I've been playing the fuck out of some Pokemon along side Demon's Souls. I'd downloaded My Pokemon Ranch from the Wii Ware store. It's basically just extra storage for pogeymans. But if you upload 999 pogeymans you get a Mew. A legitimate Mew! So I want it really bad. So I wanted to buy Pokemon Platinum so I'd have two games to upload pogeys from. I found out I can't do that though. There's an update for the Japanese version to allow you to do that but not yet in America. So boo.

I did however bid on a cheap copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. I also want to get Emerald. You can catch pogeys in the GBA games and transfer them over to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum which is pretty cool.

I also got Pokemon Stadium and a transfer pak for the N64. I want to transfer all of my Red/Blue/Yellow's to it. I might just try and get Pokemon Stadium 2 so I can upload all my Silver pogeys too. As you can see below I have no Gold Pogeys to save since they were all wiped out, along with my favorite pogeyman ever. Oh well.

Back to capturing a million weak crap-o-mons to fill up my Ranch.


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