Blu-Ray Review: Porco Rosso (1992)

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Porco Rosso is an animated film about a plane flying pig named Porco who used to be human but ended up getting cursed and it turned him into a pig.  Porco also happens to be a bounty hunter whom often protect cruise ships from a gang of pirates who like to steal gold and take hostages.  While Porco isn't flying his plane or battling pirates he likes to stop by at his favorite bar and hang out with his dear old friends.  One night at the bar while watching his friend Gina sing he is introduced to an American pilot named Curtis.  Porco has a bad feeling about the guy and then it cuts to the next day with Porco tuning into the radio to hear the pirates challenging him.  Porco takes off in his plane only to run into none other than Curtis.  After getting into a dogfight with Curtis we see Porco's plane getting shot to shreds and he ends up in Italy where he hopes in getting his plane fixed.  Porco knows the right person to go to and gives his old friend named Mr. Piccolo a visit.  Fixing his plane is not going to be cheap as it is at the point where they might as well build a new plane altogether.  Mr. Piccolo introduces Porco to the person that will be working on his plane and that person is none other than Mr. Piccolo's granddaughter named Fio.  Will Porco get his ride working and get out of Italy?  Will he take revenge on Curtis?  Will Porco ever be human again?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Retrokaiser talks anime with Shintai and Cendoo.

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Blu-Ray Review: Adventure Time: the Complete First Season (2010)

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Adventure Time is an animated adventure comedy series about a twelve year old human boy named Finn and his brother Jake the Dog whom both live in a treehouse.  The two of them just love going on adventures and saving people from disaster and peril. They are also friends with several princesses like Princess Bubblegum whom is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom and is one of their closest friends (if not, closets). Deep in the snowy mountains we have the evil, nasty ruler of the Ice Kingdom named The Ice King... Well he really isn't evil per se but he does have an uncontrollable urge to constantly kidnap princesses until he has found his perfect match or matches. Unfortunately all the other princesses think he is an awfully creepy guy and when he does kidnap one it's up to Finn and Jake to save the day. That's not the only they do in this show as during the season you will see them: Trying to cure Jake after he gets "The Lumps" from being bitten by Lumpy Space Princess, Battling home stealing vampires, Jake teaching Finn about how the ocean is nothing to fear, going through tough trials to obtain a book called: "The Enchiridion", and hiring zombies to do their adventuring for them while they sit down and eat ice cream. All this and many more exciting adventures all in this one little blu-ray disc (it's also available on DVD). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Regular Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons (2010)

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Regular Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons is a collection of the first forty episodes of a show called "Regular Show".  This show is about a tall blue Jaybird named Mordecai and a short brown Raccoon named Rigby who are both broke and decide to go look for a job to earn a living.  They end up getting a job working at a park ran by a giant talking lollipop man named Pops.  Mordecai and Rigby aren't exactly the best employees out there as they goof off all the time and their supervisor Benson (who is a living gumball machine) always gets mad at them and tells them off constantly.  Mordecai and Rigby also find themselves in very bizarre situations like: Summoning flesh-eating zombies during a horror movie screening at a graveyard, defending the park from some very annoying unicorns, going around the park with a magical keyboard that makes Mordecai and Rigby corrupt with power, Mordecai and Rigby being followed around by a Beholder (just like the Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons), and Rigby getting sprayed by a wereskunk while scooping up roadkill.  This show is anything but regular.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Gaming Beast and Alex Swingle talk about stuff

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Gaming Beast and Alex Swingle talk about stuff!!

The Arcade at Disney Quest

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Good times. Wish I shot a little more though.

Blu-Ray Review: Red Vs. Blue Season 11 (2013)

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Red Vs. Blue Season Eleven has our two favorite teams of bumbling space marines back for some more action.  After the events of season ten we have Red Team (lead by Sarge) and Blue Team (lead by the newly appointed Agent Washington) on their way back home to finally get some rest.  Unfortunately their flight was disastrous and crashes into an unknown planet.  This planet also conveniently has a red base and a blue base in which both teams rest in with Red Team staying at the red base and Blue team staying at the blue base (I probably didn't need to explain that last part) while they wait for help.  While waiting things fall apart quickly as Simmons and Griff (of the Red Team) are at each others necks a lot more than usual as Sarge has claimed most of the base for himself leaving Griff and Simmons sharing a little room.  Sarge also builds a robot to help around in the base but is disappointed with how it turns out.  Tucker (of the Blue Team) is forced to train by Agent Washington which Tucker isn't a fan of whatsoever.  Caboose is... Well he is just being Caboose and is getting on everybodys nerves and annoying them.  Things seem to become worse when there are a group of unknown soldiers that are spying on them and these guys don't look like friendly folk.  Will someone come to save them?  Are these soldiers friend or foe?  Will Griff and Simmons ever get a bigger room? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Action Hero Fighter Session 2 - Power Force II - Get to tha Island!!!

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Jujuan Gamboa and Magnum Poundstone battle a force of Superhuman proportions!!!

Playing Sega with my boy

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Playing some Sega with my four-year-old.

Blu-Ray Review: RWBY Volume 1 (2013)

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RWBY (Red White Black Yellow) is an 3D animated science fiction action comedy series about a group of students training to be huntress' at Beacon Academy.  That's the short version of the story and now for the long version (that sounded cheesy and phoned in).  This show starts off with a robbery in progress and the burglars want some diamond looking things.  The burglars also try to take hostages but they picked the wrong girl to mess with.  The girl I speak off is a little cutie in red named Ruby Rose and all she wants to do is listen to music.  She gets interrupted by the burglars but Ruby doesn't let them steal stuff and pulls out a gigantic scythe and kicks their butts.  The leader of the group of burglars runs off but Ruby won't let him get away and so she chases after him.  The leader manages to make it to a get away helicopter with a mysterious figure protecting him.  The mysterious figure begins to fire at Ruby but from out of nowhere a huntress appears to deflect the attack.  The bad guys get away and Ruby gets taken away to custody where the huntress scolds her for messing with bad guys so carelessly.  It's not all bad as she is met with Professor Ozpin who finds her skills to be very impressive and ends up making Ruby skip two grades of school so now she is training at a school called Beacon Academy. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 2 Collection (2012)

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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season Two (AKA Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II) is the exciting follow-up season of this sci-fi action comedy show.  Picking up from right where season one ends (don't worry this synopses doesn't really spoil anything about the first season if you haven't seen it) where we see the United Kingdom invade Japan in a very chaotic battle that takes place across a whole city.  The UK arsenal is really insane as we see baseball players (yes you read right.  Baseball players) throwing balls and hitting back projectiles with their bats, poets creating weapons with the words they use, we see fat women that can make gravity heavier, and we even see angry swimmers on their side.  The defending side (Japan) is just as insane with their all-nude leader, Tori who's goal is to collect all pieces of The Deadly Sins whom he wants to use the power to restore all the emotions to his girlfriend named Horizon.  Tori's army is full of even more crazy recruits which include: werewolves, lesbian witches with wings, fan-fiction writers who also create weapons with their words, Tori's sister who is also nude (what kind of family is this?.. I'm not complaining), and their teacher who fights with a mech that has gigantic guns and breasts.  The two countries fight and their battle ends in a chase which ends with Japan crashing their ship into the shores of England.  Both nations end up coming to a neutral agreement and decide to throw a festival to which they can both challenge each other to a duel.  If that doesn't sound crazy enough we also have the Spanish Armada who are also planning on attacking both the United Kingdom and Japan very soon.  How will this exciting war turn out?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 97 Holiday Special

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Last minute Holiday special plagued with technical problems!  We have a huge amount of guests on the show plucked from the Mondo Coolmunity!  If I didn't invite you it's probably because I'm a dickhead!  If everyone enjoys this we just might do it again next year, not at the last minute and with more audience participation.  Perhaps I'll start a thread in the forum and use some Facebooks to make sure everyone that wants to participate can participate.

Download and listen after the jump.

Gaming Beast and friends celebrate New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!

DVD Review: Princess Knight Part Two (1967 - 1968)

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Princess Knight Part Two is the final collection of this series containing the final twenty-six episodes.  This show is about a princess named "Princess Knight" who must live her life pretending to be a boy instead of a girl as they need to keep her identity a secret due to a law stating that a woman can't rule the throne.  There are some very nasty people who are after the throne and are trying to find proof that she is a girl so they can expose her for what she is.  Late one night we see the king writing out a new law to where a woman can rule the throne but right as he is done he gets attacked and the document with the new law on it gets destroyed.  The King gets declared deceased and Prince Knight (Princess Knight's name for when she is in public) must take over the role as king.  While at the crowning ceremony the evil Duke (The King's brother) finds proof and exposes her.  Due to the old law still being around they must send Princess Knight and The Queen to a terrible tower where they must stay for the rest of their lives.  Back at the castle Duke continues the crowning ceremony and gives the crown to the next person in line which just happens to be his son "Prince Plastic".  Shortly after the Duke uses his evil ways to cause nothing but bad to the people like taking away all their money and locking up people who mentions Princess Knight.  Back at the tower we have Princess Knight getting very frustrated that her people are being treated like dirt and manages to find a way out of her cell.  She goes under a disguise and changes her name to the "Phantom Knight" so the tower guards won't think that she had escaped and take it out on her mother.  Now the Princess fights to protect her people and find a way to get the evil Duke away from the throne so that her people can live in peace.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).