Steam Game Review: Devil's Dare (2014)

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"Devil's Dare" is an retro inspired arcade styled beat 'em game for the PC.  This game starts off with two gaming journalists doing some work at a gaming convention but then right out of nowhere a zombie invasion takes place leaving them trapped up sh*t's creek without a paddle.  Lucky for them there are other people trapped in this now hellish place and by lucky I mean that these people are packed to the teeth with awesome weaponry and ready to kick butt.  The playable characters include: A guy with a sword and shield, a short person with an axe that knows how to wrestle, a God loving cheerleader that controls a powerful robot tank, and a young boy whom is a master of the art of ninjutsu.  These four heroes will bash, smash, and crash their way though the entire city to wipe out the zombies with the greatest of ease...  If only, this game isn't as easy as it seems as this game has a huge twist in it's system that will make you think to play through this game carefully.  What is this twist? Read the full review to find out the answer and more in this review of "Devil's Dare".  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Steam Game Review: A Bird Story (2014)

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"A Bird Story" is a game for the PC about a young boy that lives in an average apartment, lives an average life, and goes to an average school (No "Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964)" styled plot twist to be found here).  One day while walking home from school we see that the young boy hears something going on in the bushes and goes on to see what it is.  What he sees is an injured bird being chased around by a very hungry looking badger.  The boy manages to chase off the badger and puts the bird in his bag so he can take it to a vet.  The bird gets patched up and thus the adventure starts and is about a young boy taking care of a bird.  The story is very simple but will you be surprised at how much entertainment you will get?  Or will you be bored out of your Vulcan mind?  Find out after the jump.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Toradora! The Complete Series (2008 - 2009)

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"Toradora! The Complete Series" is an animated drama series about a group of teenagers (that's a vague description for an anime, I know).  This show starts off about a teen-aged boy named Ryuji and he is a bit upset and angry as people are afraid of him because he has eyes that are very scary to look at, in reality he is a very gentle person that has a crush on his classmate, Minori (a cute red head with a tom boy attitude).  Meanwhile in this very same school we have the other main character, Taiga.  Taiga is very petite, very bratty and is also in love with a fellow classmate.  After school has ended we see Ryuji walking into his classroom to pick up his schoolbag only to walk into Taiga putting a love letter in his bag.  Later that night we see Ryuji looking at the letter and finds that it is empty and then goes to bed.  While Ryuji is sleeping we see someone sneaking into his house and tries to attack him with a wooden sword.  The attacker is none other than Taiga and she is angry as Ryuji got the love letter and it wasn't meant for him.  Ryuji finds out that Taiga has a crush on his best friend named Yusaku and she is very embarrassed that someone knows of her crush.  Ryuji calms her down by showing her his collection of stuff he has made for his crush.  Turns out that Ryuji's crush is Taiga's best friend and vice versa, thus Ryuji makes a deal with Taiga to help her get with Yusaku and Taiga will help Ryuji get together with Midori...  But she also wants another stipulation added to their deal and that's for Ryuji to be her dog (AKA her bitch) to which he accepts.  Looks like this is a start of a beautiful friendship.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play Talisman Digital (Part 1)

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The Gaming Beast, Alex Swingle and Retrokaiser compete to become the king of the world of Talisman, in the video-game adaptation of the classic fantasy board-game Talisman.

Doom Night 8 (Part 2)

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Kaiser, Swingle and Darabka continue the battle to become the ultimate Doom master. Also the Gaming Beast is starting to Beast Rage at a random player simply called "PLAYER" and other asshats.

Talkin with the Rouge DM

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Talking with the talented Rouge DM about RPG's and other stuff. Also doing some beer tasting.

Doom Night 8 (Part 1)

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Retrokaiser, Alex Swinge and the Gamingbeast compete to become the Doom Night 8 champion! Who will it be? Be prepared for DOOM!!

TCR Thanksgiving 2014 Round-Up

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A quick look back at the staggering holiday which brought TCR to it's knees.

Steam Game Review: The Sacred Tears TRUE (2014)

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"The Sacred Tears TRUE" is a fantasy role playing game where you take the role of  two thieves named Seil and Seana.  This game starts off with Seil and Seana robbing a museum and taking a valuable jewel, sadly they set off an alarm and guards go after them.  Seil and Seana battle their way out of the museum and trick the guards by throwing away a fake gem to make the guards think that they have given up and returned the jewel.  Sadly it turns out that Seil threw the real jewel instead of the fake one and thus they couldn't collect their pay for that mission.  Seil and Seana really needed the cash too as they can barely afford to buy food.  While on a trip to look at some gear they get called up to see their boss at the thieves guild.  Their boss isn't happy at them for messing up the mission but ultimately ends up forgiving them.  Not too long after their meeting they hear a true story of a rare item called a "Sacred Tear" and how it is sealed deep in a museum.  Now Seil is interested in breaking in and stealing this item so that him and Seana can become rich.  Before they can go and steal the tear they notice something rotten is going on with the guild and a mysterious group and so they need to put a stop to that first.  Will they succeed?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Steam Game Review: If My Heart Had Wings (2013)

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"If My Heart Had Wings" is a romantic drama visual novel for the PC.  This game starts off with a teenage boy named Aoi (I know that's typically a female name) whom is on his way to his new job that's at his old home town to which he hasn't been to in five years.  Seeing as he turned up early he decides to take the scenic route and stops by at a beautiful park full of windmills.  While at the park he runs into a girl in a wheelchair named Kotori.  Kotori is very upset and frustraed due to her being stuck there because of a flat tire (yikes).  Aoi wastes no time to help her out and after that he spends some time with her and walks her to the nearest convenience store.  Aoi had a good time and is hoping for some more good times when he turns up for his job.  Aoi's job is that he is a caretaker for a school dorm but he is in shock when he finds out that the dorm he is care taking is an all-girl dorm.  Aoi also happens to run into Kotori and is surprised that her personality is much more different there compared to the time he spent with her before.  After calming down and getting some rest he goes to school and is reunited with some old friends but that's not all as after searching around the school he wanders into a huge shed and finds a very beautiful girl.  Aoi becomes very interested as the beautiful girl is in a club called "The Soaring Club", in this club she is working on building a huge glider so she can fly through the sky.  Sadly there's a chance that the club may being forced to close down due to lack of members thus /Aoi decides to help her find new members.  Can they achieve their goal?  What else will happen in this story of love and flight?  What I mentioned was no more than a smidgen of what goes on in this story as a lot more happened in this story.  Is this visual novel worth getting past that point and enjoying the full story?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Spectre - MSDOS - 1991

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Steam Game Review: Rock Zombie (2014)

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"Rock Zombie" is a three-dimensional horror based beat 'em up game with a B-movie twist.  This game starts off with an all-girl rock band named "Rock Zombie" playing a live gig in front of a huge crowd.  During the guitar solo we notice something going wrong and that is a mysterious green mist has seeped into the concert hall turning all the crowd into flesh eating zombies.  Lucky enough the girls were safe on the stage because the ground was higher and so they manage to get away before the mist could get to them.  Now the girls are on a mission to find the source of the zombie outbreak and put a stop to it so the world can be safe from this horde of chaos.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Barkers D&D 5th edition One Shot!!! Part 5- Let's make more Footprints

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The group starts exploring the underground cavern and makes a shocking discovery...

Blu-Ray Review: Ghost in the Shell 25th Anniversary Edition (1995)

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"Ghost in the Shell: 25th Anniversary Edition" is the new high definition re-release of the classic science fiction animated film, "Ghost in the Shell".  "Ghost in the Shell" is about an android named Motoko Kusanagi whom is also known as "Major" due to her rank.  Motoko is part of a secret police force known as "Section Nine" whose sole purpose is to take on the tougher missions and cases that the other police teams can't handle...  Actually they do tackle some cases the other teams can handle but they can do it in a much better way.  After completing  a mission we see that Section Nine are soon back at work on a very tough case.  This tough case is about them trying to capture a master hacker known as "Puppet Master" who hacks people with cybernetic parts into doing some of his dirty work such as: Stock manipulation and terrorism.  Some news has also struck that Puppet Master is currently in the city where Section Nine are based thus their chances of catching him or her is much better than normal.  Can Motoko and Section Nine catch Puppet Master or will they be hacked themselves before they can find his or her trail?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS Session 7

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The Warriors face a ferocious T-Rex

Steam Game Review: Man in a Maze - Deathmatch (2014)

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"Man in a Maze - Deathmatch" is a quirky adventure puzzle game where you play as a character named Chuck.  Chuck has been invited to be a contestant on the newest, crazy, brutal, most exciting game show to hit the television waves, "Man in a Maze".  "Man in a Maze -Deathmatch" has you running through a maze filled with obstacles that want to stop you from winning an unimaginable amount of prizes but Chuck is ready to be a man and conquer this maze of death and win the jackpot.  Can he survive? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Transformers Prime - Season One (2010 - 2011)

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"Transformers Prime - Season One" is an computer generated animation action series and yet another adaptation of "The Transformers".  This series starts off with two Autobots (the goodies) named RC and Cliffjumper whom are searching a lonely desert for some much needed Energon (the stuff that fuels Transformers).  Cliffjumper finds some Energon but isn't alone as Cliffjumper is ambushed by some Decepticons (the baddies).  Cliffjumper fights hard but not enough as he is captured by the Decipticons and gets himself brutally murdered by none other than Starscream.  RC is upset and takes cover in a town only for a teenage boy named Jack who was trying to ride her.  That's not the bad part as the bad part is that some of the Decepticons have followed RC and thus she is forced to run off with Jack on her back.  Sadly this means that RC has revealed her true form to a human making this war much more dangerous as there are now humans involved.  Jack isn't the only human to get dragged in as his friends named Miko and Raf get involved due to witnessing a huge battle between Bumblebee (an Autobot) and some generic Decepticon goons.  The children are taken to Autobot HQ for protection and thus we meet the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime.  Optimus explains the history of the war and why the Decepticons are such a threat to the Universe.  Meanwhile back at Decepticon HQ we find Megatron (Decepticon's leader) experimenting with a new form of Energon that will change the face of the war all in the Decpticon's favor.  Will the Autobots save the day and bring Earth to peace?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 5)

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I play moar X-Com Drunk mode for reasons. Also it is a dark day in the X-Com Task Force...

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS Session 6

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The warriors rest in the town of Oblivion and plan their next move...

RPG Brigadecast Episode 4 - Talkin with AJ Pickett aka the Mighty Gluestick

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I sit down with AJ Pickett aka the Mighty Gluestick and we chat about tabletop roleplaying games.

Steam Game Review: Project D Online (2014)

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"Project D" is an massive online multi-player science fiction fantasy game (that's a mouthful) for the good ol' PC.  In this game you take a role of a character of your own creation who is on a fantasy like world with huge and scary looking creatures.  You do not come unprepared as you have an arsenal of many different weapons and items to help you start your journey.  What ia your journey you ask?  You are a gun for hire and are willing to do any job you can take to earn some cash and experience points.  Your jobs will include simple tasks like collecting clothes, defeating small monsters, and talking to people.  Not all tasks are simple as there are some really tough missions that includes: Beating giant bosses, retrieving items from heavily guarded buildings, and more.  So gear up as we are entering the world of Project D.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #137 - Sickness and Overwatch

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The Overwatch trailer, Flight stick games, Buyers remorse general. All this and more on this week's Tiger Claw Radio! This week featuring Darabka sitting in for a brief segment to tell us about Blizzards first new franchise in 25 years.

Deathmaze - Action Hero Fighter One Shot

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Who will survie the Deathmaze?

D&D 5th Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 3

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The party continues to explore what the dragon cult is up too now.

Deathmaze Teaser Trailer

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Will you survive the Deathmaze?

Steam Game Review: Life of Pixel (2014)

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"Life of Pixel" is an retro inspired platformer game for the PC.  This game has you playing as Pixel the pixel who is feeling very sad and alone in this cold world where 3D rules the gaming scene.  While on a walk we see Pixel coming across a museum for old and defunct gaming consoles.  Pixel feels at home here and now his goal is to travel through the consoles of old from the "Atari 2600 (1977)" to the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System/ Super Family Computer (1990)" until he has beaten them all.  It's an adventure that Pixel is sure to remember as being some of his greatest days of all time but will it be yours also?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 107

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Join me Shintai, Mecha Menace and eventually Justin as we talk a lot of shit about a lot of things.

Tiger Claw Radio #136 - Back at the Desk

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This week on TCR, Steam's newest wave of classic PC releases. Plus the return of the 'On The Desk' bit. The NES Edition!

DVD Review: Medaka Box Abnormal (Medaka Box - Season Two) (2012)

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"Medaka Box: Abnormal" (also known as Medaka Box - Season Two) in an animated action show set in an high school full of crazy characters (I suggest reading the review of the first season "here" to get a better description of the main characters).  Picking up right where the first season left off we see Medaka coming out of hospital and returns back to school to which is in the process of being rebuilt due to what happened in the prior season.  Medaka also gets called up to the office by the Headmaster of the school and he discusses that Medaka is no ordinary girl as she has some extraordinary abilities and that she is in a class of humans known as "Abnormal" (just think of the mutants found in the "X-Men (1963 -Ongoing)").  Medaka is also invited to join an elite group known as "Thirteen Party" but she refuses to join as she doesn't like the sick and disturbing things that they do.  Since she won't join the group, she must fight against the group as she is now their enemy.  It is now up for Medaka and her amazing friends to put a stop to Thirteen Party and save the lives of many people.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Steam Game Review: Blob From Space (2014)

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"Blob From Space" is an indie platformer game for the PC.  This game has you starring as a blob from space (hence the title "Blob From Space") who lands on Earth and gets stuck in a situation to where he must get past some tough obstacles and reach a portal.  These levels are full of monsters, spikes,, tough jumps, items, and secrets.  It's not all hopeless for poor old Blob the blob as you do have a very useful ability which is that you can transform into other creatures by copying the DNA of your enemies (sounds like a Thing...  John Carpenter's Thing).  Even then it is still not an easy trip as you only have "three lives" to escape from Earth...  John Carpenter's Escape Fro...  Okay, time to stop that stupid joke.  Do you think you have what it takes to beat this gauntlet?  Do I think it's worth it to play this gauntlet would be a better question.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

300 Subscriber Special

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I have passed 300 subscribers!!! Thank you all so much for supporting me!!!

Tiger Claw Radio #135 - Ann Margret Not Included

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Halloween on Steam, Icewind Dale Enhanced, No more cleavage on Twitch. All this and more on this week's edition of Tiger Claw Radio. (Ann Margret not included.)

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page!

Barkers D&D 5th edition One Shot!!! Part 4 - Reloaded

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Barker sends the Heroes to explore the island further.

Let's PlayTitan Quest (Part 17)

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Let' play some more Titan Quest!

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS Session 5

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The warriors arrive in a weird town in the middle of nowhere...

Brigadecon 14 days left!

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Last day to register an event! Come join us at Brigadecon!

Win a free copy of "Devil's Dare" for PC. *Closed*

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It's Halloween and what better way to celebrate but to give away a free game.  You can win this horror themed beat 'em up neo-retro game by just simply liking us on our "Facebook Page" and answering a simple question, "What's the most scariest moment you ever had playing video games?".
The winner will be notified by a private message on Facebook.  You have two days to come up with an answer.  Happy Halloween!

Steam Game Review: Amazing Princess Sarah (2014)

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"Amazing Princess Sarah" is an action packed 2D platforming game for the PC. This game opens up with Sarah's father (whom is a King) relaxing in the throne room until a parade of monsters break into the castle.  The King is a bit confused until two big breasted flying she-demons (literal she-demons and not an ex-wife) fly in and use a charm spell that forces The King to fall in love with them.  While all charmed up we see a scantly clad succubus and a big read demon come in and kidnap the king as they were the leaders of the monsters and that was their plan (very straightforward and simple wouldn't you say?).  Shortly after that, amazing Princess Sarah walks into the throne room in shock as she spots her father being taken away.  Now Sarah must battle her way through the evil monster army and search castle after castle to find and rescue her father from the evil succubus.  Will she be successful in her task?  I sure hope so.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Kill la Kill - Volume One (2013)

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"Kill la Kill - Volume One" is an animated action comedy series about a seventeen year old girl named Ryuko Matoi.  Ryuko is a woman on a mission as when she was little she suffered a great tragedy as her father was murdered by a mysterious killer that left behind one giant red scissor. Ryuko now uses the giant one armed scissor (cut away, cut away*) to try to avenge her father with and get revenge on the killer.  Ryuko has done some information digging and has a hunch to who the killer is and transfers herself to a school to where they might be.  This is no ordinary school as it's a hellish place where it's a fight for life just to get to class.  The reason why is due to how the students are ranked, the lowest rank is "Zero Stars" and the highest is "Three Stars".  The reason why there are ranks is due to the uniforms that the characters wear as the school uniform has some powers and the higher the rank, more power you get.  Ryuko makes it to school and within the first five minutes of being there she picks a fight with the student council as she suspects the leader of knowing who killed her father.  Sadly Ryuko gets her butt whooped but makes a quick escape before the student council tries to takes away her weapon.  Later that day she goes down to her old house where the tragedy happened but falls down a mysterious trap door.  She lands safely in a pile of clothes but she isn't alone as there is a creature down there that thirsts for blood and that creature is...  A "Sailor Uniform"?  That's right it's a sailor uniform.  The sailor uniform spots Ryuko and forces itself on her (not in that way, sickos) and by that I quite literally mean "on her" as it forces her to wear it.  Turns out the sailor uniform isn't a bad guy after all and it could actually help her beat the student council but with a catch as the uniform needs blood to live.  Ryuko accepts the partnership with the sailor uniform and thus she tries her best to avenge her father.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #134 - Bite Sized

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This week: games that were cheap but ended up being great!

Download the episode here.

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS Session 4

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The warriors face of against the dark guardian, and find something, that may create more questions then it would answer.

Steam Game Review: Melody's Escape (2014)

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"Melody's Escape" is a rhythm/music game with a bit of a platforming twist and is out for the PC.  In this game you play as a woman named Melody and she loves two things: Running and listening to music.  Picking songs from your very own music library will generate levels for Melody to run on.  Not only will you run but you'll also slide, glide, jump off of really tall ledges, jump up really high walls, and she can even fly.  Yep, there isn't much in terms of story or gameplay as it is all pretty simple.  But as they say, "keep it simple silly" as simplicity can work the best in some cases.  Now will simplicity work well with this game?  Or will it be so simple that it becomes the most boring experience of your life?  All these questions and more will all be answered after the jump.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

DVD Review: Amnesia (2013)

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"Amnesia" is an animated drama series about a young female adult named...  Well I am unsure about her name as it is not said anywhere in this show.  Why, you ask?  Because on one fine afternoon while working at a cafĂ© she suddenly finds herself on her back completely unaware of who she is and where she is.  That's right, she suffers from amnesia.  Now how she got amnesia is where this story becomes a little iffy as the way she got amnesia was that she was bumped into by a spirit that looks like a fairy and is named Orion.  Orion is very sorry that he bumped into her and is willing to help her undo his mistake and return her life back to normal.  Not too long after that conversation we see a bunch of men come into the room and boy are they worried about her.  The young woman is a bit worried as these men seem like strangers to her but she goes along with them despite that.  Turns out the men are her childhood friends and they care for her very much.  The young woman starts to relax and try her best to continue her life and she seems to be getting some of her memories back.  While on a trip to the mountains so they can set off some fireworks we see a little spat between the young woman and one of her friends which leads to her running off and falling down a cliff (aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh SPLAT).  Later on we see that she has awoken in a bed only to find something very shocking has happened.  What is it you ask?  Let's just say that it will lead to some crazy things.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS session 3

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Azurha lone survivor of the Rexapocalypse, finally reaches the mysterious dark castle and its denizens. He also stumbles on some people, possible allies or enemies?

Tiger Claw Radio #133 - Unreal

Posted by Critical Failure On 1 comments

The new Unreal game is just around the corner. Also: the top 10 most comfy games. Featuring the music of Catch 22. This week on Tiger Claw Radio.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.

Excitebike Challenge on NES

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Steam Game Review: Croixleur Sigma (2014)

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"Croixleur Sigma" is an arcade styled hack and slash, beat 'em up hybrid PC game about two girls named "Lucrezia Visconti" and "Francesca Storaro".  Both girls are of different classes as Lucrezia is a member of the Aristocrats while Francesca is a member of the Knights.  Both girls also happen to be childhood friends and they get along just like "The Odd Couple (1970 - 1975)" as Francesca takes her role very seriously, Lucrezia is a bit of a goof and likes to joke around and make other people feel uncomfortable and goes on about how she wants to take a bubble bath with Francesca.  While their personalities are very different we see that their skills in battle are equal as they are both quite skilled fighters that are nearly graduates of their school.  Before they can graduate they must go through a tough task called the "Adjuvant Trial" to which they both have to battle their way through a tower with evil monsters lurking about.  That's not all as they have to also beat the tower within a certain time limit and that makes Lucrezia and Francesca treat this task as more of a race to see who can reach the top of the tower first.  I wonder what kind of evil creatures live in this tower?  Will our heroes get rewarded greatly for completing their task?  Will Lucrezia and Francesca live to bathe again?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

Blu-Ray Review: Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One (2013 - 2014)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Friday, October 17, 2014 5 comments

"Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One" is an animated science fiction comedy series about a young boy named Morty and his grandfather named Rick.  Morty is just a simple boy that enjoys simple things, like going to school and idling over the girl he likes.  Rick is a genius scientist and inventor but while a smart dude he is also an alcoholic, likes to drag Morty into his crazy schemes, and is also a bit of a prick...  And that's why we love him.  Also in this show we have Jerry and Beth whom are Morty's constantly arguing parents, also Summer who is Morty's older sister who is a bit jealous of how Rick is always giving Morty attention...  Although she might regret that if she ever saw the hell Rick puts Morty through.  So join Rick and Morty as we see them go on many crazy and comedic adventures through space, time, and alternate space and uh... Alternate time.  Some example of what to expect in this first season includes:  Rick trying to convince Morty to smuggle contraband over inter-dimensional customs, Rick guiding Morty when trouble goes down in a theme park built inside of a homeless man, Rick and Morty trying to stop a hoard of infected people that all want Morty to mate with them,  Jerry's huge ego trip adventure on Pluto, Rick and Morty battling evil... I mean eviler versions of themselves, plus more.  So sit down, buckle up, and wubba lubba dub dub as this is Rick and Morty.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Parasite Dolls (2002 - 2003).

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"Parasite Dolls" is an animated science fiction action show set right in the heart of the AD Police universe where shows such as "Bubblegum Crisis (1987 - 1991)" and "AD Police (1990)" take place. This show is about a secret squad that the AD Police have that's sole purpose is to take out androids named "Boomers" that have gone rogue. In this squad we have a guy named Buzz whom is afraid of using guns due to something that has happened to him during a case in his past, his partner named Rod whom is an android/boomer himself, the young gun named Reiko whom has a bit of an itchy trigger finger, master computer hacker named Bill whom can crack his way into anything, and lastly we have Angel whom is a beautiful spy that goes deep undercover to help the squad score some information about the criminals they are pursuing. In this mini-series we will see our squad take on three different cases set over a seven to eight year period that covers everything from violence, sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll all in this futuristic noir style of detective tales in the same vein as "Blade Runner (1982)" or "Psycho-Pass (2012 -2013)" if you are a younger anime fan (I'm the one to talk as I'm pretty young myself). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio - Episode 132 - K-k-k-Kombo Breaker

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Our old friend Kaiser sits in on this week's episode of Tiger Claw Radio!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page

D&D 5th Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 2

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The group can barely rest after they are sent on another quest.

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS session 2

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The heroes reach the ruins of SLC, and something evil has been waiting for them. Basicly one of the craziest games I have ran for a while!

G.M Juce Interview

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I talk with GM Juce about RPG's.

Check out his stuff here:

Check out the RPG One Shot group here:

Blu-Ray Review: Accel World - Volume Two (2012)

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"Accel World - Volume Two" is an animated science fiction, action, drama series about a short fat boy named Haruyuki and his adventures in a game called "Brain Burst" (read my review of the "first volume" for a deeper understanding of Haruyuki and his role in Brain Burst). This volume starts off with a new school year and we see that Haruyuki and Takumu (one of Haruyuki's childhood friends) successfully install Brain Burst on Chiyuri's (Haruyuki's other childhood friend and is also Takumu's girlfriend) system. That's not all as there's also a new type of player that is starting to take over the entire world of Brain Burst and this has our heroes a bit scared due to this new type of player being a very dangerous foe. While bracing to protect their territory we see that our heroes will have to fight without the aid of Kuroyukihime (Haruyuki's girlfriend and leader of the group) as she'll be going on a school trip to Okinawa (real place in Japan) and won't be back for a little bit.  Kuroyukihime's departure has left the group vulnerable to attacks and that's exactly what happens as they are targeted by a new kid at school. This kid doesn't play by the rules as he uses illegal methods to not only winning online but he also uses illegal methods to beating his opponents offline too (danger, danger Will Robinson). How will our heroes defeat such a monster that plays this game? Also, how will Haruyuku live without his love? Will Kuroyukihime be safe on her trip? All these will be answered in this second half of Accel World. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The Dungeon of the Mad Dwarf (Session 3)

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The Heroes discuss how to fill a spiked pit with potatoes and run into trouble at the market.

Tiger Claw Radio #131 - Jounralistic Invincable Star

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How YouTubers become the heroes of video games journalism. This and more this week on Tiger Claw Radio.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.

D&D 5th Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 1

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Fox DM's the alternative game where he runs the first module for D&D 5th edition,

Warriors of the Wasteland - RIFTS session 1

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The characters are sent to investigate a mysterious castle.... and run into a squad of the Coalitions army!

Original Metal Gear on MS-DOS

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This is a DOS port of the NES port of the original Metal Gear. Still with me? Take a look.

Tiger Claw Radio #130 - Morning Recording

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The cure for the yellow SNES, the Splatterhouse movie, the huge changes on the Steam mainpage. All in this weeks episode featuring Alex Swingle from and the music of Pink Guy.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.

RPG Brigadecast Episode 3 - Let's have a chat with the Gentleman Gamer

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I had a nice chat with Gentleman Gamer. We discuss the nature of various game settings, and if they are dated or still viable settings for today, the origin of the Brigade itself and also the future of the Gentleman Gamer episode.

Anime Review: Nekomonogatari White (2013) DVD/Blu-Ray Combo

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"Nekomonogatari White" is the first volume of the second season of the "Gatari" series. This show is an animated supernatural show typically about the life of a half-vampire named Araragi. This volume however centers around the character, Hanekawa and her life could be a bit better right now as on one fine day while on her way to school she runs into none other than the wanderer, Hachikuji (you may remember her from the "Mayoi Snail" arc during "Bakemonogatari").  Hanekawa and Hachikuji have a simple conversation and after that we have Hanekawa on her way and then she walks into something very strange.... A giant talking white Tiger (my word).  Hanekawa doesn't think much of it and continues her day only to find out later on that her house has burnt down to a crisp. Without a house we see Hanekawa crash at the old school building where we have seen Araragi battle demons many times before. During the middle of the night we see that she is visited by a very saddened Hitagi (Araragi's sweet girlfriend) whom was worried that Hanekawa had gone missing. Long story short, Hitagi invites Hanekawa to crash at her place while her father is gone as to which she accepts. While resting at Hitagi's place we see that some of Hanekawa's old demons are starting to haunt her again (quite literally) but this time she isn't as harmful but the giant talking white Tiger is and now it is up to her to stop it. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 16)

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The titanic quest continues...

Commando - NES classic on MSDOS

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Beastcast 51 - Talkin with T-McBee

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T-McBee a fellow Itstailtime contributor comes to the Beastbar and we chat about all kinds of awesome stuff! Check it out here!

More after the bump!

Tiger Claw Radio #129 - Midnight

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This week, the music of Pearl Jam, more on the Minecraft/Mojang acquisition, Final Fantasy 4 comes to Steam, and a whole lot more. Thanks to Darabka for making a special appearance.

Download the episode from podomatic

DVD Review: Case Closed, Season Two (1996 - 1997)

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"Case Closed, Season Two" is an animated crime/mystery drama show with comedic elements. This show is about a teenaged detective genius named Jimmy Kudo... Or at least he used to be. After witnessing something he shouldn't have seen he got poisoned but instead of dropping dead from this liquid bucket kicker he ends up turning back into a little kid. For protective reasons he is now going under the name of Conan Edogawa so that the bad guys won't track him down or hurt the people he cares about. Conan is also now living with his childhood friend, Rachel Moore and her alcoholic father, Richard Moore. Richard Moore isn't only a great drunk but he is also an alright detective but sadly he isn't good enough to solve the crimes that he is stuck with so Conan secretly helps him by planting clues when he figures something out only for Richard to take the credit for everything (man, what a Richard). Some of the situations you will see the gang appear in includes: Solving the brutal murder of a professor during a trip to the mountains, tracking down a missing library clerk, Conan going on a treasure hunt, and Conan getting kidnapped by a guy he dubs "Mr. Freaky Face". All this and many more investigations and adventures in this mysterious ("mysterious" used in a way to build up my review) second season. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Friday, September 19, 2014 1 comments

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is an sci-fi action comedy film based off the Marvel comic book series of the same name. This film starts off in the year 1988 where we see a kid named Peter Quill sitting in a hospital listening to a mix-tape his mother had made. The reason why he is in the hospital is because his mother is suffering from cancer and is on her deathbed. His mother ends up passing away and leaves him very sad so he runs out crying (understandably so). While he is outside he gets taken by a huge spaceship and then we jump forward twenty-six years later to the year of 2014 A.D. AKA this year that we are currently living in.  Peter has grown up and is now a space treasure hunter going under the nickname of Star Lord (played by Chris Pratt). Star Lord is going through some ruins and battles some small "Space Dinosaurs" and comes across a special item. Star Lord isn't alone as he is attacked by some weird warriors but Star Lord manages to escape. Those weird looking warriors end up being the men of an evil being known as Ronan the Accuser (played by Lee Pace) and he is mad as he needs that item to give to his leader named Thanos (yes, that Thanos) and sends out Thanos' adopted daughter, Gamora (played by Zoe Saldana) to retrieve the item. (More about what this film is about plus the rest of the review can be found by clicking the "Read More" button).

RPG Brigadecast Episode 2 - Let's Talk with Samwise7RPG

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In the second episode we talk with the one only Samwise7RPG about favorite underated settings, RPG bucket lists, and what we are currently gaming.

Barkers D&D 5th edition One Shot!!! Part 3 - Electric Boogaloo

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Barkers adventure continues!

Darabka talks to JdrD30 about RPG's

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Darabka talks to JdrD30, we talk about his RPG past, favorite games and other topics.

Anarchy Arcade Updates

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RPG Brigadecast Episode 1 - Let's Talk with fabulous Mister Fox!

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In the pilot episode of the RPG Brigadecast I interview Fox Winter from 7Realms production, and we talk about our best and worst roleplaying expierences, and much much more!

Tiger Claw Radio #128 - Corruption

Posted by Critical Failure On Monday, September 15, 2014 1 comments

Journalistic Corruption, Mojang up for sale, will Minecraft ever be the same? Find out this week on TCR #128. This week celebrates one month back on the air. The podomatic stats show a few people popping in to listen every day. Thanks so much for being a part of the show! Feels good man.

Download the episode from the podomatic page.

DVD Review: Digimon, Season One (1999 - 2000)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Friday, September 12, 2014 1 comments

"Digimon, Season One" is an animated adventure show that starts off with a group of kids that just arrived at summer camp. The children are: Tai (An excellent soccer player that likes wearing goggles), Matt (One cool dude that loves blowing on his harmonica), T.K. (Matt's younger brother), Sora (A tom girl that's very brave), Mimi (A very spoilt girl in a pink cowboy hat), Izzy (A young computer mastermind), and Joe (A very over-concerned guy that simply hates getting into trouble). Not too long after starting summer camp we see the children meeting up with each other only to meet with a sudden weather change as it starts to snow. The group are confused to what is happening but then out of nowhere we see some very mystical devices appear before them and then drag them into a dimensional portal. Once the group wakes up they are surprised yet again as they are met by a group of mysterious creatures named Digimon (short for Digital Monsters). They soon learn that there are many different kinds of Digimon and not too long after they are attacked by a huge giant bug-like Digimon named Kuwagamon. During the battle they learn that their Digimon can transform when they have enough energy but their power isn't enough to fully beat Kuwagamon and the children fall off a cliff due to Kuwagamon's attack and become lost. Meanwhile somewhere else in this mysterious Digital world we have a very evil Digimon named Devimon whom has learned of the kids and fears their power so he is out to destroy them and their Digimon. Who ever said summer vacation was supposed to be fun? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #127 - Anarchy and Myst

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Welcome to episode 127 of Tiger Claw Radio. This week on the podcast, Anarchy Arcade, The Myst Board Game, and the possible return of City of Heroes!

Download the episode from Podomatic