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MCC/TNR Wrestling Federation

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Giana Sisters 2D - (PC Steam 2015)

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Introducing a New Show about Stuff

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ULTS! is the result of many of events which probably don't interest anyone, but the summation being that you the viewer get a quickshot of pickups delivered on a more regular basis. I want to get this stuff out somehow. Don't fret as I am also throwing in some more recent stuff too.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. I'm having a weird moment with the word stuff right now.

Failure to launch on Vectrex Virgin

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While I do have a set of things I want to say during the intro to these videos, the playthroughs are off the muff, though I do try to improv some corny puns. Unfortunately this is the case where things explode in your face. Don't worry, I try harder next time.

Of course, we have a version for the mobile-centric and desktop centric-viewer again this time.



Just Another Way to Store Loose GBA Carts

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I'll admit; this very quick tip isn't for everyone. The purpose of videos in this series is to provide useful tips to people who want to preserve their collectible videogame goodies, provide information on lesser known items of interest, and talk about the state of the game market. If this video doesn't suit you, I recommend checking out others in the playlist here.

Quake 1 - Qreate Mod

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Want Garry's Mod level control over Quake 1?

Download the Qreate Mod for Quake 1:

Tiger Claw Radio # 185 - Dumb Spinny Things

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My Fallout 4 Settlements

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Tiger Claw Radio #184 - Karate Dance Groove

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