Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 8)

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We discuss stuff as we slay more monsters.

Critical Failure plays Doom on Nightmare

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Critical Failure plays Doom on Nightmare difficulty and sees how far he can get. This is notoriously hard, so lets see how far he gets.

Atari Combat

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Combat is an awesome Atari game.

Virtual Warriors Episode 6: Guts VS Dante REMATCH!

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I got a different Dante, so I decided to do the first rematch on Virtual Warriors. Can Guts from Berzerk defeat this Dante too? Or will he fail to do so? Only one way to find out.

Virtual Warriors Episode 5: Guts VS Dante

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Guts the berzerker swordmaster Vs Dante the demonslaying mercenary, face off in the arena of Virtual Warriors! Shintai joins me on this one!

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Album Review: Crosses - Crosses (2014)

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That's right folks, it is time for the third edition of "Kaiser Records: Written Edition" (even though this is the first time I am using that title for my written music reviews). On this edition we will be taking a look at the debut self titled album from the band "Crosses". So far I have been reviewing albums song for song but this review is one of the few cases where I'll be reviewing the album as a whole. What did I think of it? Find out after the jump. (Click "Read More" to read the review).

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 7)

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In the name of Zeus! Alex and Darabka continue their neverending quest to battle the evil hordes of evil.

DVD Review: Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe Complete Series Collection (1996 - 2012)

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Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe Complete Series Collection (very long title indeed) is a collection that includes: All three seasons of the Rurouni Kenshin TV series (1996 - 1998) (also was known as Samurai X while it was airing in English speaking countries back in the day), Rurouni Kenshin: The Movie (1997), Trust and Betrayal (1999), Reflections (2001), and New Kyoto Arc (2011 - 2012).  That's every animated television series and movies this series has (as of this date).  The reason why I used "animated" is because this series sadly excludes the live action movie from the year "2012". 

The show (season one of the TV show) is about a wanderer named Kenshin who is a former soldier of the Imperial Army.  He was a very fierce fighter that slayed a lot of people which earned him the title "Batosai, The Man Slayer".  Now he is a very nice and peaceful person who dislikes violence and likes to wander around Japan to find him some inner peace.  One day he strolls into a town where he spots a huge warrior whom is using Kenshin's title to scare people.  Shortly after, a young woman named Kaoru comes out whom is after the huge man as he is using her family's sword style to kill people which is bringing shame to her dojo.  Back at Kaoru's dojo they decide to find a way to stop this impostor from causing more harm.  After they put a stop to him (sorry for spoiler there) they face another problem as there is an assassin out there that wants Kenshin to kill again and goes to very dirty methods to bring the killer back out from Kenshin.  Will Kenshin kill again? (Click "Read More" to read the full review of this colossus sized box set).

Blu-Ray Review: Little Busters! Season One Part One (2012 - 2013)

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Little Busters Season One Part One is the first half of the first season of a show called "Little Busters" (not to sound like a "Krang" there where I end a sentence with the same wording I used to start a sentence).  The show is about a high-school student named Kyousuke Natsume who returns to school after searching all over Japan for a job but was unsuccessful.  Once he is back he reunites with all his childhood friends: Riki Naoe (the straight man of the group), Rin Natsume (Kyousuke's younger sister who is a bit shy), Masato Inohara (a dumb guy that always thinks of his muscles), and Kengo Miyazawa (A guy who's good with a kendo stick and is always getting into fights with Masato just for fun).  Together the group of friends are known as the "Little Busters", a group that will remind you of the old television show "The Little Rascals (1923 - 1942, 1994)"... You'll understand once you watch the show.  After Kyousuke's welcoming home party he announces that he wants to start up a baseball team for reasons that doesn't make sense to anyone else but him.  They come across two problems right away and those problems are: They aren't very good at it and they need nine members to start one up and as you can see they are down a few players.  Now they must find students that are willing to join their team before they can play ball.  I wonder how this will turn out?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

DVD Review: BTOOOM! (2012)

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Btooom is an explosive animated action show about a young twenty-something named Ryota Sakamoto who's a huge fan of a video game called "Btooom". Btooom is an online first-person deathmatch game that plays like a mixture of games from the "Call of Duty (2003 - ongoing)", "Halo (2001 - ongoing)" and "Bomberman (1983 - ongoing)" series where the players goal is to kill soldiers using nothing but bombs until one is left standing.  Ryota Sakamoto is not only a fan but he is also a top ten ranked player... IN THE WORLD!  He is also a bit of an asshole to where he treats his mother and step-father like dirt. While pursuing the top spot of Btooom we suddenly flash-forward to him waking up in a tree while attached to a parachute. Once he gets out of the tree he finds out that he is stranded on an island with barely any food and water.  Ryota Sakamoto isn't alone as he runs into another person but this person isn't so friendly and starts attacking him with bombs. Turns out that a whole bunch of people were selected to participate in a real life version of Btooom and now not only does he has to fight to survive but also kill enough people to gain his freedom. He isn't working alone as shortly after his first battle he teams up with a big breasted, blond haired high school girl named Himiko and a middle aged business man named Kiyoshi Taira. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the review).

Beastcast 49 - Game of Beasts

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WARNING!!!! We discuss Major MAJOR SPOILERS about the latest Game of Thrones episodes, Captain America:the Winter Soldier and Agents of Shield. Watch those before listening to this. You have been warned!!!

In the longest Beastcast sofar, Lucifers Laywers and me sit down and chat about the latest in Game of Thrones, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Agents of Shield and lots of other stuff.

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DVD Review: AKB0048 (2012)

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AKB0048 is an animated sci-fi drama about a time where entertainment (like music, games, ETC.) are banned across the galaxy with only a few planets that are allowed to have entertainment. On the planet Lancastar four young girls are on there way to a secret concert to where AKB0048 (a futuristic version of the real life band "AKB48") are performing. After sneaking around trying to avoid the "Entertainment Police" (not their official name but that's what I am going to call them) the four young girls make their way to the concert and witness the greatest thing they have ever seen. After the show the girls are inspired to try to become pop-idols and make it into AKB0048 when they are older. Only a few short years later we see that the three young girls are now teenagers (they lost contact with one of them), some have made it into high school, others are busy with their day jobs at steel factories. One afternoon the girls find out that AKB0048 are holding auditions so the three girls jump on that opportunity right away and start practising their dancing and singing. Not too long after the girls get a nice surprise and find out that they have made it past the first stage of the auditions and are invited to train at AKB0048's home base on planet Akibastar. They soon find out fairly quickly that it takes a lot more than singing and dancing to be in the band AKB0048 from their old friend (the fourth girl they lost contact with) as they also need to have combat skills to fight off the Entertainment Police as they are very strict about their "Anti-Entertainment Law" and they will go to extremes to make sure that their law is enforced. Who ever said being a pop-star was easy? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 99

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Mondo Cool Cast returns to the live format.  Now on Sundays!  Shintai and TheDevilBurning discuss video games with me.  You guys that only download the show missed some good after hours.

*CLOSED* We Without Wings Blu-Ray Giveaway (18+ Only)

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                                  Contest is now over and the winner will be contacted very soon.

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 6)

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Gaming Beast and Alex Swingle have fun doing the hack and slash kinda thing.

Beastcast 48 - Talkin with Hannu "The Hande" Mäkinen

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Chatting with the awesome Hannu "The Hande" Mäkinen about all kind of nerdy topics, such as european comics, Bud Spencer/Terrence Hill films and videogame movies.

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Ahnuld recommends the GamingBeast

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Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 5)

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Alex Swingle and Darabka continue to slaughter satyrs and shoot the shit.

Album Review: I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved (2014)

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After a seven year break-up "I Killed The Prom Queen" are back with their third studio album titled "Beloved".  Now in case you are wondering, no this isn't the original line-up with an all-new vocalist, bassist and drummer.  Now will this comeback album be successful?  Or will this all be for nothing?  Find out after the jump to find out.  (Click "Read More" to read the full article).

Beastcast 47 - Not some Ripped of Pirate Jag!

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I talk about a new Schedule for Gaming Beast content, Superhero movies, Neo Scavanger and Beastpoints. What are Beastpoints? They are a new way to support me, the Gaming Beast.

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Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 4)

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Alex Swingle and the Gaming Beast slay more satyrs in ancient Greece!

Review: Secret Review #1 (April Fools Day Special 2014)

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Just copy and paste what's after the jump and have fun decoding!
Happy April Fools!