Blu-Ray Review: Adventure Time: the Complete First Season (2010)

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Adventure Time is an animated adventure comedy series about a twelve year old human boy named Finn and his brother Jake the Dog whom both live in a treehouse.  The two of them just love going on adventures and saving people from disaster and peril. They are also friends with several princesses like Princess Bubblegum whom is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom and is one of their closest friends (if not, closets). Deep in the snowy mountains we have the evil, nasty ruler of the Ice Kingdom named The Ice King... Well he really isn't evil per se but he does have an uncontrollable urge to constantly kidnap princesses until he has found his perfect match or matches. Unfortunately all the other princesses think he is an awfully creepy guy and when he does kidnap one it's up to Finn and Jake to save the day. That's not the only they do in this show as during the season you will see them: Trying to cure Jake after he gets "The Lumps" from being bitten by Lumpy Space Princess, Battling home stealing vampires, Jake teaching Finn about how the ocean is nothing to fear, going through tough trials to obtain a book called: "The Enchiridion", and hiring zombies to do their adventuring for them while they sit down and eat ice cream. All this and many more exciting adventures all in this one little blu-ray disc (it's also available on DVD). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The stories in this show are episodic but some stories do join up to make miniature story arcs in later episodes.  The storytelling in this show is great most of the time but like most shows you will get some flat episodes.  Good thing is that when the show is flat it isn't terrible but you will find yourselves talking with your friends until the next episode comes on.  I really enjoyed the comedy in this one and one of the reasons why is because of me being a "Dungeons & Dragons" player and I found their references clever.  I also like how the comedy in this has something for everyone to where the children will find the childish nature of the characters funny and there are jokes that only adults will get and they will find them funny... Actually I also enjoyed the childish jokes as much as the adult jokes.  The action is also really fun and especially when it's mixed in with a great adventure themed episode.  Speaking of adventuring you will find that this show has a whole bunch of it (well it is "Adventure" Time after all) and this show treats it very well and you will get very excited at some of the places they travel to.  Unlike what you would see while watching this show on Cartoon Network all these episodes are in there uncut form which is great as they cut out some of the best parts on television (well they do in Australia at least).

I absolutely love the characters in this show as they were very charming, funny, and have great personalities.  You'll even find all the minor characters and villains very lovable.  You will find yourselves loving the villains even more than the heroes half the time as they are even more charming and funny to the point where you can't and won't hate them at all.

Artwork in this show has a really nice 1994 Saturday morning look that's full of basic but very nice looking characters and backgrounds that are full of nice bright colors. This show also has some Dungeons and Dragons mixed with post-apocalyptic background designs that is sure to give some dungeonmasters some pretty neat ideas for their future games. The voice cast pull off the characters really well and ends up having a very memorable sound.  Music in this show uses a variety of different electronic sounds including: House, Techno, Dubsep, and even Chiptune. You will also get some Rock and Folk music in the soundtrack too and it sounds pretty good and fits with the show's atmosphere very appropriately.

There are quite a bit of special features in this set that includes: Audio commentaries on the episodes: Trouble in Lumpy Space, Prisoners of Love, Tree Trunks, and Ricardo the Heart Guy.  There are also some animatic versions of Slumber Party Panic, The Enchiridion, Dungeon, and Rainy Day Daydream and they also have audio commentary tracks over them.  You also get some documentaries which includes one on the music, a bizarre studio tour that has a little Finn running around trying to kill everyone, a making-of of that documentary of the studio tour with a little Finn running around trying to kill everyone, a montage of fan artwork and cosplay, you also have a music video and an extra bonus mini-episode about Finn and Jake playing with a magical farting wand.  While there are a decent amount of features in this set I found most of them to be fairly average.  My favorite ones are the animatics as you get some very good information from the commentary and you also have some differences between them and the finished* episode which were very interesting. The music video I also enjoyed as I like how they transitioned the cartoon to real life and I also the bonus mini-episode.

Overall this is a really fun show that both grown-ups, children, and dungeon masters will enjoy.  You'll find yourself watching this again and again until the disc will run no more.  A real modern day classic.

Title: Adventure Time: The Complete First Season
Animation Studio: Frederator Studios, Cartoon Network Studios
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Children
Running Time: 286 minutes (26 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (
Rating: PG (Mild crude humor, Animated violence, Coarse language)
Price: $34.95
Recommended: Yes

*Note: I wanted to use "Finnished" instead of "Finished" but I found that joke too dumb to use in the end.


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