DVD Review: Campione! (2012)

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"Campione" is an animated romantic action series about a boy named Godou Kusanagi whom travels to Italy as part of a request to return a stone tablet to it's rightful owner. Not long after stepping into Italy he is held up at knife-point by a Blondie beauty named Erica Blandelli and she wants the slab. Lucky for Godou a huge giant being known as a "Rogue God" attacks Italy. After the battle he starts to travel to his destination and then he is met with a mysterious stranger saying that the stone tablet is meant for him.  Godou makes it to his destination and meets up with a mysterious horny woman named Lucretia Zola.  Godou tells Lucretia about the mysterious person he met only for her to tell him that the mysterious stranger was a God and that she agrees that the stone tablet is meant for him. Later that night he tries to socialize with Erica (in a clean way) only to find that she doesn't like him but shortly after they are caught in a storm where they see two Gods about to collide in battle.  Erica tries to calm them down but is then caught up in the battle only for Godou to get dragged in also.  Erica and Godou battle the Gods and in typical anime fashion we see convenience kick in when the stone tablet activating giving Godou power.  Godou manages to not only defeat the Gods but he also earned a rank of "Campione" which ranks him up to king like status.  Godou returns to Japan but only to see that Erica has also traveled to Japan as she has developed strong feelings for him.  Erica isn't the only one after his heart as there are quite a few female teammates that are also after his heart leaving you with a classic case of "Haremitus", AKA "Harem Comedy Action Show" (I should make that an anime series of my own). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: From the New World Volume One (2012)

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"From the New World Volume One" is an animated drama series about Japan one-thousand years in the future where we have a group of kids that attend a special school for children with psychic powers. The group of children this show is focused on are named : Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun and they all got their powers at a young age. Children with psychic powers isn't the only thing different about the future as it is also in a bit of an apocalyptic state as all of the buildings and technology we all know and love (really love) are all in ruins.  Humanity is doing a very hard job at re-building itself from the ground up to where Japan looks like a mixture of Japan from the past and from the present. Some of the animal life has also evolved to where we have Giant Crabs, Snakes that have Bird Beaks, and grotesque creatures that are half-man and half-rat named Monster Rats.

On school break we see the kids going out on a trip to the mountains in order to look for creatures that they have heard from urban legends. When they reach the mountain they end up finding the creature they were looking for pretty quickly and learn that it is a very smart creature and it answers all of their questions and that's including the very dark past of people with psychic powers. Not too long after they are met with a Monk who tells them off and temporally seals up their powers due for them breaking a law about dealing with certain creatures. While the Monk is guiding them back to their equipment they get caught up in a war between two tribes of Monster Rat's who will stop at nothing until one of the tribes is wiped out. If only they could predict that coming. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #125 - Return to Action

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Tiger Claw Radio has returned for another run! This episode features Critical Failure, Alex Swingle and Darabka with the music of Pink Guy. Discussions include Warhammer Space Marine, Dota's knock offs and Game engine optimization goofs.

Download the episode from the podomatic page here.

DVD Review: The Familiar of Zero Season One (2006)

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"The Familiar of Zero Season One" is an animated fantasy comedy series about a witch named Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere (that's a mouthful plus spare change), AKA Louise the Zero whom attends a very high class magic school lead by a dirty minded old wizard named Osmond (who I dubbed Gandolph the Pervert). The reason why she is nicknamed "Louise the Zero" is because she has zero talent in magic and every time she tries to cast a spell she just ends up making things explode leaving her the laughing stock of the entire school. On one beautiful day each student in her class has to summon up a familiar that will help guide them through life. Some students summon giant moles, tiny frogs, adorable puddy cats, and even a huge-ass dragon but Louise summons something special and that thing is a human teenager from Japan named Saito Hiraga. Now Saito is the familiar of Zero... I mean Louise and boy does she give him a hard time by making him sleep in the corner and making him wash her underpants everyday... Actually Saito really seems to enjoy the underpants washing.  Saito isn't only getting attention from Louise as her big-breasted, tanned skin, pretty faced classmate, Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst (another long name that makes my mouth tired just by looking at it) has her eyes set on him and will do anything it takes for her to get Saito to make hot jungle love to her. All this and more in this magical season. Wizards only, fools! (Yes that was an Adventure Time reference). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Castle Wolfenstien (MS-DOS)

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This is Castle Wolfenstein. Originally for the Apple, this is the DOS port. Actually for an early DOS game, this is really good. Take a look.

Blu-Ray Review: Medaka Box - Season One (2012)

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"Medaka Box Season One" is an animated action comedy series about a girl named Medaka Kurokami. On the first day of the new school year we have Medaka get elected Student Council President and swears that she'll fix every problem that the students have.  Medeka sets up a suggestion box and fulfills any request left in there and her first quest is to scare off a gang of delinquents that are hanging out in the Kendo Club building.  Medeka doesn't tackle her missions alone as she has her childhood friend named Zenkichi Hitoyoshi fighting alongside with her. Once that whole quest is over she hires Hitoyoshi to be part of the Student Council to which he accepts her offer. Now they have a new goal which is to gain more members for the Student Council while completing all of the request that are left in the suggestion box. Some adventures you will see our heroes in include: Trying to return a pet dog, starting a swim meet so the swimming pool can get more use, trying to stop a student corrupted with power, plus more in this show about a not so normal teen-ager. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Transformers Cybertron Collection Two (2005)

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"Transformers Cybertron Collection Two" is the second half of the show "Transformers Cybertron" and is also the sixth (and final) volume of the "Unicron Trilogy". In this half of the show we see that the great black hole is getting even greater and the time to save the universe is running out fast. The Autobots and Decepticons are still battling over the Omega Lock and the Cyber Planet Keys with whomever obtaining them having some great power. Sadly neither the Autobots nor Decepticons get their hands on it, instead we have Starscream (who has gone rogue) get his hands of them and uses some of that power to make him a crown that makes Starscream not only huge power wise but also huge in size as well. Turns out that there is still hope for the Autobots as there is still one more key to be found on a planet named "Gigantion" but in order to get there they need to build a special device to get them to that planet. The reason why is due to that planet getting sucked into a worm hole and is now residing in another dimension. Can the Autobots travel beyond their dimension to grab the key so that they can stop the Decepticons and close up the black hole? I sure hope so as this story is giving me a headache. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The Dungeon of the Mad Dwarf (Session 2)

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Jake Hammerfall joins Scipio, Hawk and Sevaril into Ixmils Dungeon in order to exact revenge for his fallen brother Pete "Peep" Hammerfall, who was slain by Megaraptors.

Barkers D&D 5th edition One Shot!!! Part 2 - The Quickening

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The Heroes continue exploring the mysterious island.

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 3)

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Commander Beast continues to destroy beer and aliens!