I bought Mad World for the Wii. It was really inexpensive on Amazon. I couldn't pass up such a sweet deal! Haven't played it yet.

I'm thinking about Finishing up Mtroid Prime. I've been workong on that game for years! I got it for free a long ass time ago and started playing it and really liked it. I got really far into the game...but man is it a long game. So eventually my interest tapered off ...then I picked it back up and was really interested again! Then lost interest...then a while later tried to finish it again and got really close. I've just got to find like two or three items and take down the final boss. There's a lot of back tracking involved in the part I'm at...and I hate back tracking. I've got to travel across like the whole damn planet and that's what keeps me from going back. So I really need to just finish the game up.

Then I can finally start on Metroid Prime 2! Which I got the Christmas it came out, brand new. Never played it though. I put it in my Gamecube and played for a few minutes to see what it looked and felt like but didn't want to start working on it until I beat Metroid Prime 1. So that's the longest I've had a brand new game without playing it. It's been like what...five years now? HAHAHA!

Metroid Prime is one of if not my favourite Gamecube game. It's really a lot of fun. Just not that back track quest at the end. That shit sucks. Bad. Every time I try to finish it up I load the game and see just how much I've got to travel to get those last items and get really put off because I don't remember the map or how to get anywhere fast...and yuck. Oh well.


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