Blu-Ray Review: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 2 Collection (2012)

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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season Two (AKA Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II) is the exciting follow-up season of this sci-fi action comedy show.  Picking up from right where season one ends (don't worry this synopses doesn't really spoil anything about the first season if you haven't seen it) where we see the United Kingdom invade Japan in a very chaotic battle that takes place across a whole city.  The UK arsenal is really insane as we see baseball players (yes you read right.  Baseball players) throwing balls and hitting back projectiles with their bats, poets creating weapons with the words they use, we see fat women that can make gravity heavier, and we even see angry swimmers on their side.  The defending side (Japan) is just as insane with their all-nude leader, Tori who's goal is to collect all pieces of The Deadly Sins whom he wants to use the power to restore all the emotions to his girlfriend named Horizon.  Tori's army is full of even more crazy recruits which include: werewolves, lesbian witches with wings, fan-fiction writers who also create weapons with their words, Tori's sister who is also nude (what kind of family is this?.. I'm not complaining), and their teacher who fights with a mech that has gigantic guns and breasts.  The two countries fight and their battle ends in a chase which ends with Japan crashing their ship into the shores of England.  Both nations end up coming to a neutral agreement and decide to throw a festival to which they can both challenge each other to a duel.  If that doesn't sound crazy enough we also have the Spanish Armada who are also planning on attacking both the United Kingdom and Japan very soon.  How will this exciting war turn out?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

I really do like how this show just kicks right off from where season one ends as it keeps the high energy feeling of the show going on.  It also avoids having the awkward "re-introduction" episodes which are just plain silly doing those when the second (and beyond) seasons are so close to each other as it's like they (the production companys) are treating us like idiots.  On the other hand it could be for people tuning into the show for the first time and their first episode is not from season one... I'm starting to go off topic now so let's get back on track.  Just like the first season the story in this one is fun but not for those who don't like stories that make no sense what so ever.  This show is also full of some great action which is the main reason why you'd be watching this show.  There's so much action in fact that the whole show nearly feels like one big long action scene.  The action is very exciting with some really fun fights that don't drag on forever.

A problem I have with this show is the same reason why I like this show and that is how it is full of non-stop action.  The reason why it is also a problem as well as a positive is that there is so much going on that you will find yourself being distracted too much by the action and will end up being confused on what's going on with the show's main storyline.  Characters in this show feel like that they are heavily inspired by all the different classes you would find in RPG's (Role playing game) which I enjoy and especially since that I'm a huge fan of games like "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Yu-Gi-Oh!".  While I do enjoy them they are also very stereotypical and some of them are also very generic and some may be considered offensive as you have a big fat stereotypical nerd who likes under aged girls and a main hero who is always naked.  So if you are a fan of serious shows then you won't like this show at all.

Artwork looks really nice and clean but the character designs can get onto some peoples nerves as everybody (both women and men) are way overly sexualized to where they all look like porn stars.  I'm normally the one to like attractive characters in shows (not to sound shallow but I'm just perverted) but it was way too over-the-top even for me.  Locations are really beautiful in this show with nice lush greenery and very grand looking cities.  Animation is very decent and I didn't see anything bad with it at all.  English dub is good but not great as while they do suit the characters well I did find some of the voices to be annoying although it isn't anything that bad that it'll make you turn off the show.  Soundtrack in this one is quite forgettable and all the action taking place will also distract you from paying attention to the music.

There is a very nice amount of special features in this set which includes: Teaser trailers, television ads that aired in Japan, episodes two to four of "Far East History Lecture" (episode one was in the season one collection) where we learn a bit of history about the universe this show is set in which are presented in RPG styled text screens.  They were very good segments but I do recommend you watch them after you've finished the show.  Finally you have text-less opening and closing credit sequences which were all fun to re-visit.  All the special features are Japanese dubbed with English subtitles so for those who watch English dubs only won't appreciate these as much.

Overall this show is crazy, non-sensical, confusing, and I love it.  Sure that may sound like a bad way to end the review on but it's really something you have to see to understand.  However I must recommend that you watch the first season before watching this as this isn't a show where you can just jump into at any given time.  If you end up disliking this show I can understand why as while I did enjoy this I wouldn't recommend it to everybody as the fans of serious shows will hate this.

Title: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 2 Collection
Animation/Production Studio: Sunrise
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Running Time: 325 minutes (13 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (
Rating: M15+ (Sexual references, Animated nudity, Violence)
Price: $59.95
Recommended: Yes (However watching Season 1 is necessary before jumping into this season).


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