VAG: Vides of Acquired Games 11 27 2016

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Beholder - PC/Steam (2016)

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                Did you like the fast passed tension of Papers, Please? Beholder is a game about spying on tenants of a rundown apartment building and like in Papers, Please, you enforce dystopian policy in an oppressive society.. but in a fun way! Beholder is weird, slow and all black and brown, but the sneaking is fun and the characters are awesome.

                Once the game has begun, mechanically everything feels like a point and click game as opposed to the matching fast passed puzzle mechanics of “Papers, Please”. If I were to compare Beholder to Papers, Please, I would say if Sierra released Papers, Please in 1993 for PC, it would look like Beholder.

The interface is...

Monday Night Morrowind Returns

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After a year of hiatus, Monday Night Morrowind returns for at the very least a three week run. Enjoy!

Quake 1 - The Dopefish Easter Egg

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Bomberman Parties

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 I went through a very dark period a few years ago.  The kind of deep seeded depression where you truly do not care if you live or die.  Don’t worry though I’ve made it through to the other end.  There was one friend that was there and made sure I was getting out of the house and being around people when I needed it the most.  At the time I had a big collection of soft modded Xboxes loaded with emulators.  One of those Xboxes was the main feature at a lot of get togethers.

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 118

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It's a new Mondo Cool Cast friends.  The recording is fucked and Mecha Meance is really low energy and hard to hear.  You're probably not missing much anyways.  ;)  Download pls.

CF Plays DoDonpachi on Steam

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From The Vault: Jerry Terrifying VS Local Competitor

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DASS X: Episode X

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DASS 9: 2 Nervous Dudes, 1 Cup

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