So I bought Pokemon Leaf Green on ebay. There were a few pokemon on the existing save so I took a few days migrating them over to my copy of Diamond before starting a new game. Why waste good pogeymans right?

So far I'm having a good time playing the remake. I could barely stand looking at Red and Blue after playing Gold and Silver. Such a shame that the leap from Diamond/Pearl from Leaf Green/Fire Red is so small. I think I'm going to try and complete m Diamond/Pearl Pokedex. That should take quite a while. At least I won't have to worry about dying batteries.

Played more of the cycling game and am starting to enjoy it. Still wish those little hearts weren't a part of the game. I guess I'm just way better at waggling my arms around than your average sack of fat potatoes that plays the Wii.

the archery is really fun and I'm getting better at it. Trying to aim you see how accurate the Wii Motion+ really is. It shows you every twitch your hand makes.

The Sword fighting is ok but it could have been way better. If someone's in a block stance they'll pretty much always block...even when I'm hacking at their legs and completely avoiding their sword. I should be able to thrust and stab and shit too. I'm a little disappointed with the sword fighting.

Dragon Ball Evolution wasn't as terrible as I had thought it would be. It was actually fun to watch! It didn't resemble Dragon Ball at all...but if you went into it expecting it to cause terrible brain tumors it was a fun action movie for kids. What I would have changed is the complete raping of "Oozaru Piccolo's minion!" That was just retarded and made no sense as to why they changed that.

Piccolo should have been Old for the first 3/4's of the movie and gotten his wish at the end to be "2,000" years younger so he could rule the world. That would have made it a lot more like Dragon Ball and not taken any extra screen time. Then instead of Goku transforming for the first time just let it be the first time he's seen a full moon and transforming instead of the mystical fate bullshit minion of Piccolo. Then you know let Goku learn to control it and use his Oozaru power to beat the shit out of know like in the comic and cartoon. Shit. Just a few minor tweaks could have saved the movie.

At least out of the 90 minute movie 60 minutes of it focuses on Bulma's cleavage, that was sweet. Rhoshi could have been much much more perverted. "Bikini Quarterly?" Come on we all know he'd have a couple copies of Juggs stashed all over the fucking place.

Also last night I picked up Wii Sports Resort. Mostly I just wanted to get the Wii Motion + and test it out before Red Steel comes out next year. There's a few sweet games that me and my girlfriend tried out. The cycling is ok but if you cycle to hard to long your guy stops and chugs some sports drink. LAME. I'm sure that they kept you from "working" to hard at the cycling so collosal fat ass kids don't explode their hearts from wiggling their arms around. But even when I try to pedal slowly my guy gets tired from me going to fast. What the hell?

Also right this minute I checked Amazon to see how much Mad World's going for and it's only $20 brand new! Mad World was the first game I've wanted for the Wii since Smash Bros came out like over a year ago. Awesome! I'm totally going to pick up Mad World.

Poor Sega...I wish their games sold better. At the same time though I only want to spend $20 on it. But that's because current gen games cost to God damn much and I don't want to spend more than $2o on any new game.

Got 150+ pogeymans on my Pokemon Silver cart so I could finally transfer them to Pokemon Stadium 2 for sake keeping. So now I've got all my Pokemons from Red, Yellow and Silver transfered to a more secure place. Hopefully preventing another tragedy like what happened with Gold. Damn it.

Now my other poke project is obtaining 999 pokemons with Diamond and transfering them to the My Pokemon Ranch to get that legit Mew. Man it's taking forever! But I'll keep catching those level 2 and 3 jerks.

Another thing I want to get is Wii Sports Resort...I really want to play the sword fighting and archery. The Wii's controller should have came like this in the first damn place. Oh well.

I went to the used game store in Fairborn looking for Pokemon Stadium 2 and they actually had it! I couldn't believe it was that easy. It was decently priced too. They also had Bust-a-move 2 for the Sega Saturn. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it had a great case, the manual and was only $6. Not bad.

I've been playing the fuck out of some Pokemon along side Demon's Souls. I'd downloaded My Pokemon Ranch from the Wii Ware store. It's basically just extra storage for pogeymans. But if you upload 999 pogeymans you get a Mew. A legitimate Mew! So I want it really bad. So I wanted to buy Pokemon Platinum so I'd have two games to upload pogeys from. I found out I can't do that though. There's an update for the Japanese version to allow you to do that but not yet in America. So boo.

I did however bid on a cheap copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. I also want to get Emerald. You can catch pogeys in the GBA games and transfer them over to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum which is pretty cool.

I also got Pokemon Stadium and a transfer pak for the N64. I want to transfer all of my Red/Blue/Yellow's to it. I might just try and get Pokemon Stadium 2 so I can upload all my Silver pogeys too. As you can see below I have no Gold Pogeys to save since they were all wiped out, along with my favorite pogeyman ever. Oh well.

Back to capturing a million weak crap-o-mons to fill up my Ranch.

Imported Demon's Souls. Man it is hard. I've died like ten million times all ready. Oh well! It's still fun though. I'm hackin and slashing dudes and demons and shit and it's great! I wanted to wait for the US version but well this import version costs the same it would have cost me at Wal Mart and it's several months early and I didn't have to get off my ass to get it. Sweet! I hope some people on my PSN get it too so we can have some co op demon slaying fun.

Remembering Fire Face

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, July 19, 2009 1 comments

Way back when I first got Pokemon I got the red version. It had a big bad ass dragon on the cover instead of a menacing turtle so the choice was obvious. Naturally when I got to chose my first pokemon I went straight for the fire type. An adorable Charmander. I blew through the game with my Charmander lovingly named Fire Face and raised him to be a mighty Charizard. I leveled him up to 100, traded him to Pokemon Yellow and taught him to fly and moved him to Silver then Yellow using his beastly abilities to help me beat the games.

One day I fired up my Pokemon Gold to work on catching them all, breeding and evolving some pogeymans. But my save was gone. Fuck! Fire Face was a proud father of two. I was working on raising a level 100 Charmander and Charmeleon...they were Fire Face's beloved sons. Wiped out by a dead battery. I did some googling and found out Gold and Silver have battery issues and that I wasn't the only one. I'm not sure how my Silver's doing as after that I was pissed at the tragic loss of Fire Face and his entire family. Fire Face was 8 when he died.

I had always wanted to get a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 to see Fire Face and his family in full 3D glory but alas their time in the Poke World was cut short by the ever ticking clock of Pokemon Gold and Silver.  I do own a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 now and have copied all the pokemon from all my gameboy carts over to it for safe keeping..  I still miss Fire Face.

Starting to work on Star Ocean Second Evolution. There's a lot of tiny changes that I really don't see the point of. I guess it's just because a different team of translators worked on it. Why change Heraldry to Symbology? Weird. And the town of Mars is now Marze. Playing it after First Departure is cool though, I can see just how much Claude is like his mother Ilia. I really do love the shit out of this game though. Definitely my favorite RPG.

Got ahold of Star Ocean for PSP, $11! Now I've got the first four, all complete! Also got Star Ocean Second Evolution! WOO! I do think I'm going to star Silent Hill Origins first though. That game looks pretty sweet.

Beat the final boss and watched the ending of Star Ocean First Departure. Sweet game. Of course I got a sucky ending and didn't see Ronix And Ilia get together which I'd been waiting for. I guess it's because I never used Ronix in battle, lame. But his bow and arrow fighting sucked and so I used Cyuss all the time. Oh well! I have an extra dungeon to go through though. So I might do that here in a minute after I get some food.

Got to the final boss in Star Ocean First Departure and man...did he whoop my ass. Looks like I do have to do some level grinding. All my characters are around level 60 and he KO'd three of them with his first move, then after some potions and spell casting to revive them, they KO'd again and it wasn't long before my ass was just beat. So I'm gonna do some grinding and beat the shit out of that jerk!

After Star Ocean I want to get into Silent Hill Origins. That's one of the games I was really looking forward to when I was first getting into the PSP scene. I was going to get into Star Ocean 3, which I all ready have a little bit, but I'm thinking of playing something a little different. Plus I fired it up to look at it and it looked amazing. I played to the first zombie fight and thought it was pretty cool.

Oh also today I registered a domain name for this blog. The name I wanted was taken so I had to use a .net name. Stale! But welcome to!

Just got my new PSP 3000. I like it! The Skype feature is kind of cool. I'm not sure if it offered free calls to real phones but I sure did call my cellhpone without it asking to add funds or anything. So I don't know...that's cool? It's so light! Compared to my humongous PSP 1000 which weighs a million tons. I'm still pissed my PSP 1000 started acting up...the UMD door keeps flying open every five seonds and I hate it. I'll never part with my PSP 1000...I love the little fella, its been with me on so many of my adventures.

I haven't noticed anything bad about the screen. Actually I don't notice much of a difference at all with the screen quality. I'm going to try it ouside though. I remember my PSP 1000 being useless in sunlight. So if I can use the 3000 outside while I'm pumping Iron in the backyard that'll be really cool. Now I won't be forced to use just the DS when I'm out there "gettin' my swole on."

Now that I've got this PSP 3000 I can finish playing Star Ocean First Departure. Which is's really a shame the UMD door started acting up right when I got to the final dungeon. Can't wait.

Made my first video game finds at a garage sale! And they were pretty dang good. First thing I found was a model 1 Genesis, the High Definition Graphics version for $20. Didn't buy it but it was cool seeing one. At that place they had Resident Evil 2, complete, and the discs were in perfect condition. Looks like it's never been played

The next place had five or so ps2 games. I picked up Dual Hearts and Shadow of Destiny. Pretty sure I'm just going to try and sell Dual Hearts... I might try it out, might not. Shadow of Destiny looked like it had a cool story so I picked it up. They were $3 each.

The last place I found games at had a ton of great stuff! I picked up Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario The Thousand-year Door for $5 each. Then I got Final Fantasy IX, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 3 and Phantasy Star 4 and Contra Hard Corps all for $3 a piece! Tales is all ready listed on Amazon haha! I've all ready got a copy I just picked it up to sell. Probably going to do the same with the Phantasy Star collection. I'll probably sell Final Fantasy IX too...I'm not huge on Final Fantasy. I'll give it a shot first but I probably won't have it for long.

All in all it was a pretty sweet day of garage saling.

Trying really hard to play Phantasy Star Online on a private server. It's looking like my Broadband adapter will go to waste. Son of a bitch. can't burn this enhanced version of the game. Can't use PSO version 1 with the BBA. It won't allow me to set up my internet settings. Just so much shit being a pain in the ass! I hope I get my shit going before too long.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is going well. Just beat some boss with jet engines and a head that looks like a flying electric killer whale. Only in Japan. It kind of reminded me of a pokemon! So I shot it with lasers in all of the strategically correct places and sent it to a watery grave!

Most people act like thisgame is a life changing experience. Even people that have played it for the first time recently seem to see the holy light. I'm well into disc 2, of 4, and haven't seen the light yet. I might need to hook the Saturn up to my dumpster TV that I found on the curb a few weeks ago as Saturn games look especially like shit on an HDTV. I'm generally not a graphics whore but seeing how clean and sharp it looks on youtube really makes me want to use my dumpster TV. I know that the videos on youtube or more than likely being played on an emulator making them much crisper but man...this LCDTV makes it look like a dog turd. I just don't think I have a Saturn RF adapter...I've just got S Video and RCA hook ups. Oh well.

While not seeing the holy light it is a really good game with great pacing and no filler sidequets. Which I appreciate. That's one of the biggest reasons I hate most RPGs. The hours of pointless item fetching quests that don't serve any other purpse than adding to the amount of hours of gameplay to give the illusion of "depth." It's interesting that this is the first RPG made by team Andromeda and that this si the first game in the series that isn't a rail shooter. MONDO COOL.