Anime Review: Nekomonogatari Black (2012) DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack

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"Nekomonogatari Black" is an supernatural action show and is also the next volume of the "Bake/Nisemonogatari" series. This series is also a prequel series that takes place the year before Bakemonogatari. The show starts off with a less mature Araragi (a human that's also part vampire) talking with his youngest sister about how he has a crush on a girl that he has dubbed "Ms. H". After a long and awkward conversation they conclude that what Araragi is feeling is lust and not love as he only likes "Ms. H" for her "appealing breasts". Araragi leaves the house and runs into Hanekawa and notices that she has a bandage on her head due to her step-father beating her. Araragi wants to help but Hanekawa refuses to let him help and even begs him not to tell anyone.  Later that night while walking home he spots a weird cat girl in her underwear draining energy out of people. Araragi confronts this cat lady only to get his butt whooped and left in a puddle of his own blood and if it wasn't for his abilities he'd be dead. Araragi wakes up at Oshino's place (a dude in a Hawaiian shirt that battles demons) only to find out that the cat lady was Hanekawa possessed by a cat spirit and now they must find a way to stop the Cat Demon and save Hanekawa. Will Araragi track Hanekawa down and sent the Cat Demon to the dog pound? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Fuck With: Contra Hard Corps (Sega Genesis)

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We get decimated.

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 14)

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Playin more Titan Quest with Swingle again.

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 104

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It's a podcast!  Listen to it!  After the jump!

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 103

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Sorry about this one being late!  Had to edit something really dumb out.  Special thanks to Balzak for some assistance.

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 2)

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I renamed the soldiers, then go on my second mission. I couldnt change gender or nationality. So chose to named most of the female players after youtubers I like, but havent met yet.

DVD Review: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (2012)

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"Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero" is a very sexy animated modern day fantasy comedy series.  The show starts off with a hero named Akatsuki whom is trying to break out of the land of Alayzard and flee to a dimensional gate that will take him to Earth.  Akatsuki's trip isn't going to be easy as there is an army of maids trying to stop him from reaching the portal.  Akatsuki manages to stop the army of maids by pulling off his quick moves to steal all of their underpants and thus freezing them with humiliation.  Turns out Akatsuki isn't only a hero but is also a pervert (a very dangerous combination in my opinion).  Akatsuki manages to make it to the portal and make it to his apartment on Earth.  Akatsuki didn't come alone as in his bag that he took with him he smuggled a huge breasted girl with pink hair named Myuu in which he is the guardian of due to him keeping her fathers dying wish.  Now the two of them are pretending to be brother and sister so that no one will be suspicious of them and report them to the land of Alayzard.  They also go to a school where they gain two female friends named Chikage (the spunky teenager who is also the token anime lesbian), and Kuzuha (the token little pre-teen that has skipped several grades due to being smart).  Three girls teaming up with a perverted hero?  Well this isn't going to go well...  For the girls that is.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Jackson 5ive (Five) - The Complete Collection (1971 - 1973)

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"Jackson 5ive (AKA Jackson Five) - The Complete Collection" is an animated musical comedy series based on the band "The Jackson Five".  The show itself is about the fictitious life of the Jackson Five band. All of the Jackson Five are all here as you get Michael, Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie and we see them go on crazy adventures, foil criminals, fighting over girls, and re-telling classic fairy tales and all in time right before they're late for all their big gigs.  We also see new original characters appearing in this show like Rosie (a very friendly snake whom also happens to be pink with odd colored eyes), and Ray and Charles (two pet mice who like to help the Jacksons get out of some very dangerous (no pun intended) situations).  So get ready as we are in for a show that's more exciting than learning your ABC's, 123's, and Doh-Re-Mi's.  HOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL (that's the only time I'm making that reference in this review and I want it out as soon as possible).  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Pokemon Season Sixteen, Collection One - B&W: Adventures in Unova Collection One (2013)

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"Pokémon Season Sixteen, Collection One" (AKA Pokémon B&W (Black and White): Adventures in Unova Collection One) is a show about the adventures of a boy named Ash Ketchum and his loyal Pokémon named Pikachu.  After collecting all of the badges he needed, Ash is now eligible to enter the Unova Pokémon League to where he must battle against other great trainers to win a load of respect and a huge trophy.  After going through the tournament battling trainers he decides to travel around Unova a bit more with his friends Iris (a female with hair that looks like a Pokémon who travels with her Pokémon, Axew) and Cilan (A Pokémon Connoisseur).  While on their journey they run into a mysterious person named "N" who says that he is a friend to all Pokémon and that he can hear their "inner thoughts".  N is also in danger as a terrible group of Pokepirates named Team Plasma is after him to use his unique ability to summon something terrifying so it's up to N and Ash to put a stop to them and save Unova (and possibly the world) from danger.  Will Ash save the world...  Again?  Only time will tell.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 1)

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I am playing the "X-Com - Enemy Within" drinking-game. This one is from my own design, the rules are as follows: