PC Game Review: Desert Ashes (2014)

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Desert Ashes is a turn based strategy game that takes place in an alien universe, on an alien world, on an alien land, and is about two rival alien races that are at war with each other due to a fallout that happened in the past.  You take the role of the alien race called the Winged Crusade (sounds more like a team than an alien race), they don gold and red colors and look like birds.  The Winged Crusade gets a bright new rookie and you are lucky as the leader of the Winged Crusade sees a lot of potential with the rookie and teaches the rookie the ways of becoming a great soldier.  The Winged Crusade's goal is to wipe out the other alien race named Landians (now that sounds like an alien race).  The Landian race have more of a squid look to them as they have pointy squid like heads, heck, some of them even have huge metal tentacles.  The Landians won't go down to the Winged Crusade without putting up a fight and so it won't be an easy task for either side to win.  How will this war unfold? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Make it Indie! (2015)

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Make it Indie is an FMV (full motion video) game that has you playing as a game developer that is trying to make the next big indie game.  You have only a week to complete your masterpiece and you can choose to spend that time any way you want as you can: Party with friends, play with your cat, go outside, or even work on the game itself (that last one is an important one).  The premise of the game sounds simple enough but will this game be a nice hidden gem?  Or will this game be some cruel twist of irony to where this game feels like it was made in a week just to snatch up your dollar?  I doubt it'll be anything that malice but we will find out after the jump.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Old Software Found in SimCopter Box

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Tiger Claw Radio #143 - Memorial Day Bail Out

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TCR Memorial Day Special featuring Alex Swingle, Darabka & Kaiser from The Next Round.

Blu-Ray Review: Attack on Titan Collection Two (2013)

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"Attack on Titan Collection Two" contains the second half of the first season of the sci-fi action show, Attack on Titan.  This show is about a group of youths that are part of a military, set on wiping out giant humanoid looking creatures named Titans.  One of the young youths named Eren just happens to have the ability to transform into one (you'll find out why from watching the first volume).  The rest of the military are scared out of their mind, so they put Eren though a very tough trial to decide if he is a threat to the human race or a weapon that can be used to fight back against the Titans.  After a very harsh and brutal trial we see that Eren is now a member of an elite group of hunters that risk their butts everyday to spot and fight Titans that lurk too close to the borders.  Sound the horns, release the hounds, and let the hunt begin (note: there are no hounds, horns, or horny hounds in this show but there is a hunt).  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Doom Night 8 (Part 5)

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Swingle, Kaiser and your one only Gaming Beast continue to blast each other to hell and #rage about it. Well Darabka does most of the raging.

Liverounds Episode #2 - Superman discussion

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Where AJ Picket, Rufus the Man and your one and only Gaming Beast discuss the man of steel himself Superman!!!

PC Game Review: Angels of Fasaria RPG (2014)

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Angels of Fasaria RPG is a role playing game set in a fantasy world, you play as a priest that just had a divine encounter with an angel, the angel tells you of a great evil named the Dominion's Order and that they are already conquering the entire world.  You waste no time and go to the king and tell him just what is up and then you are sent on a journey to another kingdom to find out more information.  What you learn are some deep secrets that were kept hidden from you since birth.  You return to the castle in your home town and find out that the castle has been taken over by the son of the king that lives in a rival kingdom.  You do battle with him and learn even more deeper secrets that were kept hidden from you.  Your journey doesn't end there as now you have to clear all of the members of the Dominion's Order and they are scattered across four lands.  Once they are all defeated, worldwide peace will be gained.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #142 - Zelda 2, Harvester and More

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This week: Discussing PC greats and not-so-greats like Harvester, and classic side scrolling action RPGs.