Let's Play Zafehouse Diaries Team 1: My D&D Group

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Let's Play Zafehouse Diaries Team 1: My D&D Group

I wish you all a very spooky Hallow-Beast fellow Beastians! I will attempt to see how far I can take some of my fellow friends and internet masters in the brutal Zombie Apocalypse of Zafehouse Diaries.

Blu-Ray Review: Cowboy Bebop Remastered Sessions Collection 1 (1998)

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Cowboy Bebop Remastered Sessions Collection One is the high definition (1080p) re-release of the show Cowboy Bebop.  The show itself is about a guy who is ex-mafia named Spike Spiegel and his partner Jet Black who is an ex-cop and they live with each other on a big old spaceship called "The Bebop".  The two make a living by being bounty hunters and catch criminals for reward money but they always find themselves in much bigger situations that get them into all-sorts of crazy trouble.  Some examples include: Chasing down environmental terrorist, chasing down what they think is a contaminated rat, Spike fighting old friends from his mafia days, Jet catching up with old friends from his days as a police officer, and Spike teaching a stranger martial-arts. Later on they are joined up with a Welsh Corgi named Ein, femme-fatal Faye Valentine, and genius computer hacker Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV... or Edward for short.  So strap yourselves in space cowboys, it's going to be a wild ride full of sex, drugs, rock 'n roll (or Jazz rather), and a whole load of bad-ass action.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).  

DVD Review: Chihayafuru Part 2 (2011 - 2012)

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Chihayafuru Part 2 is the second (and final) volume of a show about a teenaged girl named Chihaya who runs a club that's dedicated to playing the card game Karuta.  Karuta is a game where two players put down cards on each side of the field that have quotes from a series of poems written down on them and when a reader (the person whom reads the poems) reads the poem that matches the card the players have to pick up the card before the other one gets a chance to do so themselves.  In this volume Chihaya has finally leveled up to "Rank A" (highest rank you can be) and is competing against the top dogs of the game and is quickly finding out that even though she is up there she still has a lot to learn about the game.  Her team (that is also her Karuta Club) has also grown in terms of skill to the point where they are competing in some of the bigger tournaments and not just that but they are all also getting up there individually as well and all have the potential to go up a few ranks.  Will the team grow to superstardom?  Will Chihaya become the top of the top?  I'm not going to answer those as I don't want to spoil but I can (and will) answer if this volume is good or not after the jump.  (Click "Read More" for the full review).

The New Heroes of Thair (D&D) Session 4

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The Heroes fight a tortured creature from hell, and get involved in a mystery.

Enjoy the 4th session of my current D&D campaign.

Joining us in this Quest in the Land of Thair is:

-Critical Failre as Daeron the Elf Cleric

-Jerry Terryfying as Mungore the Human Barbarian

DVD Review: Best of Rooster Teeth Collection (2003 - 2013)

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Best of Rooster Teeth Collection is a DVD box set containing three "best of" specials from the comedy group Rooster Teeth.  The DVDs included in this set are: The Best Red Vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time (originally released on it's own last year but got re-printed for this set), Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts, and The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.  Now instead of saying what the shows are about in here I'll be reviewing each disc separately after the jump.  So go take that jump into the alternate dimension that is "The Full Review".  See you all there.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 95

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Russians attempt to assinate Jerry Terrifying and steal his Sega Saturn, NES Satellite, Xbox Recommendations, SNES recommendations and tons more after the jump.

Games They Don't Sell on Steam Anymore

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Patlabor OVA Series One is a collection of all seven original episodes of Patlabor... yeah that title really speaks for itself about what it contains.  Anyway the show itself is about an elite group of police officers who tackle crime and terrorist attacks caused by robotic suits called Labors.  While it may all sound like fun and games they will get the shock of their lives when they find out that not everything is all action as they also have to do all the normal police work too and it can get to be quite the boring job.  The police crew is also a bit rough around the edges and always tend to goof off and be a bit silly.  The police crew are Noa Izumi (A young naive female otaku that is excited to be on the force), Asuma Shinohara (The son of a multi-millionaire that was tricked into joining the squad and doesn't want to be there), Hiromi Yamazaki (The gentle giant), Isao Ohta (A very trigger-happy man who loves to see action), Takeo Kumagami (A tough officer that was transported from overseas), and Mikiyasu Shinshi (The nerdy one that is controlled by his wife).  Do you trust your lives with these guys when they are protecting the streets?  Well let's just wait and see on just what they can do. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (2012)

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Robot Chicken DC Comics Special is a stop-motion animated skit show that takes the piss out of everything in pop culture with the use of toys, action figures, and dolls.  In this special episode you will see nothing but segments based on DC Comics superheroes and superbaddies like: Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Mr. Freeze, and Lex Luthor.  You also get some skits based on some of the more unknown characters like: Captain Carrot and Mister Banjo.  All of the regular characters from the standard episodes of Robot Chicken like: The Nerd and The Humping robot.  There isn't really an ongoing story in this special as it's a fast-paced (faster than a speeding bullet) skit show but some examples of what goes on in this insane puppet show include: Justice Leauge going out to a bar to pick up women, Legion of Doom going over their secret Santa list,  The Nerd becoming a member of Green Lantern Corps;  and Aquaman getting sick and tired of being the butt of every joke.  So true believers let's rip this one out of it's original packaging and see if it was worth leaving my mothers basement.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Introduction to Killing Floor

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DVD Review: Battle Girls: Time Paradox Series Collection (2011)

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Battle Girls: Time Paradox is an action comedy about Yoshino Hide, a female student in middle school that is always arriving late for school because she is always getting stuck on the train due to being too small to push her way out of the busy crowd.  She finally makes it to class and tries to sneak in without her teacher looking but she gets caught.  After school she gets called in to see the teacher and the teacher has some very bad news.  Yoshino Hide's grades are slipping on a very steep level and if she doesn't improve on her studies she'll have to repeat that grade all over again.  On her way home she gets desperate and decides to go to a shrine so she can pray for good luck.  While she is there she also spends the last of her money (all 10 cents of it) on a charm for her mobile phone.  While trying to put the money in the cash box she drops it all and chases after it and spots something unusual behind a window.  It looks like somebody meditating in the shrine with a bright blue glow around her.  Yoshino Hide distracts the woman and they both get swept up right into the light.  Yoshino Hide wakes up and ends up in a burning village where she is rescued by a big warrior princes named Oda Nobunaga.  Oda Nobunaga thanks her and starts walking home but notices that the scenery is not the same and returns back to Oda Nobunaga's castle and stays there until she figures out how to get home.  Next morning she discovers that she is actually stuck in another year and not just that as she has also somehow altered the past to create another timeline where men don't exist (EGADS).  While trying to figure out how to get back to the right time she also accepts to help Oda Nobunaga find all the pieces of a legendary armor that is said to give the person who wears it the power to rule over all of the land.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Mononoke (2007)

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Mononoke is a supernatural mystery show about an unnamed medicine seller that likes to hunt down demons.  You might remember him from appearing in the episode "Goblin Cat" from the horror anthology series called Samurai Horror Tales (you can check out the review to that here. ).  While this isn't a horror anthology it does stay true to it's roots and keeps the same format it had in Samurai Horror Tales.  If you don't know what I'm on about then let me explain on how this show format works.  This show is portrayed like a stage play with episodes split into acts... Yeah very basic stuff.  Now since this is following the same format as Samurai Horror Tales I will describe what happens in each episode separately as opposed to a general description of what the show is about otherwise this paragraph will just be the first sentence alone.  So let's get into it shall we?  And yes I must do the traditional horror anthology running gag *ahum ahum* BOOOOOOOOOO!! (Ghost noises).  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Final Wars (2004) (Godzilla Week 2013 Day 7)

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The final day of Godzilla Week 2013 is here and we will be closing off the series with the last in the millennium series with a very appropriately titled film called Godzilla: Final Wars.  The film begins with a battle in a blizzard between Godzilla and the Japanese army piloting a really amazing looking aircraft that looks like a mix between a submarine and a giant mining drill.  The army is very successful and defeat Godzilla by burying him under a mountain.  Right after that we see the opening credits where it introduces us to a secret government project called "Project M' that finds humans that have a mutant gene (like X-Men) and train them so they can use their abilities to battle giant monsters.  We are then introduced to two of them while they are in combat training and yes you do get to see the whole training which is in the form of a five minute fight.  After that they get called for a special mission which is to guard a very beautiful biologist.  On television we have a scientist talking about his work and then we see him flying on a plane. This flight won't be a smooth one as we see the plan blow-up suddenly from an unknown attack.  If you thought that was all the action we get for this first part you'd be wrong as from out of nowhere we get giant monsters attacking cities all over the world at the same time.  They send out their mutant soldiers to take them on but they only manage to take down one (a giant lobster).  From out of nowhere we see all the monsters disappear and that's all thanks to a giant spaceship that just happens to be visiting Earth.  The aliens beam down from their spaceship along with the scientist we all thought died in the plan explosion.  Turns out the aliens had saved him at the last minute and are here to help us save Earth.  Is this just me or do I smell something fishy?  Do these aliens speak the truth or are they trying to get our guard down?  Only time will tell. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The Gaming Beast reaches 200 subs!

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Thanks to all 200 subs that enjoy my channel!

Check out these awesome channels:

DVD Review: Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) (Godzilla Week 2013 Day 6)

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It's day six of Godzilla Week 2013 and I'm back with another review of a millennium series Godzilla film.  Today we will be taking a look at the follow-up to "Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (2002)" titled Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. (also known as Godzilla X Mechagodzilla X Mothera Tokyo S.O.S.).  The movie starts off with both Godzilla and Mechagodzilla recovering from battle at their own homes.  The boss is really angry that it's taking a really long time to repair Mechgodzilla fearing that Godzilla or any other huge monster will take advantage of Tokyo while their hero is down.  The Japanese air-force spot something unknown on their radars and warn it but it won't respond to them so they try to shoot it down but are unsuccessful and the unknown flying object gets away.  The UFO is not a enemy ship of any kind but is in fact Mothera and she is on her way to visit an old friend.  No I am not talking about Godzilla but instead we see the return of one of the characters from "Mothera Vs. Godzilla (1964)" (a soldier that helped rescue Mothera).  He is warned by two fairies (also characters introduced in Mothera Vs. Godzilla) saying that they must dismantle Mechagodzilla and return the bones of the original Godzilla to the sea.  If they don't do it Mothera will declare war on the human race.

The army gets told of this but they refuse to give up the only thing protecting them from being wiped out.  What's worse is that the guys grandson is copping it from his fellow soldiers.  They instead go to convince the Prime Minister and he accepts but on one condition: They must take out Godzilla first.  Everybody is happy with that but Mechagodzilla is still in repair.  The army also find something shocking and that was the corpse of a giant sea-turtle (a possible cameo from Gamera perhaps?) washed up on the beach and it died from fatal wounds to the head from being attacked by Godzilla.  This can only mean that Godzilla is near and is getting ready to wreck havoc on Tokyo yet again.  The army has no choice but to launch Mechagodzilla into battle.  Poor Mechagodzilla, it doesn't matter if he wins or loses as he must be destroyed in the end.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (2002) (Godzilla Week 2013 Day 4)

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Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (also known as: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (in the US), Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla III (in Australia) and Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (in Japan)) is marked as a direct sequel to the original Godzilla film.  Godzilla keeps on attacking Japan and the Japanese government are getting very sick and tired of it.  Meanwhile a scientist comes up with some breakthrough technology that reanimates fossils by mixing it with robotic parts turning them into organic drones.  The government approaches him asking if there's some way of using his discovery to create a weapon to combat against Godzilla.  They manage to pull this off in a very insane way by recovering the bones of the original Godzilla and using them to create a giant killing machine that's half-reptile, half-machine, and all monster baby YEEEEEEEHAAAAWWWWW!!!  Mechagodzilla is born and he is ready to kick some ass.  But this leaves us with a problem... Who's going to pilot the darn thing?  Enter a female soldier that is struggling with her past due from a mistake that cost her crew their lives during a Godzilla attack.  She is looking forward to redeeming her damaged reputation and avenging her fallen friends by piloting Mechagodzilla and stopping Godzilla for good.  Now ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages... LET'S GET READY TO RUUMBLLLLLEEEEE!  *Ding ding ding* (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla, Mothera & King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack (2001) (Godzilla Week 2013 Day 3)

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It's humpday and that means it's time for a movie with a threesome of gigantic proportions.  The movie you will be reading about today on day three of Godzilla Week is:  Godzilla, Mothera and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack!  This film starts off with a film crew filming  a documentary about Godzilla for public access television.  The crew gets told off for their production as it's more like one of those shady kind of documentaries about Big Foot.  The leader of the crew is then met by a strange old man who gives her a mystical book.  The book details a prophecy about Godzilla's return from his fifty-year absence to wreck havoc on Japan.  She likes this a lot and has the idea to document Godzilla's destruction for the documentary instead of the fake stuff they are doing now.  The army spots a monster on their radar and think it's Godzilla but instead it is a dog-like monster called Baragon.  Not long after that we see something big raging all over Japan and that something is Godzilla. Godzilla is ultra pissed and attacks everything with no remorse including an orphanage and several shopping centers.  Godzilla starts heading deeper in land and walks into Baragon and starts kicking the shit out of him (damn).  For every prophesized villain there is always a legendary hero destined to stop that said evil and that legendary hero is King Ghidorah... King Ghidorah?  Well this is certainly a monster I never expected to be a hero.  (Click "Read More" for the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus (2000) (Godzilla Week 2013 Day 2)

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Day two of Godzilla Week is here and we are on the second film from the millennium series of Godzilla films: Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus.  The movie starts off with a brief history of Godzilla and Japanese power stations that starts all the way back in the 1950's and ends in the year 1996.  Flash-forward to the year 2001 where we see Godzilla running wild allover Osaka.  Instead of Japan retaliating with tanks and helechopters or a monster of their own they send out an elite division of soldiers called The G-Graspers, if you're anything like me you'd be mistakenly calling them the Grasshoppers.  The G-Graspers attack Godzilla by hiding in-between buildings and fire rockets while he isn't looking.  Godzilla eventually spots them and chases the G-Graspers out of town.  The following day we have the G-Graspers evacuate a small village so they can test out a whole new weapon that produces miniature black holes.  The test was successful but they did have a witness but it's okay as he was only a little kid and was easily convinced to keep the whole test a secret.  They also find something really cool amongst the wreckage and that thing was a wormhole. 

Later that night the little boy hears a weird noise coming from outside so he goes to look out his window.  What the boy sees is simply amazing with a big giant dragonfly coming out of the wormhole to drop off something and then return back into the hole.  The boy goes outside to check out what was dropped off and what he finds is an egg.  The boy has moved into the city and decides to toss the egg down the sewer due to it being too wet (I don't like where this is going).  The egg hatches in the sewer followed by a hilarious scene of the baby dragonfly spewing on people and them eating them in what looks like a mild case of tentacle sexual assault mixed with chilidog making.  Next day we see Osaka flooded and the baby dragonfly dead floating in the ocean from losing a fight against Godzilla.  The G-Graspers go out to check the carcass in their very awesome aircraft.  Once they get there they get attacked by Godzilla but they manage to get away.  Unfortunately for them the dragonfly had laid several eggs under the water and they are getting ready to hatch (save us Aquaman).  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).