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Classic L337.
Shintai.  Youtube and Mondo Cool Cast.Com!
911Bonez.  Youtube.
Gamester81.  Youtube.
Nathan.  Morton's List Creator.
Brad Jones.  The Cinema Snob.
JerryTerrifying. and youtube
SinisterMoon.  Youtube.
Atarix777. On youtube and at The New Net.
Mark B. Classic Game Room. The Website and the Youtube channel.
Gooch and the Dooshebag's Podcast and Youtube channel.
Stray 13. Banned from the video store.
Andy Blyth. Patriot Cast.
MN12Bird. Youtube.
Critical Failure. Tiger Claw TV.
Lorenzo Contreras. AKA The Real xXTubbyXx.
Sebastiaan Barneveld The Half Blind Gamer.
Cyril Lachel of Defunct Games