Excitebike Challenge on NES

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Steam Game Review: Croixleur Sigma (2014)

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"Croixleur Sigma" is an arcade styled hack and slash, beat 'em up hybrid PC game about two girls named "Lucrezia Visconti" and "Francesca Storaro".  Both girls are of different classes as Lucrezia is a member of the Aristocrats while Francesca is a member of the Knights.  Both girls also happen to be childhood friends and they get along just like "The Odd Couple (1970 - 1975)" as Francesca takes her role very seriously, Lucrezia is a bit of a goof and likes to joke around and make other people feel uncomfortable and goes on about how she wants to take a bubble bath with Francesca.  While their personalities are very different we see that their skills in battle are equal as they are both quite skilled fighters that are nearly graduates of their school.  Before they can graduate they must go through a tough task called the "Adjuvant Trial" to which they both have to battle their way through a tower with evil monsters lurking about.  That's not all as they have to also beat the tower within a certain time limit and that makes Lucrezia and Francesca treat this task as more of a race to see who can reach the top of the tower first.  I wonder what kind of evil creatures live in this tower?  Will our heroes get rewarded greatly for completing their task?  Will Lucrezia and Francesca live to bathe again?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

Blu-Ray Review: Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One (2013 - 2014)

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"Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One" is an animated science fiction comedy series about a young boy named Morty and his grandfather named Rick.  Morty is just a simple boy that enjoys simple things, like going to school and idling over the girl he likes.  Rick is a genius scientist and inventor but while a smart dude he is also an alcoholic, likes to drag Morty into his crazy schemes, and is also a bit of a prick...  And that's why we love him.  Also in this show we have Jerry and Beth whom are Morty's constantly arguing parents, also Summer who is Morty's older sister who is a bit jealous of how Rick is always giving Morty attention...  Although she might regret that if she ever saw the hell Rick puts Morty through.  So join Rick and Morty as we see them go on many crazy and comedic adventures through space, time, and alternate space and uh... Alternate time.  Some example of what to expect in this first season includes:  Rick trying to convince Morty to smuggle contraband over inter-dimensional customs, Rick guiding Morty when trouble goes down in a theme park built inside of a homeless man, Rick and Morty trying to stop a hoard of infected people that all want Morty to mate with them,  Jerry's huge ego trip adventure on Pluto, Rick and Morty battling evil... I mean eviler versions of themselves, plus more.  So sit down, buckle up, and wubba lubba dub dub as this is Rick and Morty.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Parasite Dolls (2002 - 2003).

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"Parasite Dolls" is an animated science fiction action show set right in the heart of the AD Police universe where shows such as "Bubblegum Crisis (1987 - 1991)" and "AD Police (1990)" take place. This show is about a secret squad that the AD Police have that's sole purpose is to take out androids named "Boomers" that have gone rogue. In this squad we have a guy named Buzz whom is afraid of using guns due to something that has happened to him during a case in his past, his partner named Rod whom is an android/boomer himself, the young gun named Reiko whom has a bit of an itchy trigger finger, master computer hacker named Bill whom can crack his way into anything, and lastly we have Angel whom is a beautiful spy that goes deep undercover to help the squad score some information about the criminals they are pursuing. In this mini-series we will see our squad take on three different cases set over a seven to eight year period that covers everything from violence, sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll all in this futuristic noir style of detective tales in the same vein as "Blade Runner (1982)" or "Psycho-Pass (2012 -2013)" if you are a younger anime fan (I'm the one to talk as I'm pretty young myself). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio - Episode 132 - K-k-k-Kombo Breaker

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Our old friend Kaiser sits in on this week's episode of Tiger Claw Radio!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page

D&D 5th Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 2

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The group can barely rest after they are sent on another quest.

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS session 2

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The heroes reach the ruins of SLC, and something evil has been waiting for them. Basicly one of the craziest games I have ran for a while!

G.M Juce Interview

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I talk with GM Juce about RPG's.

Check out his stuff here:

Check out the RPG One Shot group here:

Blu-Ray Review: Accel World - Volume Two (2012)

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"Accel World - Volume Two" is an animated science fiction, action, drama series about a short fat boy named Haruyuki and his adventures in a game called "Brain Burst" (read my review of the "first volume" for a deeper understanding of Haruyuki and his role in Brain Burst). This volume starts off with a new school year and we see that Haruyuki and Takumu (one of Haruyuki's childhood friends) successfully install Brain Burst on Chiyuri's (Haruyuki's other childhood friend and is also Takumu's girlfriend) system. That's not all as there's also a new type of player that is starting to take over the entire world of Brain Burst and this has our heroes a bit scared due to this new type of player being a very dangerous foe. While bracing to protect their territory we see that our heroes will have to fight without the aid of Kuroyukihime (Haruyuki's girlfriend and leader of the group) as she'll be going on a school trip to Okinawa (real place in Japan) and won't be back for a little bit.  Kuroyukihime's departure has left the group vulnerable to attacks and that's exactly what happens as they are targeted by a new kid at school. This kid doesn't play by the rules as he uses illegal methods to not only winning online but he also uses illegal methods to beating his opponents offline too (danger, danger Will Robinson). How will our heroes defeat such a monster that plays this game? Also, how will Haruyuku live without his love? Will Kuroyukihime be safe on her trip? All these will be answered in this second half of Accel World. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The Dungeon of the Mad Dwarf (Session 3)

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The Heroes discuss how to fill a spiked pit with potatoes and run into trouble at the market.