So I decided to go ahead and open up that poor old Zelda II cart one more time. I wanted to write the date the battery was changed in there. So if anyone else ever opens that cart up they'll know when the battery was changed. Also I could take some pictures of it.

I think sometime next week I'll go back up to radio shack and buy 4 more battery holders. I've got a few other NES carts I might as well replace the batteries in. It's a shame I've got a save on Final is early in the game. Right when you first get to Elf Land but I've done a lot of level grinding outside of the Elfheim castle so I'd hate to lose that save. But I haven't started in Crystalis so I'll change it's battery too. Then there's Zoda's Revenge and Shadowgate...I think those are all the NES carts I have with batteries in them. I don't really give a shit about Shadowgate though and probably won't ever play it.


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