I have to wait until tomorrow to get my Laserdisc player. Boo! My money needs to get here faster! Anyway, while bragging to everyone I know about my new Laserdisc player my internet friend Whitney told me she's got TONS of AWESOME Laserdisc movies. There's Star Wars, Star Trek Movies, Star Trek Episodes, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and tons more that I'm forgetting off the top of my head. The amazing part is she's going to give them to me! Woo! See her Dad was one of those crazy people that supported Laserdisc over VHS. I can't wait to have that kick ass collection.

Can't wait to pick up that player tomorrow and really can't wait to get some of those movies. I hope they're all widescreen. That'd be pretty kick ass. I know Laserdisc supported Widescreen so I hope they're all WS and that they look nice on my 16:9 tv.


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