Live from the Terror Dome! July 31st 10pm Eastern Standard Time

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That's right the Mondo Cool Cast will be hosted LIVE by Jerry Terrifying at 10pm Eastern Time. You'll wtice there's now a chat room built into the site, head on over there at during the show and hit play on the flash player and join in the awesomeness!

There's a flash player built right into the site, if that's not working for you there are links above the chat room to another flash player or you can stream the broadcast from Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp or Real Player. That should have everyone covered! It's live so ANYTHING can happen!

Mondo Cool Cast 00010 Classic Game Room's Mark

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This time on the Mondo Cool Cast I talk with Mark from Classic Game Room!  This was a real treat as I've been a big fan of the show since the early days of the shows Youtube run.  Check it out!!

Classic Game Room on youtube!

Check out my Youtube channel too!

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Sonic Genesis Give Away!

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In celebration of having Mark on the Mondo Cool Cast I'm giving away a Sonic Genesis!  The Sonic Genesis is a theme I've painted onto a model 2 Sega Genesis.  All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on this post.  If you tell an amusing story or joke that makes me laugh your name will be entered into the random drawing twice!  When you post a comment make sure it's not annonymous because I'll be selecting a winner and reading their name on Mondo Cool Cast 11. When I announce the winner they will then have to email me their address so you'll have to check back in and receive your free Sonic Genesis!

How I Convinced Myself to Buy Dragon Quest IX

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A few months ago I subscribed to Nintendo power through Amazon.  It was only $5 bucks and what the hell I like seeing all the new games coming out and having something to read on the dumper.  Finally after two months of waiting the first issue got here (I think it's an issue with Amazon not NP) with a beautiful gold foil cover featuring Dragon Quest IX.  The cover looks amazing!  The back has a Dragon drawn by Akira Toriyama in his playful and imaginative style.  Looks great!  I understand Nintendo published the game in America and really wants to push the game in this territory and their doing a great job of it in this magazine.  Dragon Quest IX has made plenty of effort to appeal to a Western audience offering tons of customization, no random encounters and a heavy focus on multiplayer. 

I keep getting comments on youtube about my Gameboy collection video. Specifically comments about how I toss my games onto my bed as I go through what games I have. They're fucking Gameboy cartridges! Falling six inches onto a bed will not hurt them. I could throw them at a brick wall as hard as I can and run it over with my cart, set it on fire and it will still work fine. What the hell is up with these dudes? Are they not familiar with how indestructable carts are? Must be because they grew up with CD based games and think everything is delicate.

Mondo Cool Cast 00009 Gooch and the Dooshebag

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This time on the MCC Gooch and the Dooshebag stop in to shoot the shit about games and reveal their msysterious origins as youtube super stars and podcasters extraordinaire!

Check out their Podcast!

Also check out their Youtube channel!

Here's my most popular Youtube video.

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My Desert Bus Odyssey

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nAs you may well be aware of I'm a fan of something called video games.  What you might not be able to tell is that I'm a fan of the hilariously genius comedy magic duo Penn and Teller.  So when I found out about their Sega CD game Smoke and Mirrors I had to know more and I had to play it.  The game was never actually released but there were review copies sent out to gaming publications of the time.  It's from these review copies that the game was leaked to the internet.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Timelines

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Christmas 1998 my idea of video games changed.  I had to stop and rethink video games as a medium of entertainment.  It was the day after Christmas and my friend from across the street Michael had come over to ask me a very important question.  It had been a long time since I really hung out with Michael so it was a little odd that he came over at all but his mission was important.  The first thing he asked me was "Did you get Metal Gear Solid?!"  He was beaming with excitement.  "Yeah I did get it actually."  I answered curiously.  I hadn't really heard of the game, I had seen the hilarious commercial but hadn't really thought much about it.  Back then Dr Jerry Terrifying wasn't a hardcore gamer that followed all the news in the gaming magazines and primitive internet.

Sega Saturn Netlink

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I've always had a fascination with online play on a home console.  I didn't really have access to the internet until 1999.  My Pops had a PC and an internet connection as early as 1995 but he hoarded it all to himself keeping me in the dark about world wide web. The internet remained mysterious and elusive until I got my grubby mitts on a PC of my own and started paying for  internet access in late 1999.  Because of this the idea of accessing the internet on the Sega Dreamcast without having to buy a PC always appealed to me and seemed like a good alternative.  See I have this glitch in my brain that won't let me play games on a PC so if I were to game online it would be on a console and as far as I knew at the time you could only do that with the Sega Dreamcast.


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I recently found a nice looking little theme to use for  What do you think?  Looks about a billion times better than the old layout.  Leave me some comments telling me what you think!

Setting up and Using Ad Hoc Party

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I remember the first time I ever read about Ad Hoc Party thinking about how useful and cool it would be to have the free app on the Playstation Network that lets you play Ad Hoc only games with your friends over the PSN. Being a brilliant idea and extremely useful it naturally didn't come out in America until a year after the Japanese release.