Just started playing The Bard's Tale. I forget what magazine it was but I read a preview of it before the game came out. I thought "hey this looks pretty fun!" But I didn't end up getting it till a year or two ago. The Meijer that I used to stop at on my way home from work had a bargain rack that I'd walk by everyime I stopped in there and eventually I saw The Bard's tale in that rack. It was surprising because the game was so old. I'm sure Meijer shuggles their old games around from store to store till they're gone. Actually the new Meijer has new copies of Halo on the baragain shelf. Interesting. Sorry for the tangent. Anyway I picked this up for $20 a year or two ago and am justs now getting into it.

This game is awesome! The graphics are pretty damn sharp, but I am playing it on a ps3 so its being upscaled. The diologue is great! But what's even better than that are the songs. I'm going to upload a couple to youtube eventually. I had to make some special saves so I can go back and record the songs later. There are some Trows, little goblin people, that keep popping up singing songs that I'm sure offer some foreshadowing somewhat like the Oompa Loompas. Also the beer song is classic. I want to memorize it for the next time I drink a pint of ale out a huge stein.

The plot is nothing amazing but the Bard's lack of enthusiasm for sidequests and insane reguests mirrors my feelings for RPG cliches. I wish I got into this game sooner. It really is a fun little game. The only complaint I have is the camera control. You can swing the camera around your character but its always a top down view. I'd much rather be able to swing the camera down and keep it over his shoulders and be able to see where I'm going. But that's a very small complaint and more or less just a small personal prefference.

This game is mondo cool!


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