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Ordered my $15 capture card. I hope I get it in the next few days. I'd love to record some footage of Duke online as well as some footage of Snatcher. Man thikning of Snatcher I'd love to have a Konami Justifier light gun. Also I want to fatten up my Saturn game collection. A member of the Saturn League said he saw a copy of Saturn Bomberman for $40 which is actually a good price for that game, compared to ebay at least. So he's offered to pick it up and hold it till I get my next check. Another member of the League had gotten a really sweet deal off of craigs list and has copies of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2 which I'm going to get for $30 also when I get my next check.

Panzer Dragoon was the first Saturn game I played way back in 1995ish. So I can't wait to get ahold of those. The prices aren't much better than ebay prices but the cases are intact which is a huge selling point. Also at the used game store nearest here there are a few titles I'd love to pick up. Wing Arms looks like a fun arcade style WWII plane shooter, Sim City 2000 looks like a good time since I enjoyed Sim City on SNES so much and I might pick up a copy of Myst since that was one of the other first Saturn games I'd ever played back in the day. If I do get Myst I'll be getting a Netlink mouse for my Saturn. Those three games are the only ones I've ever seen in the wild that look like fun. Usually it's just sports games and maybe Tomb Raider. Barf.

I made my first video game review/overview on a whim today. For months I've been wanting to make video game videos. I'm jealous of all the guys you see on youtube, hell that's why this blog of my ever expanding game collection exists. If it weren't for youtube I probably wouldn't have bought all this amazing game related junk I've written about on here. Anyway check out my videos about the Sega Saturn Netlink.


I really need to stay off of the internet. I randomly thought of the Commodore 64 and did some googling and ebaying. I've decided I need to own one. What really sold me is that it uses cartride based games. So it's very much like a console and not just a personal computer. I've never been one for computer games. So being able to play the games on various joysticks and even Sega Genesis controllers is a pretty big selling point for me. I'm sure I'll also play plenty of games on floppy disk and I may even buy the cassette drive. Yes, it uses cassettes, like you know, an audio cassette but they call them Datasettes. I hear it takes forever to load a program from the dataset, like 15 minutes to load a game long. I also kind of want to buy a printer for it, just you know, so I can type up some documents and shuffle them around the Jerry Terrifying Head Quarters.

I've also got a copy of the Collectors Guide from www.digitpress.com and was reading about the CD-I, CD32 and CD TV. I'm interested in picking those up as well. The CD32 and CDTV are Commodores last computers. The CD32 with some expansions can be made into an Amiga computer basically. I'm not to worried about picking those up, but if I ever find myself with some extra cash I'd love to snag them up just to have. Anyway as I'm planning on buying up some cart based games for the C64 I hopefully win on ebay I want to get the other Collectors guide, I've only got the "Advanced" guide and now really want to get the "Classic" Guide to help me find some bad ass games for the C64.

Man, what a dork I've become in the past few months! My bedroom is turning into a computer museum, which is pretty cool I guess.

So a long time ago I bought a Netlink for my Sega Saturn. There are five games that can be played online one of them being fairly common. That game is Duke Nukem 3D, which gets the honor of being my second ever Sega Saturn game. I instantly fell in love with this game! Before I even finished the first level I was crazy about this classic masterpeice. Now I need to find someone to get a netlink match going.

Online shopping addiction

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I've decided that I must own a Commodore 64. It just seems like such a cool toy to play with. I've been watching them on ebay, they seem to go for around $40 after shipping and everything. Not so bad. I can't wait to score some C64 games and programs. I'm totally going to get a printer for it, maybe I'll write my gaming related book on it, just for extra dorkiness.

I can't wait for pay day so I can start bidding. I've got like $17 dollars to my name and about 80% of my next check is going towards the stack of bills I've got piled up, but man I hope I've got a few extra bones to throw towards a C64, I've just simply got to own one as soon as possible!

Why donate?

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Mondo Cool Cast and Mondo Cool TV are works of love. My intense passion for gaming and sharing that passion with others is what it's all about.   The current goal right now is $70.  That will cover the costs of running the website and keeping MCTV on the air locally in Dayton, OH.  The break down is $10 for the domain name and $50 for the DATV member ship.  I'm not sure how much of each donation will be gobbled up by PayPal fees so I tried to offset it with that extra $10 bucks.  If there is anything left over I'll get a prize or something to give away on the show. 

All money that has been donated to the show has been used for the show and that's how it will always be.  Last year several of you awesome dudes donated a total of $40 which I did use for the DATV membership which really helped me and the show out and is one of the more interesting ways I'm trying to grow the shows fan base.  I really appreciate your guys help and most of you guys that comment frequently and check out the site have gone to become good friends via skype.  This tiny network of nerdiness is one of my most cherished aspects of my life right now.  You's guys are fucking dope.  Except you Wariofan14...you're not tricking me into playing any Valve games.  Ever.

Donations are not the only way you can help the show however.  Your retweets, facebook posts, clicking of the Like button, Thumbs upping on youtube, favorting, forum posts and of course watching the show here on the site are all tremendously beneficial in helping the show grow.  If you can't donate please help spread the show far and wide!  It all helps to keep the show going.

Just finished up Yakuza. Man that game just kept getting better and better! The final Boss fights were pretty damn good. The fight with Nishiki reminded me of the fist fight with Liquid Snake in MGS1. Two "brothers" settling shit with punching, the way all things should be settled. The only other thought I have is I really liked Majima Goro. What a fucking maniac. Especially in the scene before you fight him for the last time. I don't know wheather I love or hate him, but I enjoyed his presence that's for damn sure. Also I liked that after beating the game you unlock the premium box, you can view cut scenes, participate in fights with various rules or go back and do the side missions without playing any of the story line missions. I'm glad I don't have to do a complete playthrough to get the rest of the things I missed. I'm sure I'll play through this game again some day but it's a good feature. Man, amazing game. Can't wait to get Yakuza 2.

Picked up some cheap games at Wal Mart. I saw Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit for $20 and Bleach The Blade of Fate for $10. Great deals so I snagged those.

Man, Yakuza is a great game. I really do hope we get Yakuza 3 in America even though I haven't beat the first one. But if Yakuza 2 is better than this amazing game then 3 must be a master piece.

Finally got my Japanese PSN ticket. I was playing Metal Gear Solid in the parking lot at work waiting for my car to warm up. Awesome. Also got the face plate, and installed it. I don't think it fits quite right but it's ok. It's better than having a giant crack. I'll eventually just buy a PSP 3000 or whatever PSP comes out after that. Oh well. I've also noticed that the only new games I want to buy are on the PSP. Well at least 5 compared to the two or three other games I would like to have for other systems. I probably won't get 3 out of those 5 I want for PSP as they're RPGs and those just take too damn long. Fucking RPGs taking a million years!

Also while running I was thinking about my hot babe girlfriend and video games. I was thinking how it's weird she likes Work Time Fun as that's a rather quirky game. Then I realized she's a casual gamer and likes casual games. That explains how she'll only play Wii Bowling and fighting games with me. Oh well.

Got my 8gb memory stick in the mail yesterday. Have everything transfered, now I just need to get that damn PSN card. I can't wait! I know it'll take forever since it's actually coming from Japan, but shit. I want it so bad. I'm still waiting for the new PSP face plate too, I think it's coming from China. Gosh I hate the waiting part!


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Waiting really is the hardest part. Mail, why must you be so slow? I really want my japan PSN card and new memory stick!

Also I need some new AAA batteries, and a car charger for my PSP. That little FM transmitter can be powered by an external source and the AAA's are all ready dead. I accidentally threw away my PSP car charger like a year ago at work because the security guards are dicks. Actually the one lady offered to hold it at the gate but I had no idea what the charger was so I never went back for it. Months later I remembered what it was when I tried to find my PSP charger. Now a few more months later I need the damn thing. Oh well. They're just a couple bucks on amazon. So it won't be hard to replace, I've just got to use AAA's till then, luckily I've got a few rechargable AAA's.

Another title

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I made the mistake of considering upgrading my ps3 HDD again. I mentioned to a friend at work that upgrading the HDD for the ps3 is better than the 360 because you can use any laptop harddrive instead of some proprietary crap. So naturally I wanted to see how much a 500gb HDD would run me. Turns out I can snag one for just over 100 dollars. That's not a bad price. About a year and a half ago I spent about $90 for my 120 GB HDD. So in a few paychecks, probably after the flip top for the ps2, I'll consider upgrading HDD's again and buying another external HDD case for my 120gb drive. Oh Why can't I resist spending on my sweet video gaming set up?