well the only thing stopping me from being able to do this all right now is that I need a Memory card with a cracked file on it. So the youtube video linked to a page with written instructions and the guy said he'd help you get ahold of the file or if you need it you could send him a memory card and he'd copy it for you and send it back. Sweet! So I sent a message and arragned that. And I'm also selling him the spare network adapter since he recently had an accident with his. So I basically am getting a free HDD and the ability to run HDD Loader. AWESOME.

Also did a little work on the stencils for my MGS1 ps1. So maybe sometime soon I'll try painting up the last bits.

Oh! And one more thing before bed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST! You brought me such joys as Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue and even Phantasy Star Online!

I hate how I can't start and finish a game withought moving from one game to another. I just have one more palace to clear before beating Zelda II. I must finish it! Someday soon! I'll set aside some hours for it.

Haven't been playing many games at all. At least for the past few days or maybe about a week actually. Man I hope after Zelda I pick The Bard's Tale back up! Hahaha that game is a blast! But last night I found http://www.tetrisfriends.com/ and was hooked and played Tetris online for hours. It was sick. I think it's because I was depressed that I got so sucked into it. But man other people suck at Tetris....I was kicking asses. It was great.

Made two videos. I snuck around Vacs 'N Videos guerilla style and got some footage, took it home and actually fired up Windows Movie Maker and added a voice over. I can't use my computer to do that so it's slightly inconveniant. Then I decided I'd go to the CD Depot inside the Flea Market and actually ask the dude if I could get some footage and talk about some games and junk. There's on more store I'll hit up in Fairborn, someday. Don't know when I'll get around to that. Then in Riverside there's a store called Game Haven....they have table top RPG tournaments or some shit...I might go ask them if I can tape their store...but I didn't really give to much of a shit about that place. They had some decently priced n64 games but that was about it.

Getting close to beating Zelda II the Adventure of Link. I'm really loving this game. I'm enjoying it way more than I've ever enjoyed the first Zelda. I just got done knifing Barba, the boss in Palace number 6, in the head. I was stuck there for a while but eventually with a little jump magic and downward thrusting I was victorious!

Right now I'm doing a little level grinding to gain the last few levels to max Link's stats before going on to the final Palace to kick some ass. Really glad I fixed the battery in this game and am giving it the attention it deserves.

I like the overworld and how it gives the land of Hyrule some much needed size. I've always hated how small the worlds are in Zelda games. Link to the Past seemed so small...with its only village being a few shacks and a couple chickens. The world just seemed smaller than a real world village...devoid of any significant population. Even OoT seemed tiny and devoid of life. There's more people on my block than there are in the entirety of Oot. But in Zelda II there's several towns spanning several screens. Sure there's like 5 sprites for villagers but at least there's a ton of them moving around, carrying pots, giving out life and magic or letting you know that they infact "know nothing."

The combat in this game is a lot more engaging than in the first. Mastering the jump n slash is pretty satisfying for taking out those enemies with the shields...their name escapes me at the moment. I just simply love this game.

So I decided to go ahead and open up that poor old Zelda II cart one more time. I wanted to write the date the battery was changed in there. So if anyone else ever opens that cart up they'll know when the battery was changed. Also I could take some pictures of it.

I think sometime next week I'll go back up to radio shack and buy 4 more battery holders. I've got a few other NES carts I might as well replace the batteries in. It's a shame I've got a save on Final Fantasy...it is early in the game. Right when you first get to Elf Land but I've done a lot of level grinding outside of the Elfheim castle so I'd hate to lose that save. But I haven't started in Crystalis so I'll change it's battery too. Then there's Zoda's Revenge and Shadowgate...I think those are all the NES carts I have with batteries in them. I don't really give a shit about Shadowgate though and probably won't ever play it.

Damn it! I should have taken pictures of my battery holder project for the blog. I wasn't even thinking about poor old mondocool.net. Well I do plan on replacing the battery in my Legend of Zelda cart too. It still saves but I've lost a few saves while trying to get the game to work and killed the save in the process. It was the first NES game I bought back in 2000 when I bought my NES so I probably wasn't in the habit of cleaning every cart I get. Last night I did clean it and it was filthy. So since there's no save to worry about I'll take it apart and put in a new battery and give it a more thorough cleaning. So I'll make sure to document that.

Fixed my Zelda II cart. I wish I wasn't so bad at soldering shit. I need to be taught by someone that's a solder master. I want to be way more skilled with soldering so I can work on bigger and better projects. For the time being check out my Youtube page for the video.

I do have an idea for a great project. After hearing about the Game Gear video out mod I want to build myself a Game Gear console. Basically a Master System 1.5. I think it would be pretty bad ass. Then I could really get into playing Ax Battler: The Legend of Gold Axe.

So I was looking at some of my NES games and I noticed my copy of Zelda II the Adventure of Link. I got it from a friend years ago. The carts really beat up and missing a big chunk of plastic and the battery is dead. So I figured I'd open it up and take a look at it. So I've decided I'm going to replace the battery.

The plan is to desolder the old battery, solder some wires to the old contacts then run those two wires to a battery holder! So that in 20 years when that battery dies I can swap it easily!

I just ran up to Radio Shack and picked up a cr2032 battery holder and slapped it inside my Zelda II cart to see if the bugger would fit and it fits great. I'd probably be soldering away right now but my soldering iron is a cheap piece of Wal Mart gargabe and apparently stopped working magically. So I've got to wait till next week when I'll have some more money and will be able to buy a new soldering iron. Woo. I'll be checking all the battery backed games on my shelf and seeing how many need replacing!

Man, I'm really liking my Virtual Boy right now. Just got Mario Clash in the mail yesterday and got a chance to paly it a little while earlier. It's a pretty fun game. I really like the 3d effects, they're pretty damn amazing.

I noticed there's a Bomberman game on Virtual Boy. I must own it! Someday I'll get my grubby mitts on it. I freakin love Bomberman. Bomberman Panic plays like Columns which is pretty cool.

The only problem I have with Virtual Boy is that I'm missing the foam eye piece. So it does suck having ambient light in my perihperal view. Lame.

Have to wait a week before I get my new TG16 with Turbobooster and Neo Geo AES. Really can't wait for those! It's killing me having to wait so long. But the guy from the Saturn League is awesome and holding on to it for me. I really do appreciate it. I thought I'd never have a Neo Geo but being able to make payments on it and not have to engage in a bid war really eases the burden of trying to get a Neo Geo.

Sadly the thought of Neo Geo AES ownership just makes me want to get a Neo Geo MVS to go with it. Having the arcade cab would be pretty damn amazing.

Finally got the first huge box of Laserdisc movies. There's a freakin' ton and they're all awesome! I'll make a video and post it on my youtube account later today. I'm watching Blade Runner right now...but after I flip the disc I'm taking my ass to bed. I'm supposed to get up in about an hour from now. Lame. I'm exhausted as shit.

I got a Psone with the LCD screen for $10! Amazing find. I already have a Psone, which is in much nicer condition, but I was just after the LCD screen. So the crappy Psone is going straight to ebay after I open it up and try to clean it up some. The eject and power buttons are both sticky, it's got stickers on it and the motor is loud. I'll do some google-fu and see if there's anything I can do about the motor being so noisey. Never know, might be a simple fix.

Also for another ten bones I got a Powerbase Converted complete in the box. It even had the foam pieces and the plastic bag it came in. I wonder if there were any manuals, I'm sure there were at least some warranty papers. Oh well can't have it all. Amazing finds. Hopfully that Psone gets me most of my coinage back.

I should make a podcast. How many pod casts do well with just one dude though? Hmmm. Oh well that's not what I logged in to type about.

I'm thinking of picking up a Dingoo a320. They look pretty damn cool. It'd be nice if they had wifi built in but just as a tiny pocket emulator machine it's pretty cool. I'm actually interested in the ebook reader that it has. This thing could offer tons of entertainment for those lengthy bathroom breaks. If I do pick up a Dingoo it'll have to wait some weeks.

There's also a bunch of Game Gear games I discovered. Curse Digital Press' guide! Every time I flip through it I discover a million games that look awesome.

Just started playing The Bard's Tale. I forget what magazine it was but I read a preview of it before the game came out. I thought "hey this looks pretty fun!" But I didn't end up getting it till a year or two ago. The Meijer that I used to stop at on my way home from work had a bargain rack that I'd walk by everyime I stopped in there and eventually I saw The Bard's tale in that rack. It was surprising because the game was so old. I'm sure Meijer shuggles their old games around from store to store till they're gone. Actually the new Meijer has new copies of Halo on the baragain shelf. Interesting. Sorry for the tangent. Anyway I picked this up for $20 a year or two ago and am justs now getting into it.

This game is awesome! The graphics are pretty damn sharp, but I am playing it on a ps3 so its being upscaled. The diologue is great! But what's even better than that are the songs. I'm going to upload a couple to youtube eventually. I had to make some special saves so I can go back and record the songs later. There are some Trows, little goblin people, that keep popping up singing songs that I'm sure offer some foreshadowing somewhat like the Oompa Loompas. Also the beer song is classic. I want to memorize it for the next time I drink a pint of ale out a huge stein.

The plot is nothing amazing but the Bard's lack of enthusiasm for sidequests and insane reguests mirrors my feelings for RPG cliches. I wish I got into this game sooner. It really is a fun little game. The only complaint I have is the camera control. You can swing the camera around your character but its always a top down view. I'd much rather be able to swing the camera down and keep it over his shoulders and be able to see where I'm going. But that's a very small complaint and more or less just a small personal prefference.

This game is mondo cool!

I built some shelves. They're probably the best shelves ever built. Not becuase I built them but because I put some really awesome shit on them. Instead of having a million DVDs stacked up on a window sill now I've got a million DVDs on a shelf. A well crafted expertly constructed shelf. Then on another equally bad ass shelf I've relocated all my Transformers. There's also a Predator and an Enterprise.
Before anyone asks about the tin foil, I've mostly ever worked third shift. The foil keeps out sunlight so my room is always a dank pit of despair regardless of how sunny it may be outside. Surprisingly since I've been doing that I've noticed just how many other bedroom windows seem to have tin foil. I wonder if they work nights too or are just afraid of the alien signals.

Last week I watched Predator on Laser disc. It was awesome. So yesterday I got around to watching Predator II on Laserdisc and it was also awesome. I decided I'd watch AVP: Aliens Vs Predator again, even though I hate it more than I've ever hated anything ever.

There's seriously not one good thing about it. How do you make the Predator not cool? Well they managed. The costumes aren't nearly as good as the ones from 1987 and 1990. The Preds are supposed to be a little slimey and sweaty and look like rough jungle hunters...in this one they're all dry and smooth and not intimidating at all. Some of the masks just don't look right at all either. The Predators in this movie also are supposed to be more buff but they just end up looking chubby. The costumes really do blow in this one. The old ones looked like actual muscle these just look like padded costumes instead of actually looking like some swamp alien master killing machine.

Also the director sucks. A lot of it might be due to the PG 13 rating, which is bullshit as all the Predators and Alien movies are R rated, but the action sequences are terrible. Everyone gets killed by editing menaing all see you is something that implies violence. You see a sweet spear or Xenomorph mouth thing hurtling towards someones face and then it cuts away to a small amount of blood splatter. The editing is awful in general, there's tons of cutting around and the action is really disjointed and you don't get to see shit. There's no excuse, with the technology they had to make this movie it should have looked better than what they made in 1987. You barely see any gore shots at all and when you do it's a close up. When the Predators first show up and start murdering away they hang the victims up in typical Predator fashion. Well you don't see them get skinned. That's one of the most amazing parts of the Predator movies. When someone disappears you find them missing their fucking skin. Or their spine and skull get ripped out. Another thing that pissed me off about that scene...most if not all of those guys were unarmed. Which I wouldn't have minded that uncharacteristic mistake had they been skinned giving me some good gore to enjoy.

Now besides the shitty costumes, the God awful actions sequences and the terrible writing and diologue the main character is the most unlikable piece of shit I've ever seen in a movie. Obviously cast as an X TREME Mountain Dew chugging hard core athlete ice cimber with a bad ass tough take charge bitchy attitude. Every line of hers exists to show how MEGA HUGE her balls are. She's not confident, she's cocky and overbearing obviously knows everything there is about everything. Bitch you're on the mission to climb down a fucking hole. Like I need to kyak off a water fall and go hangliding for 10 years to understand how a fucking rope works. Please.

I don't have a problem with a strong woman as the main character, one of my favorite characters in Predator II is the woman cop, a strong woman...but not a cocky head strong shit bag. Just the movie goes out of its way to make me hate this woman. Every word that falls out of her cock sucker enrages me.

Also the mythos of the Predator is that it's attracted to conflict and extremely hot weather. You find TONS of that in the Arctic right? In an abandoned Whaling Station....tons of conflict and heat there, right? Also the Predators show up every ten years. In 1987, 1997 and oh wait 2004. OOPS lol. Has the director of this steaming pile of doo doo even seen any of the Predator movies?

Now back to why the Predators suck so bad. They're all pussies. They don't even make it half way through the movie. The Xenomorphs fuck them up! Easily! Then if that's not enough the last Predator that's remotely bad ass has to team up with a woman who's only skill is CLIMBING SHIT to take on the Alien. And that moderately bad ass Predator actually dies in the end anyway. I would have been so happy to see that lady get impaled by the Alien Queen. In the end when she gets her trophy weapon for a job well done from the other Predators it makes me happy to know that shes abandoned in the Arctic, without a coat. So at least she probably dies that way...well in my mind she definitely dies that way.

Ok lets take a look at Predator 1 and Predator 2. Those aliens were fucking tough shit. The first one takes out a highly armed extremely talented unit, the best the United States has to offer. Fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and fuckin Bill Duke...and that Indian dude! Also a guy with glasses with a ton of pussy jokes and another guy that gets smashed with a log...even they were pretty bad ass while not being particularly huge muscle mens. Arnold's character Dutch only manages to take out the Predator due to some quick thinking and years upon years of guerilla warfare experience and some God damn luck.

Now Predator 2. A guy in a comic book store was like "Why would you want to buy that Predator figure it's from Predator 2...he was a pussy Danny Glover took him out!" And I'm like "What!" and I schooled that dude. Set in a fictional future LA where crime has gone NUTS and the streets are a war zone Danny Glover is a super bad ass cop. So he's got some credibility as a hero. Now when he does finally confront the Predator...the Predator was lured into a trap sprung by freakin Gary Busey! In that scene Danny Glover pumps several rounds of buckshot, at point blank range into his chest. That just barely slows down the Predator...if that's not tought I don't know what is. At this point Danny Glover gets ahold of one of the Predators weapons and chases down an injured Predator back the ship and single handedly fucks him up with his own damn disc blade of death.

Also in these scene there's a Skull from one of the Xenomorphs from Alien which is what started this mess in the first place. It was totally awesome and that one nod to Alien spawned tons of Video games, books and comics and this turd of a movie. Anyway Danny Glover has earned the respect of the Predators for taking down a Predator in one on one combat and the leader gives him a trophy, a gun dating back ti 1715. Fucking awesome! Also the leader Predator carried a sword and it was awesome.

Then in this movie we get a group of big clumbsy Predators that get their asses kicked in like 10 minutes. Except one that's got to team up with that hang gliding parasailer extreme sports bitch that's the shit at CLIMBING UP ICE. Shit I've made a few snow forts in my day and had a couple cans of Dew does that qualify me to battle the scourge of the Universe? Maybe if I was an elite commando or a hardened cop battling Voo Doo Willie's Jamaican drug lord gang I'd have some skills useful for battling aliens.

Man. I hate this movie that much. What a turd.

I'm not even a fan of Aliens so I don't know what they butchered from that series, but I'm sure they did a great job of dicking that up too. Somehow this shit fest got a sequel. But you know what? It's halfway decent. They upped that rating to an R and got rid of that terrible director. This time they got it right. The humans are just there to die. This is best show in a scene where the hot young babe of the movie that the main guy has a hard on for...gets cut in half...for no reason...out of no where. She just happens to run in front of a giant flying blade of hellish design. IT WAS AWESOME. It serves no purpose other than to be awesome.

There's not much I have to say about AVP2 other than an entire town of nice folk get mercilessly slaughtered and the few jerks that survive get blown the fuck up. Just the way it should have been the first time.

Now I hear they're making another Predator movie. A directed sequel to the first film, which is fine. But I've heard it might ignore the shitty sequels...which is great, but Predator 2 is an AMAZING sequel! They can ignore AVP...I do and I wouldn't be heart broken over ignoring AVP2 even though it's a pretty good movie.

I'm working on a Metal Gear Solid ps1 project. I'm going to slap a big ol Foxhound logo across the top of my ps1. I've been working on it for hours and it's going slow. This might be a three day project before it's over. Taking apart a ps1 is a lot more complicated than a Genesis and N64 and with the Cd rom drive its a lot more complex in there.

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to. I tested out my stencil. It's rough but it shows that I might know what I'm up to. And then there's a picture of a gutted ps1.

I was feeling pretty bummed today. So I fired up some Fall Out 3 and set some wastelanders on fire. That made me feel better. I also went on youtube and watched the infamous Elvyra booby tassle scene. Now that always cheers me right the fuck up!

Picked up a VCD card for my Sega Saturn. Every day my Saturn becomes more and more a multi-media center piece! I'll upload some pictures I've taked of it and post them here a little bit later.

It's a Victor Saturn VCD card, it came complete with the box and the manuals, warranty information and such. Pretty cool. I need to download some videos and burn them to VCD and give them a watch.

Also I've gotten 51 subscribers to my youtube channel! Cool!

Just got back from picking up my Laserdisc player. Seems to be working fine...it plays CDs anyway. So that's a good sign. There's no on screen menus for me to poke around in though so there's not much I can do besides listen to CDs. I do like how it has a CD tray that comes out independently of the Laserdisc tray. I'm sure it saves a ton of electricity not having to toss around that giant slide out tray when you just want to listen to a CD. It's freaking HUGE! It dwarfs the Xbox sitting on top of it. Hahaha. Can't wait for Whitney to ship me some free Laserdisc movies!

I need to buy some more power strips and crap. I've got about a million things that need plugging in and no where to plug them in at. I'm thinking if I buy a new LCD monitor for my PC I'll have enough room to put my AV splitter up on my desk so I can go Rambo with some zip ties and combat some of this wire hell warzone I've got under my desk. Then if I get that undercontrol I'll get another AV splitter. I've got one with 8 systems hooked up to it, if I had some more space I could get another power squid (which is the best power strip you can get for old game systems and their huge AC adapters) then I would have enough outlets to use another automatic AV switch. I do need to reorganize that mess because I do want to use my Laserdisc player to watch movies. Plus someday I'll have my Laseractive and will want to use it to play Genesis and Sega CD games on it...or if I'm lucky I'll track down the Turbografx pac and I'll definitely want to use that.

Once I stop being a bum and move into my own house I'll have to have a custom wiring job. I've got 15 or so consoles hooked up to my TV and if I had the room I'd probably have closer to 20. That kind of awesome needs a lot of outlets.

Uploading a video of my new Laserdisc player right now check out my youtube page.

Workong on Metroid Prime. I've passed two save stations so there's that much back tracking out of the way. The last two Artifacts are in the same area. I've got to get from the main area I'm in now, pass through some lava area then get to the area I'm looking for. Then once I'm there I've got to tear the place apart looking for two artifacts. Then I've got to back track my ass to where I put all the artifacts and finally get to the last boss. Back tracking fucking sucks!

I have to wait until tomorrow to get my Laserdisc player. Boo! My money needs to get here faster! Anyway, while bragging to everyone I know about my new Laserdisc player my internet friend Whitney told me she's got TONS of AWESOME Laserdisc movies. There's Star Wars, Star Trek Movies, Star Trek Episodes, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and tons more that I'm forgetting off the top of my head. The amazing part is she's going to give them to me! Woo! See her Dad was one of those crazy people that supported Laserdisc over VHS. I can't wait to have that kick ass collection.

Can't wait to pick up that player tomorrow and really can't wait to get some of those movies. I hope they're all widescreen. That'd be pretty kick ass. I know Laserdisc supported Widescreen so I hope they're all WS and that they look nice on my 16:9 tv.

I'm getting a Laserdisc player! Woo! One more thing I really don't need...but fuck if it ain't mondo cool!

Man, I really need to sit down and finish Metroid Prime! I think that's going to be scheduled for tomorrow. First thing in the morning I'm going on a 40 mile bike ride. Then I'll play games till my girlfriend comes over to kick it. I hope I finally finish Metroid Prime! I really want to start on MP2! I've even got Metroid Prime 3 coming to me in the mail. Got it used for $11. Sweet!

I bought Mad World for the Wii. It was really inexpensive on Amazon. I couldn't pass up such a sweet deal! Haven't played it yet.

I'm thinking about Finishing up Mtroid Prime. I've been workong on that game for years! I got it for free a long ass time ago and started playing it and really liked it. I got really far into the game...but man is it a long game. So eventually my interest tapered off ...then I picked it back up and was really interested again! Then lost interest...then a while later tried to finish it again and got really close. I've just got to find like two or three items and take down the final boss. There's a lot of back tracking involved in the part I'm at...and I hate back tracking. I've got to travel across like the whole damn planet and that's what keeps me from going back. So I really need to just finish the game up.

Then I can finally start on Metroid Prime 2! Which I got the Christmas it came out, brand new. Never played it though. I put it in my Gamecube and played for a few minutes to see what it looked and felt like but didn't want to start working on it until I beat Metroid Prime 1. So that's the longest I've had a brand new game without playing it. It's been like what...five years now? HAHAHA!

Metroid Prime is one of if not my favourite Gamecube game. It's really a lot of fun. Just not that back track quest at the end. That shit sucks. Bad. Every time I try to finish it up I load the game and see just how much I've got to travel to get those last items and get really put off because I don't remember the map or how to get anywhere fast...and yuck. Oh well.

So I bought Pokemon Leaf Green on ebay. There were a few pokemon on the existing save so I took a few days migrating them over to my copy of Diamond before starting a new game. Why waste good pogeymans right?

So far I'm having a good time playing the remake. I could barely stand looking at Red and Blue after playing Gold and Silver. Such a shame that the leap from Diamond/Pearl from Leaf Green/Fire Red is so small. I think I'm going to try and complete m Diamond/Pearl Pokedex. That should take quite a while. At least I won't have to worry about dying batteries.

Played more of the cycling game and am starting to enjoy it. Still wish those little hearts weren't a part of the game. I guess I'm just way better at waggling my arms around than your average sack of fat potatoes that plays the Wii.

the archery is really fun and I'm getting better at it. Trying to aim you see how accurate the Wii Motion+ really is. It shows you every twitch your hand makes.

The Sword fighting is ok but it could have been way better. If someone's in a block stance they'll pretty much always block...even when I'm hacking at their legs and completely avoiding their sword. I should be able to thrust and stab and shit too. I'm a little disappointed with the sword fighting.

Dragon Ball Evolution wasn't as terrible as I had thought it would be. It was actually fun to watch! It didn't resemble Dragon Ball at all...but if you went into it expecting it to cause terrible brain tumors it was a fun action movie for kids. What I would have changed is the complete raping of "Oozaru Piccolo's minion!" That was just retarded and made no sense as to why they changed that.

Piccolo should have been Old for the first 3/4's of the movie and gotten his wish at the end to be "2,000" years younger so he could rule the world. That would have made it a lot more like Dragon Ball and not taken any extra screen time. Then instead of Goku transforming for the first time just let it be the first time he's seen a full moon and transforming instead of the mystical fate bullshit minion of Piccolo. Then you know let Goku learn to control it and use his Oozaru power to beat the shit out of Piccolo...you know like in the comic and cartoon. Shit. Just a few minor tweaks could have saved the movie.

At least out of the 90 minute movie 60 minutes of it focuses on Bulma's cleavage, that was sweet. Rhoshi could have been much much more perverted. "Bikini Quarterly?" Come on we all know he'd have a couple copies of Juggs stashed all over the fucking place.

Also last night I picked up Wii Sports Resort. Mostly I just wanted to get the Wii Motion + and test it out before Red Steel comes out next year. There's a few sweet games that me and my girlfriend tried out. The cycling is ok but if you cycle to hard to long your guy stops and chugs some sports drink. LAME. I'm sure that they kept you from "working" to hard at the cycling so collosal fat ass kids don't explode their hearts from wiggling their arms around. But even when I try to pedal slowly my guy gets tired from me going to fast. What the hell?

Also right this minute I checked Amazon to see how much Mad World's going for and it's only $20 brand new! Mad World was the first game I've wanted for the Wii since Smash Bros came out like over a year ago. Awesome! I'm totally going to pick up Mad World.

Poor Sega...I wish their games sold better. At the same time though I only want to spend $20 on it. But that's because current gen games cost to God damn much and I don't want to spend more than $2o on any new game.

Got 150+ pogeymans on my Pokemon Silver cart so I could finally transfer them to Pokemon Stadium 2 for sake keeping. So now I've got all my Pokemons from Red, Yellow and Silver transfered to a more secure place. Hopefully preventing another tragedy like what happened with Gold. Damn it.

Now my other poke project is obtaining 999 pokemons with Diamond and transfering them to the My Pokemon Ranch to get that legit Mew. Man it's taking forever! But I'll keep catching those level 2 and 3 jerks.

Another thing I want to get is Wii Sports Resort...I really want to play the sword fighting and archery. The Wii's controller should have came like this in the first damn place. Oh well.

I went to the used game store in Fairborn looking for Pokemon Stadium 2 and they actually had it! I couldn't believe it was that easy. It was decently priced too. They also had Bust-a-move 2 for the Sega Saturn. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it had a great case, the manual and was only $6. Not bad.

I've been playing the fuck out of some Pokemon along side Demon's Souls. I'd downloaded My Pokemon Ranch from the Wii Ware store. It's basically just extra storage for pogeymans. But if you upload 999 pogeymans you get a Mew. A legitimate Mew! So I want it really bad. So I wanted to buy Pokemon Platinum so I'd have two games to upload pogeys from. I found out I can't do that though. There's an update for the Japanese version to allow you to do that but not yet in America. So boo.

I did however bid on a cheap copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. I also want to get Emerald. You can catch pogeys in the GBA games and transfer them over to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum which is pretty cool.

I also got Pokemon Stadium and a transfer pak for the N64. I want to transfer all of my Red/Blue/Yellow's to it. I might just try and get Pokemon Stadium 2 so I can upload all my Silver pogeys too. As you can see below I have no Gold Pogeys to save since they were all wiped out, along with my favorite pogeyman ever. Oh well.

Back to capturing a million weak crap-o-mons to fill up my Ranch.

Imported Demon's Souls. Man it is hard. I've died like ten million times all ready. Oh well! It's still fun though. I'm hackin and slashing dudes and demons and shit and it's great! I wanted to wait for the US version but well this import version costs the same it would have cost me at Wal Mart and it's several months early and I didn't have to get off my ass to get it. Sweet! I hope some people on my PSN get it too so we can have some co op demon slaying fun.

Remembering Fire Face

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, July 19, 2009 1 comments

Way back when I first got Pokemon I got the red version. It had a big bad ass dragon on the cover instead of a menacing turtle so the choice was obvious. Naturally when I got to chose my first pokemon I went straight for the fire type. An adorable Charmander. I blew through the game with my Charmander lovingly named Fire Face and raised him to be a mighty Charizard. I leveled him up to 100, traded him to Pokemon Yellow and taught him to fly and moved him to Silver then Yellow using his beastly abilities to help me beat the games.

One day I fired up my Pokemon Gold to work on catching them all, breeding and evolving some pogeymans. But my save was gone. Fuck! Fire Face was a proud father of two. I was working on raising a level 100 Charmander and Charmeleon...they were Fire Face's beloved sons. Wiped out by a dead battery. I did some googling and found out Gold and Silver have battery issues and that I wasn't the only one. I'm not sure how my Silver's doing as after that I was pissed at the tragic loss of Fire Face and his entire family. Fire Face was 8 when he died.

I had always wanted to get a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 to see Fire Face and his family in full 3D glory but alas their time in the Poke World was cut short by the ever ticking clock of Pokemon Gold and Silver.  I do own a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 now and have copied all the pokemon from all my gameboy carts over to it for safe keeping..  I still miss Fire Face.

Starting to work on Star Ocean Second Evolution. There's a lot of tiny changes that I really don't see the point of. I guess it's just because a different team of translators worked on it. Why change Heraldry to Symbology? Weird. And the town of Mars is now Marze. Playing it after First Departure is cool though, I can see just how much Claude is like his mother Ilia. I really do love the shit out of this game though. Definitely my favorite RPG.

Got ahold of Star Ocean for PSP, $11! Now I've got the first four, all complete! Also got Star Ocean Second Evolution! WOO! I do think I'm going to star Silent Hill Origins first though. That game looks pretty sweet.

Beat the final boss and watched the ending of Star Ocean First Departure. Sweet game. Of course I got a sucky ending and didn't see Ronix And Ilia get together which I'd been waiting for. I guess it's because I never used Ronix in battle, lame. But his bow and arrow fighting sucked and so I used Cyuss all the time. Oh well! I have an extra dungeon to go through though. So I might do that here in a minute after I get some food.

Got to the final boss in Star Ocean First Departure and man...did he whoop my ass. Looks like I do have to do some level grinding. All my characters are around level 60 and he KO'd three of them with his first move, then after some potions and spell casting to revive them, they KO'd again and it wasn't long before my ass was just beat. So I'm gonna do some grinding and beat the shit out of that jerk!

After Star Ocean I want to get into Silent Hill Origins. That's one of the games I was really looking forward to when I was first getting into the PSP scene. I was going to get into Star Ocean 3, which I all ready have a little bit, but I'm thinking of playing something a little different. Plus I fired it up to look at it and it looked amazing. I played to the first zombie fight and thought it was pretty cool.

Oh also today I registered a domain name for this blog. The name I wanted was taken so I had to use a .net name. Stale! But welcome to Mondocool.net!

Just got my new PSP 3000. I like it! The Skype feature is kind of cool. I'm not sure if it offered free calls to real phones but I sure did call my cellhpone without it asking to add funds or anything. So I don't know...that's cool? It's so light! Compared to my humongous PSP 1000 which weighs a million tons. I'm still pissed my PSP 1000 started acting up...the UMD door keeps flying open every five seonds and I hate it. I'll never part with my PSP 1000...I love the little fella, its been with me on so many of my adventures.

I haven't noticed anything bad about the screen. Actually I don't notice much of a difference at all with the screen quality. I'm going to try it ouside though. I remember my PSP 1000 being useless in sunlight. So if I can use the 3000 outside while I'm pumping Iron in the backyard that'll be really cool. Now I won't be forced to use just the DS when I'm out there "gettin' my swole on."

Now that I've got this PSP 3000 I can finish playing Star Ocean First Departure. Which is AMAZING...it's really a shame the UMD door started acting up right when I got to the final dungeon. Can't wait.

Made my first video game finds at a garage sale! And they were pretty dang good. First thing I found was a model 1 Genesis, the High Definition Graphics version for $20. Didn't buy it but it was cool seeing one. At that place they had Resident Evil 2, complete, and the discs were in perfect condition. Looks like it's never been played

The next place had five or so ps2 games. I picked up Dual Hearts and Shadow of Destiny. Pretty sure I'm just going to try and sell Dual Hearts... I might try it out, might not. Shadow of Destiny looked like it had a cool story so I picked it up. They were $3 each.

The last place I found games at had a ton of great stuff! I picked up Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario The Thousand-year Door for $5 each. Then I got Final Fantasy IX, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 3 and Phantasy Star 4 and Contra Hard Corps all for $3 a piece! Tales is all ready listed on Amazon haha! I've all ready got a copy I just picked it up to sell. Probably going to do the same with the Phantasy Star collection. I'll probably sell Final Fantasy IX too...I'm not huge on Final Fantasy. I'll give it a shot first but I probably won't have it for long.

All in all it was a pretty sweet day of garage saling.

Trying really hard to play Phantasy Star Online on a private server. It's looking like my Broadband adapter will go to waste. Son of a bitch. can't burn this enhanced version of the game. Can't use PSO version 1 with the BBA. It won't allow me to set up my internet settings. Just so much shit being a pain in the ass! I hope I get my shit going before too long.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is going well. Just beat some boss with jet engines and a head that looks like a flying electric killer whale. Only in Japan. It kind of reminded me of a pokemon! So I shot it with lasers in all of the strategically correct places and sent it to a watery grave!

Most people act like thisgame is a life changing experience. Even people that have played it for the first time recently seem to see the holy light. I'm well into disc 2, of 4, and haven't seen the light yet. I might need to hook the Saturn up to my dumpster TV that I found on the curb a few weeks ago as Saturn games look especially like shit on an HDTV. I'm generally not a graphics whore but seeing how clean and sharp it looks on youtube really makes me want to use my dumpster TV. I know that the videos on youtube or more than likely being played on an emulator making them much crisper but man...this LCDTV makes it look like a dog turd. I just don't think I have a Saturn RF adapter...I've just got S Video and RCA hook ups. Oh well.

While not seeing the holy light it is a really good game with great pacing and no filler sidequets. Which I appreciate. That's one of the biggest reasons I hate most RPGs. The hours of pointless item fetching quests that don't serve any other purpse than adding to the amount of hours of gameplay to give the illusion of "depth." It's interesting that this is the first RPG made by team Andromeda and that this si the first game in the series that isn't a rail shooter. MONDO COOL.

Got my Saturn Mod chip, installed it. Works great! Playing Panzer Dragoon saga right now. Not bad so far. Let's see how good this story gets. People keep saying it's got a great story and that this is one of the best games ever made. Can't wait to find out for myself.

The other thing I've been waiting for got here in the mail today. Splatterhouse! It's pretty much the reason I bought a Turbografx. It's a pretty gory game and even the sound when you hit puase is spooky. Can't wait to get further into that one.

Three Dirty Dwarves First Impressions

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I've been playing Three Dirty Dwarves all day and I fucking love it! This is one of those games that I wish I had when it first came out. It's just the kind of quirky goofy thing I naturally love and enjoy. The plot's pretty strange. You control three dirty dwarves that were summoned from Middle-Earth by four super genius genetically enhanced children through a magical portal in a table top RPG. Yeah. Apparently the insane army dude wants these genius children to use their enhanced super genius abilities to make some super soldiers, he also wants a pizza. So when the dwarves are summoned to the real world they land in a sporting goods store and arm themselves.

I fucking finally got my damn Jaguar in the mail! Woo! Haven't tested it out yet. I don't know if it'll do anything without a game. So now I'm going to either go up the street and see what's the cheapest game they've got or order something online. Not sure which one I want. I might wait a while any way.

I also got a broadband adapter for my Gamecube! I've all ready got an ethernet cross over cable and a second gamecube. So all I need now is another BBA for the GCN and two copies of Mario Kart Double Dash and one more TV. Plus with the BBA I'll be able to download crap and play a few games online and shit. It might be cool....I probably won't mess with that at all lol.

I also got Silent Hill Origins which I've wanted ever since I first got my PSP but I finally saw it for really cheapy cheap on amazon. I also got a new sealed copy of Star Ocean III for $20. Not bad. so I opened that bitch and flipped through the manual. I'm going to wait till at least after I finish up First Departure. I'm kind of bummed I can't play Star Ocean IV as it's on 360 so that might wait some years just like part III did. Oh well. Unless it comes to ps3 someday. That'd be dope shit. Apparently Star Ocean is my favorite RPG series hahaha.

Oh well I'm gonna watch some Dragon Ball Z episodes then go play some First Departure. Then maybe later tonight I'll test out that Jag.

I went to a bunch of junk stores today with my Mom. It's been forever since I spent any time with her so I thought up something we'd both enjoy. My Mom collects depression glass and I collect games. Antique/junks stores usually have both. I didn't find anything at any of the crazy stores she goes to.

We did however go to a used video store I used to drive by on my way to work every night. They had a small game collection but I did find a complete copy of Super R Type for the SNES and Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis. Stree Fighter wouldn't work and somehow me taking the Sega CD ram cart out of the Genesis I lost my save for Snatcher which sucks. It was my second playthrough and I wasn't far in...but still that's weird. Some other saves that I'd previously deleted seemed to have some how come back? Weird shit dude. That Used video store did have a couple Sega Cd games though...and the cases were fucking mint. So for $2 I got Ultraverse Prime/Microcosm. I might just switch out the case with D for the Saturn. I did mostly buy it for the case. There were other SCD games with perfect cases also for $2 bucks or so...I might go back for them.

Then we stopped at the Game Haven some game store I've driven past a few times on my way to the Mall. It was....ok. The price on most things sucked pretty bad. Used copy of MGS4 for $37? I can get it shrink wrapped brand new anywhere in the world for $29.99. I understand it's hard to keep shit updated...but damn. There were a ton of people there but none of them browsing games...they were setting up their table top RPG game in the back room. I looked through the N64 games and found Star Fox and Perfect Dark for $5....not bad and I picked up Forsaken 64 for $4. I somehow got it confused with Hexen 64...ahahaha oops. The games..whatever. I might play it some more. Not a bad haul for the day I guess. I didn't look through the N64 games to hard...I bet I could have found more shit. I wanted Jet Force Gemini too but not for $10.

They had a box full of rumble paks and gameboy transfer packs but no prices. For the right price I might have bought one of each. Shit I probably would have made a bigger effort to find a Pokemon Stadium game if the transfer pak was priced right. But the N64 case was next to the door to the Nerd Dungeon of Nefarious Purpose where the role players were setting up their miniatures and shit. All the restaurants in the plaza supplied with with the nutritious Subway Sandwiches they'd need for a successful afternoon of Orc Slaying and Dark Elf spell casting. Most of them had backpacks with many supplies, gatorades and giant bottles of water for hours of pretend goblin slaying. So I didn't like standing in that door way with all the traffic setting up tables and shit. Maybe I'll go back some other time and check out the N64 selection more closely...and maybe pick up the Rumble and transfer paks.

They also had a huge selection of old game guides. I kinda leafed through them looking for an MGS guide to add to my collection. No such luck. Didn't see anything else either. I did spot an old Pokemon Red and Blue guide that I've got. Great fucking guide, helped me catch them all. They had a SNES model 2 for $59....rip off. There were also system boxes. I saw a tore up Saturn box, some ps3 boxes and a Dreamcast box was there. I don't know if the prices reflected just the sale of the box or if a system came with it or what. The one box I poked at and lifted up was empty. I don't know I didn't like the place but I did find some decently prices N64 games.

My Mom's didn't go in the last store...instead she went into the Wing Zone next door and picked up some hot wings! We went home where I played Star Fox 64 and ate some delicious wings.

Is it weird that I love the smell of a freshly opened game? Man cutting open the shrinky dink and inhaling that game factory air is amazing every time. I just opened my copy of Star Ocean: First Departue. I can't wait to play this game. I'm watching the intro scene as I type this. Star Ocean 2 Second Story is my favourite PS1 RPG. I loved that game. I might pick up the PSP version of that too. I think I'm going to try and buy more PSP games. I want to support the UMD.

While I think the PSP GO looks good, a very sexy slim stylish piece of hardware, I don't support digital Distrobution. It does everything my psp 1000 does...but worse. It doesn't have improved battery life? It has a smaller screen? It won't play the 15 UMD games I've bought for it? What good is it then? I can use my psp 1000 to download everything it can download...at least that's the theory going around the internets.

Anyway what else have I gotten recently. Yesterday in the mail I got my commodore 64. Neat! test it out and it works fine. Ordered a cart to test it with. Waiting on the Jaguar still, the N Gage isn't coming and I've gotten a refund, I've won a copy of Splatterhouse for $10.50, Silent Hill Origins is on its way, bought another ps1 memory card, bought a Gamecube broadband adapter....hmmm I know there's a ton more. OH! Have a Wonderswan color and wonderswan wrasslin game coming.

For the Metal Gear collection I ordered a MGS1 guide book. I don't know...some guy on youtube got me geeked for guide books. He had a bad ass MGS3 hardcover guide that just looked so fucking cool. I wish I was on top of that shit when the game came out. Fuck. I think I need to get the word of my gaming blog out there. Shit I need to make more youtube vids. I think I'll just do it my own way of minimal to no editing. Just record ten minutes of me dicking around in a game then add a voice over. I still want to do my Lost Vikings, Vigilante 8 comparison vids but I'm so terrible at editing. The shits too time consuming for my ass.

Oh well I'm going to play this Star Ocean game, watch some Dragon Ball Z and go to bed. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my Mom haha. We're going to pawn shops and antique stores. Hopefully I find some bad ass game stuff. That's my secret double purpose.

Still waiting for the Jag,the N Gage and my Japanese copy of MGS:Integral. However today I did get my Wonderswan. So I ordered a game for it then decided I really should have just sprang for a Wonderswan Color so I bought one from China. HA! The collection gets more retarded every day. Also I'm waiting on some Intellivision games to come in the mail as well as my frist Atari 800xl cart. I wish my disc drive worked so I could play some damn games on floppy disc.

I wish I had my own house. I need to get rich and crap so I can finally have enough space to set up my damn game collection. I need a second bookshelf to store game systems. If I had second power tower I could put my PS3, Xbox, intellivision, Atari Jaguar and my doubles or something on there. Then I'd have enough space to organize wires and power supplies and shit.

playin' some Jag

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So I finally won an Atari Jaguar on ebay! For $30! They usually go for a million dollars more than they're worth. I bought a Wonderswan for $20, free shipping from Japan! I'm also bidding on a Wonderswan color, so far it's only at a dollar so lets hope it stays that way!

I'm also buying MGS integral from Japan. Some day when I either mod my slim ps2 or buy a Japanese Ps2 I'll play it. It's got the full english translation. I hear it has a first person mode and you can change the guards paths. So that should make for a challenge to the people that have the guards patrols memorized for the past ten years.

Fuck yes! I just won a Nokia Ngage QD! It's a Tmobile phone and I have Tmobile so I'll be able to just pop in my SIM card and use it! I'll be the coolest dweeb on the block! Fuck yeah!

3DO! Wooo!

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My new 3DO works great. All the games that came with it are in amazing shape. This is the first time I've ever actually played Castle Wolfenstein...it's a pretty sweet game. Very bland and basic though. But it's still pretty cool. I'm bidding on a few very inexpensive games on ebay. I'm aiming to get Gex and Alone in the Dark then there's a bunch of other crap coming with them. I'm surprised at how cheap the games go for. I was expecting to just download and burn them all but if they're this cheap it's easier to just buy them. No chance of downloading a bajillion viruses either.

The controller is pretty good too. It's like a cross between the SNES and Genesis sixbutton pad. I wish I had the controller with the headphone port on it. I wish the 3do had memory cards or some better memory management. I'm no where near the limit and doubt I'll go over it actually but it would be nice to have memory cards to shuffle saves around. I'd like to know what kind of memory it uses and if its battery backed or not. Oh well. I did win a second 3do on ebay for $30 I'm going to test it out and either resell it or just keep it as a back up.

Getting my 3do tomorrow!

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I've contacted a guy on Craigslist and am getting a 3DO tomorrow. It comes with five games three of which I want so that's pretty bad ass. I'm pretty geeked up. I can't wait to add another console to the collection. Now all I need's an Atari Jaguar.

Got myself a sweet Gameboy Advance SP off of craigslist. $35. Which is $15 cheaper than usual...the catch? It's pink. I'm macho enough to play a Pink GBA though.

God damn internet shopping spree. I really shouldn't have! Oh well, now I've got a ton of games coming to me. Like more at one time than I've ever had in my life. I wish I didn't get so many damn games. Because now there's a new game I want and I definitely am not going to let myself buy it. At least not yet! Maybe after I get a check or two from the Jerk's I used to work for. Or maybe someone that's totally awesome would love to buy the game for me? I wish!

I've got a DVDr and recorded some footage for my Lost Vikings review. I've also bought the Saturn version of Norse By Norsewest The Lost Vikings 2. My computer's exploding so it'll be a while before I start editing the video. I've also got to get some editing software to add voice overs. If I hadn't bought so many games over the past week I'd probably get the GBA version of Lost Vikings too.

Oops Ebay mega raid!

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I went crazy again! I splurged on ebay one more time. This time mostly getting stuff for my Gameboy collection. First I bought a FC Mobile II, which is a hand held NES. You can hook it up to your TV and play NES games with the included 2 wireless controllers and the wirless light gun! As well as use it as a handheld NES. So I'll finally have an easy solution for moving to another TV to play Duck Hunt since I can't on my HDTV.

Next I bought a Psone so now I have the full playstation line of consoles. That's bad ass to have a complete collection...maybe someday I'll track down the LCD screen so I can really play PS1 games on the go.

The next huge round of splurging I did was after I made my gameboy collection video on youtube. I was playing around with Wario Land and thinking about how it's one of my favorite platformers and decided I needed to get the rest of the Wario Land games. I was actually thinking this same thing a few weeks or months ago so I went ahead and ordered Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3. Browsing youtube I noticed the Gameboy light, so I bid on a couple of those but won't know if I get them for at least six more days. I've all ready been outbid on one of them, the ugly yellow one that I didn't want, but I'm still the highest bidder for the beat up one that comes with Pokemon green. That's the one I'm hoping to get. I would like to have Pokemon green and don't care if the system is a little beat up as long as it works, and lights up. I just want to be able to play regular gameboy without sitting at funny angles to get good lighting. So I'm crossing my fingers for that. Plus I want to have a rare Japanese gameboy in the collection.

The last thing I ordered was a Super Gameboy 2. I just discovered them yesterday, also from poking around youtube. The Super Gameboy 2 plays Gameboy color games in full color, has a port for a link cable and is generally awesome. Now it is designed to be used with the Super Famicom but I have modded my SNES to use Super Famicom carts and I do believe there's no region lock on gameboy games so this should work out just fine. The plan is once I get my Super Gameboy 2 is to use the link cable to trade pokemons from my Super Gameboy 2 to my Gameboy player....that should be interesting!

You might be thinking why are you getting a Super Gameboy 2 if you've got a gameboy player? Well honestly I'd rather play those games with a SNES pad than a Gamecube pad. If I could find a decent Wireless Gamecube pad laid out like a SNES pad I'd jump all over that too.

Hey party people! I've been adding a lot of crap to my website about video games. Now that I'm an unemployed bum and have received my huge check from those jerks I worked for I've got plenty of time to work on reviews and such. I added like 15+ mini reviews of all my favorite games to my game page.

Also I'm totally positive that in a few weeks when I get the next huge checks from my former employers I'll rush out and get a DVDrecorder. I can't wait for that. Then I can make video mini reviews of all my favorite games. As well as making a few comparisons.

I'd like to make a few comparison videos showing the differences between The Lost Vikings on SNES and Genesis as well as comparisons of The Lost Vikings 2 SNES VS Norse By Norsewest on the Playstation. The SNES version of LV2 is the far superior version and people need to know! I wish I had The Lost Vikings on GBA and the Saturn Version of Norse by Norsewest. I'd also like to comapre Vigilante 8 on the PSX and N64 as well as the sequels for the N64, PS1 and Dreamcast.

Saw Dragon Ball Origions for the Nintendo DS at Meijer for $20 so I picked that up. So far it's a pretty sweet game. It's nice to play something Dragon Ball that isn't a fighting game. It's a fun little adventure game and the story is sticking very closely to the comic. Even with Bulma flashing Roshi, which they hide in between the two screens which is a very nice touch.

Besides that I've been playing a lot of games on my Saturn. I've been working on getting through Dark Savior, which is like an Action RPG but not with that much action but plenty of platforming. There's a lot of jumping across moving platforms which is actually kind of hard. Also I've been playing some Panzer Dragoon one and two.

I got laid off from my job and am taking some time off, I'm going to focus on working out and getting back into shape and being a champion but during all that recovery time I'm sure I'll have plenty of time for some fun kick ass video games.

My lucky saturn! So many new games to show it some much needed love. Panzer Dragoon is as awesome as I remember it being. I can't wait to finish up the Panzer Dragoon games. Then maybe I can save some cash up and buy Panzer Dragoon saga. I can dream, right?

I also got the bonus gift of Dark Saviour. Which is turning out to be one hell of a fucking great game! I'm still getting the hang of the controls, switching controllers helped a lot, but I still keep dying over dumb shit. Oh well. I really think I'll have a lot of fun with this game no matter what though. It seems like it'll have a good story and it's been a very long time since I've gotten into an RPG so this'll be a nice change of pace no matter what.

Man did I get a load of junk in the mail today. I ordered the 3d controller for the Saturn since it's compatable with Duke Nukem and I do plan on getting NiGHTS someday, I got a game called Wing Arms and I also got the Sega Saturn I accidentally won on ebay for $15. It came with 10 games or so only two of them worth mentioning and another Netlink Adapter. Virtua Figher 2 and Tomb Raider, the rest are sports games. Yuck! It's another model one Saturn, I was hoping it was a model 2 so I could have it modded. Not that I can't have this one modded it's just not as easy if I decide to do it myself.

Capture card was a piece of garbage and doesn't work. Like at all. Sending it back tomorrow. I'll just save up and go to Wal Mart and buy a DVD recorder. I've got a shit ton of DVDs lying around anyway just aching to be used for recording sweet video game footage.

The copy of Virtual On that I won on ebay was infact listed correctly. That word "playstation" in the auction really made me nervous about bidding on it and probably scared off a lot of other people too. But I ended up getting a shrink wrapped copy for $3.95 including shipping! When I took it out of the shrink wrap it even smelled like 1997 Sega vintage.

Also I got my copy of Saturn Bomberman. The disc is being a little fussy. Not 100% positive if I'm going to try resurfacing the disc. The dude that sent it to me sent it before I could pay him, which is incredibly cool. Next payday I'll send him his cash. The game has trouble booting every now and then. The last few times its started without a problem so I might hold off on that resurfacing as long as it's not acting up.

That brings me up to three out of five Sega Netlink games. The other two are racing games and I'm really not interested. If I saw them in the wild for really cheap I'd snag them up just to have and play online with a few times but I just really don't care for racing games at all. Now I'm just waiting on Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 to come in the mail from another member of the Saturn League. What a cool Saturn community it is!

Video games are rad. Waiting for shipping is not so rad.

Welcome to the Next Level

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Ordered my $15 capture card. I hope I get it in the next few days. I'd love to record some footage of Duke online as well as some footage of Snatcher. Man thikning of Snatcher I'd love to have a Konami Justifier light gun. Also I want to fatten up my Saturn game collection. A member of the Saturn League said he saw a copy of Saturn Bomberman for $40 which is actually a good price for that game, compared to ebay at least. So he's offered to pick it up and hold it till I get my next check. Another member of the League had gotten a really sweet deal off of craigs list and has copies of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2 which I'm going to get for $30 also when I get my next check.

Panzer Dragoon was the first Saturn game I played way back in 1995ish. So I can't wait to get ahold of those. The prices aren't much better than ebay prices but the cases are intact which is a huge selling point. Also at the used game store nearest here there are a few titles I'd love to pick up. Wing Arms looks like a fun arcade style WWII plane shooter, Sim City 2000 looks like a good time since I enjoyed Sim City on SNES so much and I might pick up a copy of Myst since that was one of the other first Saturn games I'd ever played back in the day. If I do get Myst I'll be getting a Netlink mouse for my Saturn. Those three games are the only ones I've ever seen in the wild that look like fun. Usually it's just sports games and maybe Tomb Raider. Barf.