Dragon Ball Evolution wasn't as terrible as I had thought it would be. It was actually fun to watch! It didn't resemble Dragon Ball at all...but if you went into it expecting it to cause terrible brain tumors it was a fun action movie for kids. What I would have changed is the complete raping of "Oozaru Piccolo's minion!" That was just retarded and made no sense as to why they changed that.

Piccolo should have been Old for the first 3/4's of the movie and gotten his wish at the end to be "2,000" years younger so he could rule the world. That would have made it a lot more like Dragon Ball and not taken any extra screen time. Then instead of Goku transforming for the first time just let it be the first time he's seen a full moon and transforming instead of the mystical fate bullshit minion of Piccolo. Then you know let Goku learn to control it and use his Oozaru power to beat the shit out of Piccolo...you know like in the comic and cartoon. Shit. Just a few minor tweaks could have saved the movie.

At least out of the 90 minute movie 60 minutes of it focuses on Bulma's cleavage, that was sweet. Rhoshi could have been much much more perverted. "Bikini Quarterly?" Come on we all know he'd have a couple copies of Juggs stashed all over the fucking place.

Also last night I picked up Wii Sports Resort. Mostly I just wanted to get the Wii Motion + and test it out before Red Steel comes out next year. There's a few sweet games that me and my girlfriend tried out. The cycling is ok but if you cycle to hard to long your guy stops and chugs some sports drink. LAME. I'm sure that they kept you from "working" to hard at the cycling so collosal fat ass kids don't explode their hearts from wiggling their arms around. But even when I try to pedal slowly my guy gets tired from me going to fast. What the hell?

Also right this minute I checked Amazon to see how much Mad World's going for and it's only $20 brand new! Mad World was the first game I've wanted for the Wii since Smash Bros came out like over a year ago. Awesome! I'm totally going to pick up Mad World.

Poor Sega...I wish their games sold better. At the same time though I only want to spend $20 on it. But that's because current gen games cost to God damn much and I don't want to spend more than $2o on any new game.


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