Let's Play Talisman Digital (Part 1)

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The Gaming Beast, Alex Swingle and Retrokaiser compete to become the king of the world of Talisman, in the video-game adaptation of the classic fantasy board-game Talisman.

Doom Night 8 (Part 2)

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Kaiser, Swingle and Darabka continue the battle to become the ultimate Doom master. Also the Gaming Beast is starting to Beast Rage at a random player simply called "PLAYER" and other asshats.

Talkin with the Rouge DM

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Talking with the talented Rouge DM about RPG's and other stuff. Also doing some beer tasting.

Doom Night 8 (Part 1)

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Retrokaiser, Alex Swinge and the Gamingbeast compete to become the Doom Night 8 champion! Who will it be? Be prepared for DOOM!!

TCR Thanksgiving 2014 Round-Up

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A quick look back at the staggering holiday which brought TCR to it's knees.

Steam Game Review: The Sacred Tears TRUE (2014)

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"The Sacred Tears TRUE" is a fantasy role playing game where you take the role of  two thieves named Seil and Seana.  This game starts off with Seil and Seana robbing a museum and taking a valuable jewel, sadly they set off an alarm and guards go after them.  Seil and Seana battle their way out of the museum and trick the guards by throwing away a fake gem to make the guards think that they have given up and returned the jewel.  Sadly it turns out that Seil threw the real jewel instead of the fake one and thus they couldn't collect their pay for that mission.  Seil and Seana really needed the cash too as they can barely afford to buy food.  While on a trip to look at some gear they get called up to see their boss at the thieves guild.  Their boss isn't happy at them for messing up the mission but ultimately ends up forgiving them.  Not too long after their meeting they hear a true story of a rare item called a "Sacred Tear" and how it is sealed deep in a museum.  Now Seil is interested in breaking in and stealing this item so that him and Seana can become rich.  Before they can go and steal the tear they notice something rotten is going on with the guild and a mysterious group and so they need to put a stop to that first.  Will they succeed?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Steam Game Review: If My Heart Had Wings (2013)

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"If My Heart Had Wings" is a romantic drama visual novel for the PC.  This game starts off with a teenage boy named Aoi (I know that's typically a female name) whom is on his way to his new job that's at his old home town to which he hasn't been to in five years.  Seeing as he turned up early he decides to take the scenic route and stops by at a beautiful park full of windmills.  While at the park he runs into a girl in a wheelchair named Kotori.  Kotori is very upset and frustraed due to her being stuck there because of a flat tire (yikes).  Aoi wastes no time to help her out and after that he spends some time with her and walks her to the nearest convenience store.  Aoi had a good time and is hoping for some more good times when he turns up for his job.  Aoi's job is that he is a caretaker for a school dorm but he is in shock when he finds out that the dorm he is care taking is an all-girl dorm.  Aoi also happens to run into Kotori and is surprised that her personality is much more different there compared to the time he spent with her before.  After calming down and getting some rest he goes to school and is reunited with some old friends but that's not all as after searching around the school he wanders into a huge shed and finds a very beautiful girl.  Aoi becomes very interested as the beautiful girl is in a club called "The Soaring Club", in this club she is working on building a huge glider so she can fly through the sky.  Sadly there's a chance that the club may being forced to close down due to lack of members thus /Aoi decides to help her find new members.  Can they achieve their goal?  What else will happen in this story of love and flight?  What I mentioned was no more than a smidgen of what goes on in this story as a lot more happened in this story.  Is this visual novel worth getting past that point and enjoying the full story?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Spectre - MSDOS - 1991

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Steam Game Review: Rock Zombie (2014)

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"Rock Zombie" is a three-dimensional horror based beat 'em up game with a B-movie twist.  This game starts off with an all-girl rock band named "Rock Zombie" playing a live gig in front of a huge crowd.  During the guitar solo we notice something going wrong and that is a mysterious green mist has seeped into the concert hall turning all the crowd into flesh eating zombies.  Lucky enough the girls were safe on the stage because the ground was higher and so they manage to get away before the mist could get to them.  Now the girls are on a mission to find the source of the zombie outbreak and put a stop to it so the world can be safe from this horde of chaos.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Barkers D&D 5th edition One Shot!!! Part 5- Let's make more Footprints

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The group starts exploring the underground cavern and makes a shocking discovery...