KNN: Hanabee Goes On A Fishing Trip With The Latest Announcement From Supanova Perth 2013

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Another Supanova Expo, another awesome anime announcement from Hanabee, another episode of Kaiser News Network.  Hi, James Kaiser here and this is KNN.  Hanabee has announced that they will be releasing the fishing anime "Tsuritama".  From the director of "C for Control" (Kaiser's review can be found here: and from the animation company "A-1 Pictures" that brought us anime like " Fractale" (Kaiser's review of Fractale can be found here: comes the anime that's all about a boy living the dream of wanting to be a fisherman.  That sounds like a fairly simple concept and I really am looking forward to watching this one as sometimes the most simplest of shows can be the best kind of shows.  Yeah, yeah there is more to it I know and you can read what the show is about in much better detail after the jump.  The series is set to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 4th 2013.  You can expect a review of the show sometime after it's release right here on Mondo Cool.  I'm James Kaiser and that was KNN.  (Click "Read More" for a much more detailed description of the show).

Pay Per View Review: WWE Payback 2013 (2013)

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Hey ho, James T. Kaiser here trying something new.  As you all know I'm a huge fan of wrestling and have been since an early age.  Now this article isn't going to be a life story so I'll skip to the part where I talk about the new monthly (or bi-monthly depending on the month) column about me reviewing wrestling pay per views that I spent my hard earned money on.  Instead of using my typical methods of reviewing products I will be talking about each match with detail which you will see by clicking "Read More".  But for now I'm just going to blabber on a little bit about useless knowledge so if you don't want to read that I suggest you skip ahead to the review right now. 

Anyway this whole idea of reviewing pay per views started when I simply decided to order at least one pay per view a month and figured I might get a bit more out of my money if I sat down and reviewed them.  Now the reason why it'll be mainly one a month is because the wrestling company I mainly watch, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) always has a monthly pay per view but on some occasions you may see two a month as TNA (Total Non-stop Action) has a pay per view every three months and some months you might not see a review at all for some reason or another.  One last thing I want to say in this boring part of the article is that for the first time in ages I busted out my VCR.  Nope you aren't going blind as you did indeed see the magical letters of "V", "C", and "R" all together to form VCR.  Now why on Earth did I need to do that when I could just simply record this with a DVR or DVD Recorder?  Well for some odd reason those things get blocked out by the channels copy protection and oddly enough the VCR can get past it with ease.  Am I promoting piracy?  Nope... At least I hope what I'm doing isn't considered piracy?  It'll sure as all hell make it more difficult to review if I didn't tape it that's for sure.  What if I had to run to the shops and miss a match or two?  That's when taping it comes in handy as I can just re-watch those parts I missed.  A good thing I did tape this as there was a point during the pay per view where I was busy for a few matches so thank goodness for old technology.  Anyway I have rambled enough so let's get into what went on during WWE Payback 2013.

Beastcast 40 - Beast of Steel

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Talking about Man of Steel and talking about the good and bad points. Is this the dawn of the DC Movieverse? Download and player after the bump!

The New Heroes of Thair (D&D) Session 3

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Mungore, Goro and Daeron investigate what lurks in the sewers of Ashlea. And uncover secrets they might have not suspected.

Joining us in this Quest in the Land of Thair is:
-Critical Failre as Daeron the Elf Cleric
-Jerry Terryfying as Mungore the Human Barbarian
-Shintai as Goro the Half-Orc Monk

KNN: Madman Entertainment Announces More For Reel Anime 2013.

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I'm James Kaiser and this is KNN.  Tonight on KNN we have some announcements from Madman Entertainment regarding their film festival Reel Anime 2013.  The press release is in full detail after the jump.  If you are too lazy to do so, the list of films that will be airing will be right on the next paragraph.  But first we'll refresh you on what Reel Anime is.  Reel Anime is a big movie festival that air in select cinemas in Australia and New Zealand.  This is a good way to watch all the new and classic anime like you've never seen them before and it's also a good way for Oztakus (Australian otakus) to socialize.
The films that are announced for Reel Anime 2013 so far are:
A Letter To Momo (Production I.G.)
Evangelion 3.0 (Studio Khara / Gainax)
009 Re:Cyborg (Production I.G.)
Berserk Movie 2: The Battle For Doldrey (Studio 4C)
- You can check out the review to film 1 right here:
Expect Reel Anime 2013 to hit select cinemas from July 7.  I'm James Kaiser and that was tonight's edition of KNN.  (Click "Read More" for the much detailed version from Madman themselves).

KNN (Kaiser's News Network): Hannabee Anounces Some Kick Butt Releases from Supernova Sydney 2013.

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Tonight on KNN we hear about some very kick ass announcements from Hanabee that took place at the Supernova Expo, Sydney 2013.  I'm James Kaiser and this is KNN.  The first of these announcements is probably one of the biggest anime releases of the year with Hanabee announcing that they will be releasing the classic "Revolutionary Girl Utena" in three volumes and will be hitting the stores on, September 18 2013 (volume one), October 16 2013 (volume two), and November 20 2013 (volume three).  All three volumes will come in a very nice looking box and will come with books that will have some very nice content in them.  Moving on to the second announcement where we have a comedy series called "Daily Lives of High School Boys" that is from the same director that brought us shows like, School Rumble, and Gintama.  This release is set to hit shelves on July 31 2013 (that's not far away) and it will include all twelve episodes and a bonus OVA for your pleasure.  The last release that Hanabee announced is another big one that also celebrates this series 40th anniversary.  The show I'm on about is "Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine" and will be released in two volumes with volume one hitting shelves October 16 2013, and volume two will be released November 20 2013.   There will also be a limited edition combo hardcover book that's sure to please you guys.  That's it for this edition of KNN and for more info on the products you can go to the Hanabee site at, and you can also click "Read More" to read on what these shows.  Anyway, I'm James Kaiser and thank you for tuning into KNN.  (Info on shows after the jump).

DVD Review: Eagleheart Season 1 (2011)

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Eagleheart is a comedy cop show about a marshal named Chris Monsanto (played by Chris Elliott) that gets assigned two new partners named Susie Wagner who the a strong, smart, levelheaded one of the group (played by Maria Thayer), and Brett Mobley, the dumb one that everybody uses (played by Brett Gelmaan) after his last partner tragically died on a mission by jumping into an airplane propeller from trying to do a leap frog kick.  Wanting to avenge the death of his former partner he goes to kill the mob boss that he was after on that mission but he just can't do it as the mob boss he wanted to kill has suffered brain damage from an explosion and now has the mind of a four year old child.  Chris feels bad so he helps him rehabilitate so he can kill him when his brain damage has healed.  This is just one example of how crazy this show can get with insanity that will make you go "well that doesn't make sense" and "this is batshit insane" and that's the reason why this show is awesome.  Other crazy things that our heroes go through is, fighting sky crime, busting a cocaine dealing puppet maker, beating evil twins, finding out secrets about the Chinese that changes the way we think of the world, and much much more in these crazy nonsensical hard boiled action packed episodes of Eagleheart. (Click "Read More" for full article).

Virtual Warriors Episode 4: Godzilla VS Justice League

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The King of Monsters faces of against DC comics legendary Superteam. Who will win?

DVD Review: Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule Seasons 1 & 2 (2010 - 2012)

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"A shark on whisky is mighty risky, a shark on beer is a beer engineer".  That was a poem by Space Ghost but anyway it's time to review Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule.  This show is a spin-off from "Tim & Eric's Awesome Show Great Job" and it is poking fun at public access TV and those cheesy documentary video tapes your teacher put on back in grade three (kids who didn't go to school during the 80s - 2003 wouldn't know what I'm on about).  Hosted by a crazy doctor named Steve Brule (played by John C. Reiley) covering very strong topics such as health, sex, family, and even death.  Every episode you will see him quote poems (like what I did at the start of the review) and film on location at places like, the zoo, the local puppet theatre, casinos, and the local gay bar.  Dr. Brule also has special guests on every episode that includes Steve's family members like his dear old mother that always tells disturbing things about Steve's past,  the channel 5 married news team Jan and Wayne Skylar (played by Tim and Eric) with Steve constantly trying to pick up Jan, and other doctors that never seem to get on with Steve as he is always jealous of them.  The show always ends with Steve doing a recap and telling the audience what he learned from the experiences he had during the show.  (Click "Read More" to see full review).

Beastcast 39 - These Are My Guns

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Talking about itstailtime, man of steel, the future of the DC cinematic Universe and more nerdy stuff! For your health! Download and player after the bump!

Hiiro No Kakera Season One is a supernatural drama and contains the story arc called the Tamayori Princess Saga.  The show starts off with a high school girl named Tamaki Kasuga taking a bus to her grandmother's house where she is going to live.  She arrives early and decides to walk down a path for some sightseeing.  On her way down the path she sees a little creature that looks like a ghost that sort of resembles a Puyo (from Puyo Pop, Kirby's Avalanche, Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and many more titles) but it runs off and then she gets surrounded by big black one-eyed monsters that have goo coming out of them.  Tamaki freaks out but gets lucky as the person that was suppose to guide her to the house who is named Takuma Onizaki shows up and tells her what they are.  Turns out what she saw were gods that are freaking out because they are scared of her.  Takuma hands her a seal and asks her to recite a spell that will drive them away back to their homes.  Tamaki pulls it off and beats the big black one eyed monsters and then Takuma guides her to her grandmothers house.  Tamaki's grandmother explains to her that the reason why Tamaki is living there is because she is the next tamayori princess and that she'll also have four guardians called the five guardians (I don't get it either) protecting her.  The guardians are: Takuma Onizaki (the same guy who helped her beat off the big black one eyed monsters),  Mahiro Atori (short dude with a temper), Yuuichi Komura (guy with white hair that can sleep at will), and Shinji Inukai (a very shy guy that cooks).  They also have another job and that's to protect the five artifacts that if stolen could cause the end of the world and it wouldn't be an anime if there wasn't a group of bad dudes trying to steal them would it?  Yes there are bad dudes trying to steal family jewels to cause chaos if you didn't catch my drift from the previous sentence.

DVD Review: Nisemonogatari Part 1 [Limited Edition] (2012)

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Nisemonogatari part one (aka volume one) is the first half of the sequel series to Bakemonogatari.  This volume has our favorite mundane ex-vampire Koyomi Araragi helping out his friends with supernatural problems.  This time he finds himself in a situation that leaves him chained to a bunch of school supplies by that good old crazy bitch of a girlfriend (I mean that in a loveable way).  We then go back in time to see what lead up to our hero getting into some extreme S&M action.  The flashback starts off with Koyomi getting invited by Nadeko Sengoku to go see her at her house (you will remember her for being the girl with the snake curse from Bakemonogatari part 2) and before he goes he has a nice conversation with one of his younger sisters about his other younger sister.  On his way to Nadeko's place he bumps into Mayoi Hachikuji (the wandering spirit from Bakemonogatari part 1) and plays around for a little bit.  Koyomi finally makes it to Nadeko's house and what a site he sees as she is dressed up in a very skimpy outfit that she picked just for him.  This scene is quite funny as she is trying to seduce him by trying to play some games that involve him touching her very tenderly.  Sadly the time she has with him is cut short as her parents turn up with them unaware that she has a boy in the house.  Nadeko panics and kicks Koyomi out of the house to avoid getting in trouble.  Koyomi then goes to visit Suruga Kanbaru (girl with the monkey paw curse from Bakemonogatari Part 1) and man is she perverted making him feel very nervous.  Koyomi has enough of visiting friends for the day and starts to head home but right outside of Suruga's gate is a very creepy looking man asking about the people who live there.  Moments later he runs into Hitagi Senjogahara (his girlfriend) and mentions him somewhere in the conversation and then something unexpected happened, Hitagi became terrified and knocks him out and ties him up.  Who is this creepy man?  Why is Hitagi so afraid of him? 

Gaming Beast plays Marvel Heroes Beta (Part 4, rest after the bump)

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The mighty Thor continues to smash the heads of AIM mooks.

Blu-Ray Review: Bleach the Movie #4 - Hell Verse (2010) (Bleach Week 2013 Special: Day 5 FINAL)

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It's Friday, Friday, got another Bleach review on a Friday! Damn that sounded very wankerish but anyway it's time for the final installment of Bleach Week 2013 and we are closing it with a bang... Well not really as it's more of a sizzle but one heck of a sizzle if you catch my bad pun.  That's right baby, we are closing it off with a review of the fourth film in the Bleach movie series titled "Hell Verse".  Hell Verse starts off with Ichigo and his two younger sisters saying goodbye to their dad because he is going to a doctors conference and won't be back until the next day.  While Ichigo is wrapping up school the building gets attacked by unseen foes until he gets into soul reaper mode to see who is attacking the school.  What they see is a bunch of men with masks, cloaks and chains that are trying to gain his attention (all that's missing is them going "Oh hello sailor").  They manage to knock the mask off of one guy and then the gates of Hell open with a big giant skeletal hand wielding a giant scythe comes out and grabs the now mask-less attacker and drags him back to Hell.  While the other men are stunned about the sudden loss they aren't worried about losing the battle as their mission is completed. (Click "Read More" for full article).

Blu-Ray Review: Bleach the Movie #3 - Fade To Black (2008) (Bleach Week 2013 Special: Day 4)

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Oh baby it's Thursday, my second least favorite day of the week (with Sunday being my most hated day of the week due to nothing good being on TV).  Thank goodness this Thursday doesn't suck as it's time for the next part of Bleach Week 2013 with a review of the third film titled "Fade To Black" and no it's not based on that Metallica song of the same name (a great metal song by the way).  Bleach: Fade To Black starts off with Dr. Mayuri Kurotsuchi working in his lab located in the Soul Society, then from out of nowhere he gets attacked and loses his memory and because of this he goes crazy but not for long as he gets taken away to a place where he can calm down.  Meanwhile on the edge of town Rukia is on guard and then suddenly the attackers not only ambush her but also wipe out her memory and kidnap her.  Back on Earth we have Ichigo and Kon playing around with a letter that Rukia gave to them but then something odd happens to them as they seem to lose all memory of Rukia but regains it back fairly quickly because he read the letter that Ruikia gave him.  Ichigo goes to his friend Kisuke Urahara and explains what happened but is shocked when he sees that Kisuke has lost memory of her as well which has Ichigo mighty suspicious about the whole situation.  Ichigo travels to the Soul Society and sees that half of it is covered in a mysterious white substance (Spoiler: It's rock you sick bastards) so he goes to ask other soul reapers to find out on what went on but is instead attacked by them because they have no memory of him and think he is an intruder (sounds like a plot to a Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis, or Harrison Ford film if you ask me).  How will Ichigo fix this mess?  (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the article).

Burger Quest #2 : (Meat)Balls to the Walls (Bleach Week 2013 Special Day 3)

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Blu-Ray Review: Bleach the Movie #2 - The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007) (Bleach Week 2013 Special: Day 2)

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Tuesday is here, woo!  Time to kick off day two of Bleach Week with the second film in the series called The Diamond Dust Rebellion.  This film is about a group of soul reapers called Squad Ten that are sent on a mission from the Soul Society (the soul reapers main headquarters) to protect royalty that are transporting an ancient artifact to an unknown location.  The mission is a failure as a mysterious group of bandits attack them and steal the even more mysterious artifact.  Due to this incident the Soul Society aren't very happy and they arrest Squad Ten and charge them with treason as they think they took the artifact themselves.  The leader of the group Toshiro Hitsugaya has a strong hunch as to who took the artifact and runs off to find the thief.  We then go to Ichigo's house where Ichigo senses something disturbing and he ends up walking into the crime scene where other reapers are investigating.  Ichigo gets kicked out and ends up running into a very exhausted Toshiro and takes him back to his house and puts him in his bed.  Toshiro wakes up and Ichigo tries to get information out of him to find out what on earth is going on but Toshiro refuses to accept help from anybody and storms off with Ichigo chasing him leading to a battle between the two.  Ichigo gets knocked out and his friends find him passed out in the street like a drunken hobo.  Meanwhile back at the hall of justice (AKA Soul Society HQ) other reapers are investigating to help clear Toshiro's name and end up finding something interesting that cracks the case wide open.  One of them takes off to tell what he found but gets attacked by the guy who took the artifact and we find out that the guy who is doing it is someone from Toshiro's past.  The artifact thief and Toshiro eventually meet up with each other and then we see what horrors the artifact can create (not saying what it does cause I don't want to spoil it). (Click "Read More" to see the full article).

Blu-Ray Review: Bleach the Movie #1 - Memories of Nobody (2006) (Bleach Week 2013 Special, Day 1)

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Retrokaiser here welcoming you to my first ever series where I take a collection of films and release one review a day on a film from that series for a whole week.  This week I am going to go through all four Bleach movies... OK so it's not technically a full week but you get the picture.  So grab your seven-foot swords and horny teddy bears because we are kicking off Bleach Week with "Memories of Nobody (2008)".  Memories of Nobody is about two soul reapers (grim reapers) named Ichigo and Rukia who are out just doing their job helping spirits reach the afterlife and warding off corrupted souls called Hollows.  Their work day is going pretty well until they are called in for a job down town and are surprised to see a whole group of mystical beings that sort of look like KKK members having a birthday party.  They can't seem to figure out how to defeat these things until out of nowhere another soul reaper pops out of nowhere and wipes them all out with one big massive tornado attack.  Ichigo goes and reports this to his friends and then they do some research so they can find out who she really is.  Kon (Ichigo's teddy bear sidekick) swears he saw another warrior in the battle that makes this situation a lot more serious.  Ichigo goes out and runs back into the mystery female soul reaper over at a local market and she said she'll tell him anything he wants if he can catch her. Ichigo chases her all over the market that's full of stalls and random men stripping for television (don't ask).  Ichigo does end up catching her after she falls from a high place and they go hangout for awhile with her telling him what she knows.  While they are walking home they decide to visit a graveyard and get attacked by warriors in some very old looking armor and they want the girl so they can not only destroy the otherworld but the living worlds also.  I wonder how this will turn out? (Click "Read More" to see full article).