DVD Review: Bakuman Season One Collection (2010 - 2011)

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"Bakuman: Season One Collection" is an animated drama series about an ordinary middle school student named Moritaka Mashiro and yes I do really mean "ordinary high school student" for once (because you know... Anime tends to say that they are ordinary students but they are really anything but). This series starts with Mashiro as a young boy watching the first episode of an anime that was adapted from his uncle manga. Years have passed and Mashiro is a very smart teenager in middle school and is working his way into a very nice high school all while thinking of a way to tell his middle school crush that he likes her. One day after school he goes back into his class to retrieve a book that he left behind only to run into another student named Akito Takagi.

Takagi asks Mashiro if he would join up with him to work on a manga series as he wants to get a printed in a magazine but he doesn't have an artist to draw them. The reason why Takagi wants to team up with Mashiro is due to watching him draw in his school book and likes his art and he also wants to help Mashiro reach out to the girl that he has a crush on.  Mashiro isn't a fan of the idea at first but he soon decides to take up on his offer. Later that night Takagi takes Mashiro to Miho Azuki's house (the girl that Mashiro has a crush on) and tells her the news only for Mashiro to propose to her out of sheer nervousness and what's worse is that she says yes... But only on one condition and that is that their manga must have an anime based on it so that she can voice act in it. Now Mashiro and Takagi are working together to come up with a new manga in hopes of it getting picked up by "Shonen Jack" (A parody title of "Shonen Jump"). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

SkiFree (1991 - Windows 95)

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DVD Review: Code Geass - Akito The Exiled Episode Two: The Torn-Up Wyvern (2013)

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"Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Episode Two - The Torn-Up Wyvern" is the second part (obviously) of this animated sci-fi war series. After beating a group of terrorists (seen in Episode One) the EU Army (United Republic of Europia) end recruiting them to help them fight the war against the Holy Britannian Empire. The EU Army also finds a way to use them for their own selfish ways as they end up putting them on a suicide mission. The reason why is because that they are Japanese and they won't be missed by anyone if they get killed in action as the time and universe this show is sent in treats Japanese people like crap (so it is sort of a satire on how Germany disliked people that were Jewish but not as graphic or brutal... Thank goodness). One member of the EU Army isn't too happy about that and insists that she goes with them to help give them a chance of surviving as she doesn't want anybody used as a pawn. The group of former terrorists hear of this plan and try to escape the army but they calm after a meeting saying that they ensure that they will be safe on this mission. Shortly after they prepare for what could be their final fight. Will they survive? I guess you'll find out when the review for "Episode Three" comes out (or you could just watch this episode) but anyway let's get back to talking about "Episode Two". (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Transformers Energon Collection Two (2004)

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The battle for energon continues in "Transformers Energon Collection Two", the third volume (of six) of the epic Unicron Saga. In this half of Transformers Energon we have the Autobots teamed up with Alpha Q who ended up not being a bad quintesson after all. Alpha Q needs their help to get Unicron up and running but not for the sake of evil but to retrieve Alpha Q's home planet out of Unicron's giant metal tummy. Megatron also wants Unicron but for the sake of evil and after a long battle it seems that Alpha Q and the Autobots have won by retrieving the planet but Megatron has an ace up his sleeve and tears a hole in the universe and sends them all in there. Megatron also has control of Unicron and is using him to eat the solar system on the other side of the tear and is also targeting Alpha Q's home planet. Now the Autobot's must defend Alpha Q's planet with everything they got and stop Megatron from conquering all. All this and more exciting story-arcs in the final half of Transformers Energon. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 10)

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Just continuing to annoy those Titans.

Film Review: Godzilla (2014) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 7)

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Well it has finally came to this, the final day of "Godzilla Week 2014". On this day I'll be taking a look at the new Godzilla film. It ain't just a new Godzilla film oh no, no, no. What I am reviewing is the beginning of the new era of Godzilla films in which I like to dub "Rebirth Era". So ladies and guys dressed up as ladies, we are going out in a bang... Or will it be a flop?

Godzilla opens up with a flashback to the 1950's to where we see a bunch of soldiers trying to take out Godzilla with a bomb in an reference to "Godzilla (1954)". We then cut to the year 1999 where we see a group of scientist inspecting a giant skeleton of a monster only to find that it is full of eggs. One of eggs in that skeleton looks to have hatched and that has them all worried. Shortly after we cut to Japan to where we are introduced to Joe Brody (played by Bryan Cranston of "Malcolm in the Middle (2000 - 2006)" and "Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013)" fame) who is on his way to work at a Japanese nuclear power plant (D'oh) with his wife (not named Marge). Everything is going fine until something big and mysterious attacks the plant and gets a lot of people killed (including his wife). Fifteen years have passed to where we cut to Joe's dude-bro(dy) son named Ford (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson of "Kick-Ass (2010) fame).  Ford is an army soldier who has just returned to his wife and kid only to get a call from Japan saying that his father has been put in prison... Sadly this is all the preview space that I am allowed to have before I get an angry E-mail from "You Know Who". (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

VHS Review: Godzilla Vs. The Mega Cactus (1980) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 6)

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It may be the weekend here at sub basement level forty-three sector Z of the Terror-Dome but that doesn't mean that there will be rest for the wicked (like me). On this lovely Saturday I'm going to be reviewing a very rare and obscure Godzilla fan film from the very early 1980's, Godzilla Vs. The Mega Cactus.

Godzilla Vs. The Mega Cactus (AKA Gojira X Giant Green Pricku (in Japan)) starts off with an asteroid landing in a desert somewhere in Mexico and not far off we see a glowing flower pop out of the sand. The next day we cut to Japan where we see Godzilla attacking a power plant to drain it of it's energy. The Japanese army try their best to fend off Godzilla but Godzilla is just too tough. Godzilla ends up draining the power plant dry and wanders back into the ocean. Over at G-Force (an elite group of soldiers trained to battle Godzilla even if it kills them) are talking to a group of scientists about not only how to kill Godzilla but also about how to fix the blackout that has happened in Osaka due to the power plant being drained. Lucky for them one of the scientists tells them about the asteroid crashing in Mexico and how it is full of energy not seen by man and are thinking of testing it out as an alternative power source. Sadly I am out of preview space so the rest of the film description will be after the jump. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Destroyoyah (1995) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 5)

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Thank Godzilla it's Friday as it is time for part five of "Godzilla Week 2014". In this installment I will be taking a look at the fifth (and final) Godzilla film that is part of the "Heisei Series" titled "Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah". Nope it isn't about Godzilla fighting giant versions of the band "Kiss"... Although that would've been interesting.

This film starts off with a very angry and very different looking Godzilla attacking Japan ruthlessly and aggressively. Turns out the reason why Godzilla looks different and is in a frenzy id due to an off-screen explosion at an mercury plant. Godzilla has absorbed too much power and is starting to glow red due to his insides heating up greatly and if they don't stop him he'll get so hot that he'll meltdown and burn up the Earth's atmosphere (sounds fun). G-Force's plan to stop Godzilla is to destroy him with a replica of the bomb that killed the original Godzilla all the way back from "Godzilla (1954)". However after some research on the sand around the area where the original bomb was let loose they find that the explosion has mutated another creature (like how Godzilla was mutated from a nuclear bomb) named Destoroyah. Looks like this is the end of the world as we know it. (Click "Read More" to read the whole review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Spacegodzilla (1994) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 4)

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Space, the final frontier. Day four of "Godzilla Week 2014" is here and we are officially on the final half of this monster sized special. Well let' not waste any more time as it is now time for a review of the fourth movie from the "Heisei Series" of Godzilla films, "Godzilla Vs. Spacegodzilla".

This film opens up with a huge crystal asteroid flying through space that ends up being a giant monster named Spacegodzilla. We then cut back to Earth where G-Force (an elite group of soldiers trained to battle Godzilla head on) is creating a giant robot to combat Spacegodzilla before he reaches Earth. Meanwhile on an island off the coast of Japan we see another group of G-Force soldiers planting bombs on the island to trap Godzilla as he lives on that island. The whole plan is to trap Godzilla so they can plant a new kind of weapon that allows them to control Godzilla. While they are working they end up attracting a very cute looking Son of Godzilla who takes a liking to the group. Son of Godzilla ends up walking into the traps and ultimately ends up attracting Godzilla. G-Force start attacking Godzilla and their plan nearly works if it weren't for Spacegodzilla interrupting the battle. Spacegodzilla doesn't mess around as he absolutely kicks the crap out of Godzilla. Now Spacegodzilla is out to take over the world and his first target is Japan and the G-Force must put a stop to Spacegodzilla's evil plan for world domination through superior fire power (yes I did just use a "Cradle of Filth" reference). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Mario Bros on NES

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DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 3)

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Tuesday's gone for real now which can only mean one thing... Hump Day and what happens on Hump Day? I take a look at a movie that involves two giant monsters fighting over a baby which can only mean that I'm reviewing the third Godzilla film from the "Heisei Series" titled "Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla" (not to be confused with the move of the same name that I reviewed on last year's Godzilla Week).

Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzila (AKA "Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II") starts off with a group of scientists (as do most Godzilla films) going on about Mechagodzilla and how they are going to improve it so they can destroy Godzilla. Sadly one of them gets transferred to the "G-Force" division. G-Force is a group made out of elite soldiers trained to battle Godzilla head on. The poor guy isn't doing too well as he is doing terrible at training plus not to mention he cops a lot of flack from his commander. The group travel to an island only to find that there are two giant eggs with one of them already hatched. They decide to take the egg back with them but oh no here comes Godzilla to ruin their time. Godzilla isn't alone as he is right away attacked by Rodan whom was in the already hatched egg. While they are battling the group take the unhatched egg back to the lab. Not too long after, the egg hatches to reveal that "Son of Godzilla" was in the egg and he has taken a liking to one of the female scientists as he thinks that's his mother. This isn't good as Godzilla is now off to Japan to look for him. Lucky for them Mechagodzilla is functional so they must deploy that groovy machine to stop Godzilla and protect both Son of Godzilla and Japan. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. Mothra - Battle For Earth (1992) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 2)

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As the good old band "Lynard Skynard" once said: "Tuesday's Gone" but not today... Well not yet at least as it is Tuesday which means that it's time for the second day of "Godzilla Week 2014". Terrible talk show intro aside today we'll be taking a look at the second film of the "Heisei Era" of Godzilla films, "Godzilla Vs. Mothra: Battle For Earth".

Godzilla Vs Mothra: Battle For Earth starts off with a giant meteorite landing in the ocean causing a typhoon to hit revealing a Mothra Egg on an nearby island. That's not the worst of it as the meteorite has also caused Godzilla to awake from hibernation. We then cut to a very Indiana Jones adventure scene where we see a guy dressed like John Rambo taking a treasure from a temple. Once he escapes after setting off a trap he gets arrested and thrown in jail. While in jail he is approached by a group of scientists with one of them being his ex-wife and is requested that he helps them out in bringing the Mothra Egg to Japan otherwise he is going to rot in jail. Once they capture the egg they are attacked by a very cranky Godzilla and during the battle the egg hatches and a baby Mothra starts to attack Godzilla right back. They are not alone as another baby has hatched not far from them but this baby isn't so nice and starts attacking both Godzilla and Mothra. Turns out the baby is named Battra and is an evil cousin to Mothra. After not being able to capture the egg they come back with something special and that thing (or things in this case) are Mothra's keepers, the Twin Fairies. Mothra isn't too happy so she starts to head to Japan to rescue them. Ruuuunnnn! Its Mothra! (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah (1991) (Godzilla Week 2014 Day 1)

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It's back and larger than... well it's still the same size but alas Godzilla Week has returned for another year. Last year I reviewed all the films from the "Millennium Series" of Godzilla films that ran from 1999 - 2004. This year we'll be visiting another era of Godzilla films that isn't too far from the "Millennium Series" and is in fact the prior era called the "Heisei Era" that took place between 1985 - 1995 (although the first film wasn't made until 1991). While there are only five films in this series  that doesn't mean that all seven days won't be filled as on Saturday and Sunday there'll be two mystery Godzilla reviews. But in the meantime... Ruuuuuuunnnnnnn! It's Godzilla Week... AGAIN!

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah starts off with scientists talking about how Godzilla is sleeping at the bottom of the ocean and how they can track him with a computer. We then zoom to a dinosaur exhibit where we see an old man warning people that a great dinosaur will destroy Tokyo. Then we are met up with a writer who is sick of writing fictional stuff and wants to work on non-fiction. Shortly after we see an UFO flying across the sky and then landing on a lake. The UFO landing makes all the papers and has the army afraid that there is an alien invasion about to take place. Turns out the aliens aren't aliens at all as it turns out that there are humans controlling the ship. The UFO also ends up being a time machine from the future (the year 2204 to be exact) where the humans who are on it have come to warn that Godzilla will turn Tokyo into a wasteland and they ask the writer to help them. (Sadly I am out of preview space but do not worry as the rest of the film's description plus the rest of the review is after the jump). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Album Review: Various Artist - Forever: Love Songs From The Twilight Saga (2008 - 2012, 2014)

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Ladies and Lizardmen welcome to the fifth edition of "Kaiser Records: Written Edition" and on this installment I'll be reviewing a movie soundtrack. What kind of movie soundtrack dare you ask? A movie soundtrack that consists of all the best romantic tracks from the "Twilight" film series (AKA the "Twilight Saga" ). There are a lot of tracks on this one (thirty-four to be exact) and I'll be going over them song-by-song. So sit back as it's going to be a long one. (Click "Read More" to read the full review and to critique my manhood for reviewing this in the comment section).

DVD Review: Transformers Energon Collection One (2004)

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Transformers Energon Collection One is the third volume (of six) of the epic Unicron Saga. Taking place ten years after the final episode of "Transformers Armada (2002)" we see that a lot of things have changed. Brad, Carlos, and Alexis are all grown up now and are working together with the Transformers and the Earth's Governments to keep the Earth at peace. The Decepticons are no longer a threat as they are at peace with the Autobots and are all living together on bases all over the universe. We are also introduced to three new kids who are named: Kicker, Sally (Kicker's sister), and Mika (Kicker's childhood friend). Kicker is also no ordinary human as he has the unique ability to detect Energon and helps the Transformers find it and mine it as they need it as they use it as fuel. Unfortunately the peace doesn't last much longer as deep in space we have a power hungry Quintesson named Alpha Q who has his eye set on gaining all the Energon for something that is too terrible to mention (not really as I just don't want to spoil what happened in the prior box set). The Autobots must fight to save the universe once again in this new chapter of the Unicron Trilogy. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 100

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The big episode 100!  This was an entertaining episode to make!  Shintai and The Devil Burning join me and we manage to bring up all three of my top 3 most hated movies ever.  Thanks Justin!

Blu-Ray Review: Girls und Panzer - The Complete TV Series (2012 - 2013)

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Girls und Panzer (although when said out loud it sounds like "Girl's Underpants Ahh") is an animated drama comedy series. The show is about a teenaged girl named Miho Nishizumi who just transferred into a new school due to that school not having a class that she doesn't like. That certain class is known as "Tankery".  Tankery is a class that teaches students the fine art of riding tanks and learning how to operate their weaponry properly. Unfortunately for her the school she just transferred to has decided to bring back that class after it being removed from the school's program many years prior. The student council is also begging Miho to join but she doesn't want to join but when her friends want to join that class she caves in because she doesn't want to become a burden on her friends. Now the class is back up and running with the girls training up their skills so they can win the "National Tankery Championship" that has many schools competing in a game where they have two teams of tanks battling against each other, if one team takes out the other teams leader then the team that took out the other teams leader wins the match.  The downside is that the tanks that the girls will be riding aren't as good as all of the tanks the other schools will be using so they are going to have to work real hard if they want to stand a chance.  Panzer Vor! (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Vidyer Date Night: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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I play some Super Nintendo games with my girlfriend.

Blu-Ray Review: Fate/Zero Collection One (2011)

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Fate/Zero Collection One contains all thirteen episodes of the first season of this modern times fantasy war series. This show is about a great war that is about to begin where a very small group of people get chosen to attend it. Chosen to attend a war you say? How silly you say? Well maybe I should mention that there is a prize for the last man (or woman) standing... So it is more like a battle royale contest rather than your traditional war. The prize is none other than the Holy Grail and the winner of this prize will win it and get a wish from it. The people that are chosen don't have to fight alone as they all have a partner with them but not just any partner but a partner that's also a hero that has a huge reputation (and that's under stating it). You see heroes like King Arthur and Alexandra the Great just to name a few.  This show isn't as simple as that as all the contestants have some heavy things going on around their lives outside of this contest. Some have mafia-esk family drama issues and others have some problems that are completely different like a guy that likes to sacrifice children for fun. They all have one thing in common though and that is that they all want the Grail even if they realize it or not. I'm getting so excited that I'm going to go grab a coconut just like in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Gosick Series Collection (2011)

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Gosick is an animated mystery series about a boy named Kazuya Kujo who is an exchange student from Japan and is studying in a small fictional European country named Saubure. On his first day his teacher assigns him a project where he has to study famous horror tales as the country of Saubure is completely mad for them. While at the library he notices something at the top of the building and climbs a whole ton of stairs.  After going through all that effort he is welcomed to a lovely site of a very beautiful garden that is on the top floor. While up there he spots a life-sized doll dressed in a very pretty Gothic Victorian dress.  Kujo decides to pick it up only for the doll to start talking to him as it isn't a doll at all but another student named Victorique del Blois who likes skipping class to read and eat sweets. Not too long after we that an old psychic woman has been murdered and Victorique and Kujo figure out the case right away like it was child's play. The two of them end up working together on old unsolved cases based on horror tales... Actually it's the other way around where they are investigating old murders that have inspired the horror tales. Looks like we are going to have fun with this 1920's version of "Cold Case ("2003 - 2010"). (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play Titan Quest (Part 9)

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Let'ts play more Titan Quest with Alex!

DVD Review: Blast of Tempest Collection One (2012 - 2013)

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Blast of Tempest Collection One is an animated fantasy thriller about two teenage boys named Yoshino Takigawa and Mahiro Fuwa. The show starts off with Yoshino saying goodbye to his friend Mahito while he is taking his sister home. Shortly after we cut to a scene where a beautiful female mage has been banished to an island by her clan so that she can't use her powers. We cut back to Yoshino and he begins to worry where Mahiro has gone as he has seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth. While Yoshino is on his way from leaving school he is attacked by a group of bullies who end up taking his wallet. After that ordeal he walks to a graveyard to visit Mahiro's sister's grave as she was murdered one year prior (that should show how long Mahiro has been gone). While at the graveyard he is attacked by a busty woman named Evangeline yamamoto who starts to attack him with a gun.  She asks him questions about Mahiro but he won't say anything. Right about when Yoshino is about to get a bullet in the head they get distracted by a flock of butterflies. After that we see the return of Mahiro who has learned the art of magic. 

Once they get away from Evangeline, Mahiro show's Yoshino a magical doll that's being used as a walkie talkie. On the other end of the line we find out that they are being contacted by that beautiful mage from the island who is named Hakaze kusaribe. Turns out that Hakaze needs help from the two boys as her clan has plans to find all the fruits to a tree called "Tree of Exodus" (not a cover band of the classic heavy metal group "Exodus") and once her clan awakens the tree then the Earth will most likely be destroyed.  Mahiro isn't helping out for free as he is only doing it because she promised him that she'll track down his sister's killer so that he can get his revenge. Magic, Revenge, and Trees... What could possibly go wrong? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #124 - Set it Straight

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Darabka sits in for a really good episode about PC gaming, technology, fun, and other things. Check it out yalls!

Download the mp3 here.

Riverboat Draw Poker

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Another awesome video game artifact!

Cowboy Bebop Remastered Sessions Collection Two contains the final thirteen episodes of this animated science fiction series. The show is about a group of bounty hunters that live on a giant space ship named "The Bebop". The crew that live on this ship are: Spike Spiegel (An ex-mafia that's good with guns, martial-arts, and stealing food), Jet Black (An ex-cop that is great at gathering information due to knowing many people in the police force), Faye Valentine (A woman that's nothing but trouble and has a debt that's higher than most people can count), Edward (She is a master computer hacker with an incredibly hyperactive and eccentric personality), and Ein (A special data-dog that they keep around as a pet). In this volume we start to see all of their pasts catch-up with them and we learn what their lives were like back in the day. It's not all doom and gloom as this volume has some of the most fun episodes you will find in this entire series. Looks like we are in for one hell of a ride full of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll... again. (Click "Read More" to read the full review space cowboy).

Album Review: OFF! - Wasted Years (2014)

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Ladies and blokes I'd like to welcome you all to the fourth edition of "Kaiser Records: Written Edition" where I mainly review music of these dark modern times and the occasional review of a classic album re-released. On this edition I'll be reviewing the latest album from the Californian punk band supergroup "Off!" titled "Wasted Years" (not related to my least favorite "Iron Maiden" song of the same name). Looks like lightning has struck twice as this is another rare time (that most likely won't be rare in the near future) where I'll be reviewing the album as a whole instead of my typical "song-for-song" styled reviews. (Click "Read More" to read what I have to say about this album).

Beastcast 50 - Looking Back, then moving Forward

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Its been 50 episodes fellow Beastians. Lets look back to where the Beast had his humble beginnings, and thank the friends and allies that had helped him along the way.

More after the bump!