Panzer Dragoon Saga is going well. Just beat some boss with jet engines and a head that looks like a flying electric killer whale. Only in Japan. It kind of reminded me of a pokemon! So I shot it with lasers in all of the strategically correct places and sent it to a watery grave!

Most people act like thisgame is a life changing experience. Even people that have played it for the first time recently seem to see the holy light. I'm well into disc 2, of 4, and haven't seen the light yet. I might need to hook the Saturn up to my dumpster TV that I found on the curb a few weeks ago as Saturn games look especially like shit on an HDTV. I'm generally not a graphics whore but seeing how clean and sharp it looks on youtube really makes me want to use my dumpster TV. I know that the videos on youtube or more than likely being played on an emulator making them much crisper but man...this LCDTV makes it look like a dog turd. I just don't think I have a Saturn RF adapter...I've just got S Video and RCA hook ups. Oh well.

While not seeing the holy light it is a really good game with great pacing and no filler sidequets. Which I appreciate. That's one of the biggest reasons I hate most RPGs. The hours of pointless item fetching quests that don't serve any other purpse than adding to the amount of hours of gameplay to give the illusion of "depth." It's interesting that this is the first RPG made by team Andromeda and that this si the first game in the series that isn't a rail shooter. MONDO COOL.


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