Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 97 Holiday Special

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, January 3, 2014 4 comments

Last minute Holiday special plagued with technical problems!  We have a huge amount of guests on the show plucked from the Mondo Coolmunity!  If I didn't invite you it's probably because I'm a dickhead!  If everyone enjoys this we just might do it again next year, not at the last minute and with more audience participation.  Perhaps I'll start a thread in the forum and use some Facebooks to make sure everyone that wants to participate can participate.

Download and listen after the jump.
This episode is just shy of six hours long.  Are you macho enough to handle nearly six hours of Mondo Cool Cast?  Get ready to hear me tell like 12 people the same shit.

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DeathAdder83 said...

Well, other than cringing in the corner for 20 minutes while I listened to myself talk about how I use to have a Luigi fetish as a small child, this was a pretty epic podcast! It was great to hear all of the silent voices from the Mondo Coolmmunity, from the dark horse of the group Jacked For Mac, all the way to everybody's favorite Mondo Cool LEGEND The Real XX Tubby XX! The Mondo Coolmmunity is a 10 out of 10, would bang!

mechaMenace said...

I love your talk about the Genesis versions around 1h 41m; however, the definitive version of a Genesis is a model 2 VA 4 motherboard with a CCAM audio mod. The VA4 model 2s offer the cleanest and most vibrant video. Their sound is not as good as a model 1 high definition; however, the CCAM mod makes the sound output even better than the HD model 1.

Check out this awesome forum thread, comparing all models (even non-US makes):

mechaMenace said...

In regards to the talk about Genesis vs SNES Maximum Carnage versions: go back an play the Sega version. It plays at a much smoother rate with no lag. On the SNES version, at times, it feels laggy like moving through water. Gameplay-wise Sega wins, but graphics and sound are richer on the SNES. Both suck for the reason you can't play co-op if you have a friend or family member around who wants to play. Come on...keep those 16 bit wars going... ;)

Balzak802 said...

Just finished listening to the podcast and boy was it a good Christmas/New Year/Holiday special. Holiday cleaning was actually bearable thanks to it.

It was pretty great listening to a whole bunch of familiar voices again. Especially xxTubbyxx which we have not heard since the podcast you recorded with him almost 4 years ago. Hope you can have everyone back again for regular episodes once in a while.

As for my response to JackForwardMac, my name actually came from the main villain’s name in the Dreamcast game Guts Rage. Checked into that band you thought my name was from and was not my jam but hey, it makes me feel better than everybody else now that I know my name is used for a band.

Still really eerie though hearing my name being brought up a couple of times in the podcast as the Jerry Terrifying Biographer. I will gladly hold that title. However Jerry, the reason I know so much is because you are the most bizarre/anti heroic/evil internet personality I have listened to so a lot of these stories do stick because most podcasters cannot pull off all these stories without either sounding fake or them reading it from a news article. These stories also stick out because you were actually there causing the mayhem in your crazy tales whereas others would just have a reaction to a crazy story they have just heard about but not actually have experienced it. Can’t wait to hear those horrible stories you will tell in 10 years about what you did during your depressing state of mind to record to future generations.

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