DVD Review: Case Closed, Season Two (1996 - 1997)

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"Case Closed, Season Two" is an animated crime/mystery drama show with comedic elements. This show is about a teenaged detective genius named Jimmy Kudo... Or at least he used to be. After witnessing something he shouldn't have seen he got poisoned but instead of dropping dead from this liquid bucket kicker he ends up turning back into a little kid. For protective reasons he is now going under the name of Conan Edogawa so that the bad guys won't track him down or hurt the people he cares about. Conan is also now living with his childhood friend, Rachel Moore and her alcoholic father, Richard Moore. Richard Moore isn't only a great drunk but he is also an alright detective but sadly he isn't good enough to solve the crimes that he is stuck with so Conan secretly helps him by planting clues when he figures something out only for Richard to take the credit for everything (man, what a Richard). Some of the situations you will see the gang appear in includes: Solving the brutal murder of a professor during a trip to the mountains, tracking down a missing library clerk, Conan going on a treasure hunt, and Conan getting kidnapped by a guy he dubs "Mr. Freaky Face". All this and many more investigations and adventures in this mysterious ("mysterious" used in a way to build up my review) second season. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

This series is very episodic and you do not need to watch any episode in any particular order or watch any of the other seasons as this show is very easy to understand and explains the origin at the start of every episode. This is also a very fun show to watch as nearly every episode will draw you in instantly due to the cases being really interesting despite having the same formula in each episode: Murder happens, Conan solves case. The magic that makes this show interesting is how we see Conan solve the case as some of these cases can get quite bizarre as they like to make the cases very complicated for no other reason than making the cases complicated. Sure that sounds like a pain but you will find it really fun trying to figure out the cases with Conan. This show is also fun to re-watch and even though you'll know how the cases unfold you'll still find the show just as fun. The comedy in this show was also very well done and I did laugh quite a bit. They also introduce some fan-service elements of the sexual kind in this season but do not worry as it pops up in only a few scenes. The fan-service was okay but nothing all that special as it's only nudity scenes that didn't show much at all.

This show is nearly safe to watch when there's children around but what ruins that is how gruesome the violence can get in this show, while not overly graphic it can get pretty brutal and while I do like the gruesomeness it is also a shame as children would love this show. The main characters in this show are excellent with fun and charming personalities to where you can't help but love them. The side characters range from being average to pretty decent and while they aren't as likable as the main characters you will feel something for a good bunch of them. 

The artwork in this show has naturally aged a little but not all that much as it still looks pretty good. Backgrounds in this show look good with some very beautiful designs that really helps build up a really good atmosphere. I liked the character designs as they have a style that's both cartoony and serious at the same time and while that might sound like an impossible combination you'll find that it works really well in this show. I like how the characters look like how they are aged as the teens look like teens, children look like children, and the adults looking like adults which is a rare thing to see in anime (or maybe I'm just exaggerating as it might just feel like it's a rare thing). I do have one complaint and that is that the scaling on Conan seems a little off to where he looks way too small in some shots.  Rachel's design has also been tweaked a little in this season to where her breasts are a little bigger but I'm not complaining about that as it isn't anything that would bother you... Plus she looked nice (there, I said it). Animation in this show is pretty smooth and I didn't see any parts where the animation was badly done. 

English dub in this show was quite good with voices that worked with all the characters and also added to the fun of the show. Acting was also pretty decent for the most part but there were a few characters with below average acting but nothing that will bother you. The English songs in the soundtrack haven't aged very well as the pop-punk and reggae sound was very cheesy but thank goodness that only plays during the into. The rest of the tunes sounded good with some rock and jazz tunes that worked really well with the show and helps you get into the mood. 

Overall this was a very fun show and I am going to recommend you all to check out this show. I am looking forward to watching the next season but also a little frustrated as I have no idea when it is being released in Australia although I could just import the US sets. Fun show.

Title: Case Closed, Season Two
Animation Studio: TMS Entertainment
Genre: Animation/Anime, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Action
Running Time: 624 Minutes (26 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment
Rating: M15+ (Animated violence)
Price: $49.99
Recommended: Yes


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