DVD Review: Transformers Prime - Season One (2010 - 2011)

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"Transformers Prime - Season One" is an computer generated animation action series and yet another adaptation of "The Transformers".  This series starts off with two Autobots (the goodies) named RC and Cliffjumper whom are searching a lonely desert for some much needed Energon (the stuff that fuels Transformers).  Cliffjumper finds some Energon but isn't alone as Cliffjumper is ambushed by some Decepticons (the baddies).  Cliffjumper fights hard but not enough as he is captured by the Decipticons and gets himself brutally murdered by none other than Starscream.  RC is upset and takes cover in a town only for a teenage boy named Jack who was trying to ride her.  That's not the bad part as the bad part is that some of the Decepticons have followed RC and thus she is forced to run off with Jack on her back.  Sadly this means that RC has revealed her true form to a human making this war much more dangerous as there are now humans involved.  Jack isn't the only human to get dragged in as his friends named Miko and Raf get involved due to witnessing a huge battle between Bumblebee (an Autobot) and some generic Decepticon goons.  The children are taken to Autobot HQ for protection and thus we meet the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime.  Optimus explains the history of the war and why the Decepticons are such a threat to the Universe.  Meanwhile back at Decepticon HQ we find Megatron (Decepticon's leader) experimenting with a new form of Energon that will change the face of the war all in the Decpticon's favor.  Will the Autobots save the day and bring Earth to peace?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 5)

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I play moar X-Com Drunk mode for reasons. Also it is a dark day in the X-Com Task Force...

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS Session 6

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The warriors rest in the town of Oblivion and plan their next move...

RPG Brigadecast Episode 4 - Talkin with AJ Pickett aka the Mighty Gluestick

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I sit down with AJ Pickett aka the Mighty Gluestick and we chat about tabletop roleplaying games.

Steam Game Review: Project D Online (2014)

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"Project D" is an massive online multi-player science fiction fantasy game (that's a mouthful) for the good ol' PC.  In this game you take a role of a character of your own creation who is on a fantasy like world with huge and scary looking creatures.  You do not come unprepared as you have an arsenal of many different weapons and items to help you start your journey.  What ia your journey you ask?  You are a gun for hire and are willing to do any job you can take to earn some cash and experience points.  Your jobs will include simple tasks like collecting clothes, defeating small monsters, and talking to people.  Not all tasks are simple as there are some really tough missions that includes: Beating giant bosses, retrieving items from heavily guarded buildings, and more.  So gear up as we are entering the world of Project D.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #137 - Sickness and Overwatch

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The Overwatch trailer, Flight stick games, Buyers remorse general. All this and more on this week's Tiger Claw Radio! This week featuring Darabka sitting in for a brief segment to tell us about Blizzards first new franchise in 25 years.

Deathmaze - Action Hero Fighter One Shot

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Who will survie the Deathmaze?

D&D 5th Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 3

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The party continues to explore what the dragon cult is up too now.

Deathmaze Teaser Trailer

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Will you survive the Deathmaze?

Steam Game Review: Life of Pixel (2014)

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"Life of Pixel" is an retro inspired platformer game for the PC.  This game has you playing as Pixel the pixel who is feeling very sad and alone in this cold world where 3D rules the gaming scene.  While on a walk we see Pixel coming across a museum for old and defunct gaming consoles.  Pixel feels at home here and now his goal is to travel through the consoles of old from the "Atari 2600 (1977)" to the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System/ Super Family Computer (1990)" until he has beaten them all.  It's an adventure that Pixel is sure to remember as being some of his greatest days of all time but will it be yours also?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).