DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart In The Land Of Demons (1973) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 5)

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Day five is here and right before you start to get ready to party on this lovely Friday night let's take a look at the next film in this bloodsoaked series.  Baby Cart in the Land of Demons is the fifth film in this series about a hitman for hire named Ogami and his son Daigoro.  The film starts off with Ogami taking a leisurely walk past a waterfall and while walking he comes across a strange man.  The strange man asks if he and his son are the great "Lone Wolf and Cub" duo.  The man attacks them but Ogami is far too fast for him and slashes him before he could get slashed himself.  Turns out the man was testing Ogami's skills to see if they were up to his expectations and Ogami doesn't disappoint him as he passed with flying colors.  Before the man could die he requests Ogami to do a job for him.  He does it in a very weird way where the only way Ogami can get the full details of his next hit is to defeat four other warriors just like him, once defeated they will give him some gold and some clues about his target.  After Ogami defeats the warriors he finds out that his job is to kill a priest who has a scroll that will destroy the clan those warriors were from if the royal family gets it.  Looks like out pal Ogami is on the search for enlightenment... enlightenment his sword with the neck of the priest that is (I know that doesn't make sense but I need a gag to close off this paragraph).  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Club - Baby Cart In Peril (1972) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 4)

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Day Four of this road trip of gruesome sex and grizzly violence has us taking taking a look at the fourth film in the Lone Wolf and cub series: Baby Cart in Peril.  This film kicks right off with the good stuff as we are treated to a group of ninjas being absolutely destroyed by a topless female warrior that shows no remorse whatsoever.  We now cut to our main characters Ogami and his son Daigoro whom are in a small town looking for some work.  Ogami gets called in and is asked to eliminate the topless female warrior in which he accepts for his standard fee of five-hundred gold coins.  Meanwhile while Ogami is at the meeting we are treated to a bonus solo adventure starring Daigoro.  This side-story starts off with Daigoro watching some street clowns performing jokes for all the kids.  Once the show is over he starts following the clowns but they just tell him that they are done for the day and that he should go home before it gets dark.  Daigoro starts looking for his dad but he spots some ninjas roaming the streets and hides in an ally-way.  While this is happening Ogami is out about looking for his son but walks past him while he is hiding.  Daigoro begins wondering around searching for his father and while on his journey he is spotted by a samurai who is curious about the boy and he starts following him and studying him.  I would say what happens next but I won't as I really don't want to spoil it.  That's not all as there is a lot more that happens in this film but sadly the main page can't handle it so this will be continued after the jump.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart To Hades (1972) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 3)

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Day three of Super Samurai Week 2013 brings us favorite hitman and son for two more adventures wrapped up in a bloody package called "Baby Cart To Hades".  The film starts off with Ogami and his son riding a boat down a river and they meet a very panicky young woman and a guy who is trying to calm her down.  Ogami is told that he can't put his baby cart on the boat but he doesn't mind and shows that the baby cart can act as a boat of its very own and ties it to the back of the boat so they can drag it with them.  We then cut to a small bar where we see some very bad men drinking and complaining about not having sex for a long time.  A man, his wife and her mother just happen to stroll by so the bad men start following them.  The bad men knock out the man and proceed to rape the wife and her mother in a very brutal way.  The husband comes to and starts attacking the bad men but out comes a samurai and slices him down.  The samurai then proceeds to slash the two women which instantly kills them.  The samurai tells the men to draw a straw and then he kills the one who drew the shortest straw.  Amongst all this commotion Ogami happens to walk by and witnesses them trying to cover up the gruesome rape/murder scene.  The samurai apologizes to Ogami and then asks him to duel him but Ogami refuses and carries on.  We then go to a hotel where the panicky woman and the guy that she was with are staying the night.  Turns out the woman is a sex slave that the man bought for his pleasure (I hope he bought extended warranty because I don't see this ending well).  The sex slave doesn't want to live out the rest of her life being his concubine and then murders the man (yep, didn't end well indeed).  The police immediately turn up trying to look for her but lucky enough Ogami is there to try to protect her.  Will Ogami fight the law?  Will the law win? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Weird USB Gamepad

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A weird USB Gamepad I found at the thriftstore.

DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart At The River Styx (1972) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 2)

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Baby Cart at the River Styx has Ogami and his son Daigoro back with more adventures about them making a quick buck for slicing off a few heads.  Yes Ogami is a hitman and a very good one for that matter.  In this film Ogami is being hunted down by not one but by two groups of ninjas.  One group is all male and the other is all female and they want to kill him because of stuff that happened in the first film that they can't forgive him for.  After the first wave of ninjas they send out fail to kill Ogami they think of another plan to trap him and their plan is to kidnap his son in hopes of getting Ogami to let his guard down so they can have an easy kill.  Just like the first film you also have a second story for the second half of the feature.  The second story actually starts at the beginning of the film before it flows into the ninja tale and has a dye farmer hire Ogami to kill a guy that will take their business down if kept alive.  Ogami agrees and is on his way.  While on his way it kicks into the ninja story.  After the ninja story Ogami hops onto a ship that will take him to the location where his target is.  While on the ship he sees three men in hats who look very dangerous.  These three men get attacked while on the dock getting some fresh air and absolutely destroy the men attacking them.  The leader of the attackers sets the ship alight in a desperate attempt to kill these men.  The three men easily escape the boat but before they do they go to Ogami and tell him that they are the bodyguards of the guy that Ogami is paid to kill and warn him that to get to his target he must get through them first.  Problem is that Ogami and his son are stuck on the burning ship and may not be able to get to the target if they are stuck on the burning boat.  Will the farther and son duo survive this hellish smoke on the water (yes I just did a bad Deep Purple pun)?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - Sword of Vengeance (1972) ( Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 1)

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Woo hoo!  It's that time once again where I spend a whole week of writing reviews that have one theme that joins them all up.  This special weeks theme is super samurai films AKA Super Samurai Month 2013.  All week long you'll be getting reviews of films that have some very crazy overpowered samurai.  For this years edition of Super Samurai Week 2013 I'll be reviewing all the films from the Lone Wolf and Cub series and a bonus mystery review for day seven.  So let's kick off the most depressing day of the week (Monday) with a review of the first film in the series: Sword of Vengeance.

The film opens up with an execution of the Young Lord who is a little boy and it leaves everyone feeling very upset.  We then jump forward into time where we see a very tired and messy samurai walking around with his child.  That beat up looking samurai is none other than Ogami who was none other than the executioner of that boy.  Ogami is now a hitman for hire so he can make a living for him and his son.  After seeing that sad sight we travel back to the past to see the origin of how he came to be in such a sad state.  Ogami's wife is suffering from depression from lack of sleep due to having nightmares of ghosts of the people that Ogami has executed.  Ogami decides that his wife needs some alone time so she can calm down and takes his son with him to pay his respects in a shrine he built to honor those men who have been executed by his hands.  While he is there his wife gets attacked and killed by ninjas who also leave false evidence to point the murder to Ogami.  Ogami returns in shock to see his wife has been murdered and then the police come.  The police try to arrest him but Ogami finds all of this way to suspicious as the police came into the scene way to fast.  He was right as they admit it was a setup so he will lose his job so that their boss will get more political power.  Ogami and his son both get sent to death row but break out and go killing all the corrupt.  The corrupt boss comes out and makes Ogami an offer he can't possible refuse and he accepts it.  Now we cut back to the present where Ogami has accepted a job to assassinate four men hiding in a bathhouse.  He makes it to the bathhouse and sees that the men he has to kill have captured the whole place and treat all who end up there like dirt.  Ogami is no acceptation to them and he gets captured and thrown in with the other guests and staff... or did he let them capture him on purpose?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Complete Collection (2006 - 2007)

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Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is a show about a seventeen year old boy named Kenichi who loves martial arts and wants to train up so he can protect the people he loves.  Unfortunately Kenichi is a weakling who always gets bullied by the kids from the Karate Club who use him as a human punching bag and call him names like "Weak Knees" due to his knees shaking while he is scared.  One sunny morning on his way to school Kenichi bumps into a very well endowed girl named Miu and begins to talk to her.  Kenichi soon finds out that her athletic skills are pretty excellent and by excellent I mean to the point of nearly being superhero quality (or super-heroine in this case).  That same day while he is at Karate Club he gets challenged to a fight by one of the biggest guys there and if Kenichi loses he is out of the club but if he wins he will be able to use the equipment at the club (sounds fair).  Fearing for his life Kenichi starts to train at a park and lucky for him Miu happens to be around and helps him learn a few basic moves.  On the day of the fight Kenichi manages to defeat the big guy with the moves he has learned although he does a very rough job at it.  But wait as the big guy complains about the fight saying that Kenichi used an illegal move and thinking back to the fight Kenichi realizes that he was right and they reverse the results so Kenichi loses via disqualification.  Kenichi thinks he is safe for now but the president of the Karate Club is very angry that Kenichi can take down his members and sets out for revenge.  Kenichi is fearing for his life again but Miu offers him more help by saying that she knows a dojo that he can train at.  Kenichi walks into the dojo (after spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to open the door) and gets freaked out at what he sees: Very scary looking fighters.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

KNN: Hanabee announce some big stuff at Supanova Adellade and Brisbane.

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James Kaiser here and welcome to another installment of KNN (Kaiser News Network).  Hanabee has announced some very exciting titles at Supanova Brisbane and Supanova Adelaide.  In Brisbane they announced "Accel World" which the first volume will hit Australian stores next year at Feburary 8th.  That's not all as they also announced "BTOOOM!" and "Oreshura" which will also hit shelves February 8th.

If that's not enough over at Supanova Adelaide Hanabee announced some titles that got me really darn excited.  "Cardfight Vanguard", "Case Closed", and "Girls und Panzer".  Girls und Panzer is set to come out March 5th next year while Cardfight Vangurad and Cased Close are yet to have release dates.  There is more information on the shows after the jump but until then I'm James Kaiser and I'll see you next time on KNN.

Anime Review: Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part 1 (2012) Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray/Art-book Combo Set.

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Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is a special spin-off series about the Lupin the Third character "Fujiko Mine".  Fujiko Mine could be best described as a spy, assassin or seductress but at heart she is a very talented thief who's goal is to steal very valuable treasures of the world ranging from items in royal families to ancient relics from pyramids and jungles.  Being a thief isn't as easy as she makes it look as she also has to fight off rival thieves like Lupin the Third himself.  Fujiko Mine is also one very beautiful woman that makes all the women want to be her and all the men want to be with her.  Not only is she beautiful but also a very smart cookie and is a master of disguise which is very helpful to get her into secure places.  Some adventures you get to see her in this volume:  Marrying a leader of a cult, going undercover as a nanny for a king's grandchildren,  getting into steamy relationships with some students while parading as a teacher at an all-girls school, and chasing down a clairvoyant.  I hope you packed some sunscreen as this is going to be one very hot series. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the review).

Blu-Ray Review: Berserk - The Golden Age Act 2: The Battle For Doldrey (2012)

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The Battle for Doldrey is the second act of "The Golden Age" which is a part of a film series based on the long running comic/manga series Berserk.  The film is about a group of warriors lead by a white haired swordsman named Griffith whom is in a great battle against a rival army.  During the battle the general of the rival army spars off with the beautiful female warrior named Casca.  Unfortunately the rival general gets the upper hand due to Casca feeling slighty under the weather but lucky for her Guts (her comrade and one of main characters of the series) jumps in right in the nick of time and stops the rival general.  This leads to Guts and the general  into having a violent battle.  It seems like victory for Guts but Casca succumbs to her illness and passes out and starts falling off a cliff with Guts grabbing her but falls on down with her.  The two manage to survive and recover in a nearby cave.  While resting they hear some of the men from the rival army outside looking for them so they can slay them.  The two leave the cave and get caught up in a battle with them.  The battle is very violent but somehow they managed to survive and avoid getting raped (well Casca did.  Nobody wants to rape Guts).  After the battle Griffith attends a meeting at the home base and is given the task of taking back a castle that was captured from them over one-hundred years ago.  The battle isn't going to be easy as the building is heavily guarded with archers and an elite group of warriors called "The Holy Purple Rhinos".  Will Griffith and his men be successful? Or are they due to fall like the rest of the armies that have tried to take over the colossal structure?  One way or another we are going to see one epic battle that will go down in the history books.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Appleseed XIII (2011 - 2012)

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Appleseed XIII (as in the number Thirteen) is a science fiction action show about a couple of E S.W.A.T. members named Deunan and Briareos. Deunan is a very hard as nails female and she is a very brilliant at combat.  Briareos is her protector and best friend who also happens to be a cyborg.  While the both of them may seem worlds apart they both have one thing in common and that's for them to find their own "paradise".  While they are busy wondering if they'll achieve their goal they get assigned a mission to take down a terrorist group called "The Argonauts" who plan to eradicate cyborgs, bioroids, and robots to preserve humanity... or so we think.  There could be a lot more going on behind the scenes that the government and Argonaut members themselves are unaware of.  Will the E S.W.A.T. takedown Argonauts and get to the bottom of this mystery?  Will Deunan and Briareos find their paradise?  Will this show be worth watching?  The latter will be answered after the jump. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Tsuritama (2012)

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Tsuritama is a show about a young teenaged boy named Yuki Sanada who has just moved with his moderately attractive grandmother to a small island called Enoshima.  Yuki has some social problems where he gets really nervous when in front of large groups to the point where he freezes up and has a facial expression that makes him look like Carrot-Top and often ends up running out of the room crying (again just like Carrot-Top).  They aren't the only two people to move into town as we also have Haru (last name unknown) who is a self proclaimed alien that carries around a fishing rod but sadly Haru has nowhere to stay.  While walking around he manages to run into Yuki's moderately attractive grandma while she is unpacking and asks if he could move in with them.  She accepts but Yuki is unaware of this as he is at school while this conversation was taking place.  Haru arrives late and sits next to Yuki in his nervous Carrot-Top state and sprays him in the face with his water pistol that he carries around. After Yuki awakens from getting sprayed he finds that time has suddenly flown by and he is dancing in front of the whole class and gets sprayed again.  Yuki gets freaked out wondering why he keeps passing out and gets sprayed again.  Turns out that Haru was telling the truth and is in fact a real alien and he uses water to control people.  The reason he is on Earth is to find someone to go fishing with but doesn't tell Yuki why fishing is important for Haru's mission.  Sadly Yuki and Haru are very clueless about fishing so they go to the bait shop and run into one of their other classmates named Natsuki Usami who is an expert fisherman to the point where he has the nickname "The Fishing Prince".  Yuki and Haru ask Natsuki to teach them to fish and thus begins our adventure in what I like to call "Fishing With the Alien" (a title that parodies the classic album "Surfing With the Alien" by Joe Satriani).  Did I forget to mention that Haru is also being watched by an investigator with a pet duck (like the Men In Black but with a duck) called Duck?  Looks like Haru is going to need a bigger boat.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

DVD Review: Daily Lives of High School Boys (2012)

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Daily Lives of High School Boys is an animated comedy series about a group of ordinary boys who go to an ordinary all-boys high school.  The main characters in this mundane show are:  Tadakumi who is the more serious one that has a part time job working at a pizza place and despite being one the major characters he is often cut out of skits due to being "uninteresting" (don't worry, it's only an ongoing joke).  Hidenori is the more cheeky one who likes to mess around with his friends and likes to read on the riverbank while waiting for his friends to get off their job and is often stalked by a girl with long black hair.  Yoshitake is the delinquent of the group with blond hair and also likes to play around although he is kind of an idiot.  While not at school they are always hanging around at each others houses either playing video games, using their imaginations to come up with real life role playing games or just stealing their sisters panties and wearing them on their head while they wear their bras under their shirts... yeah maybe this show isn't as mundane as I thought. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Beast & Kaiser play Saints Row the Third (Part 6)

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Kaiser and Beast spread chaos in Steelport City one final time!