Updated Sega Saturn Netlink video

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Banjo-Kazooie First Impressions

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Woke up this morning and ate some boneless chicken wings, my stummy is exploding now because of it.  After that breakfast of champions I sat down and played some Banjo-Kazooie for the first time.  Not bad!  It's the first 3D platformer I've really put in any time with on the N64.  It seems like the first few levels are throwing a lot of fucking new moves at me that the next time I pick it up I will have forgotten.

3M Command Strips Review

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Fake Famicom Carts Made Into Real Freeware

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The latest TIGSource competition prompted game developers to make new original freeware games based off of fake Famicom carts which have been previously made just for laughs. The end result is a huge crop of freeware games which are just awesome. Here is an example:

This phony cart…

00012 Sinister Moon

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Episode 00012 of the Mondo Cool Cast! This week I talk about FINALLY beating Metroid Prime after Seven long long years! I shoot the shit with Sinister Moon from youtube and as always answer emails and audio comments while battling technical difficulties associated with doing a live show!

Sinister Moons Youtube Channel!

Secret Enemy Podcast!

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The Name Game

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How badly do you hate stickers and marker all over your used video games?  Does it burn your ass when some moron writes on the end of your N64 carts with magic marker without applying a protective layer of space age super wonder masking tape?  Me too.  One of the worst offenders are those silver stickers on former rental copies that always leave behind that magical silver goop when you peel the sticker off of the cart. 

Dragon Power for the Nintendo Entertainment System

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Wario Wallet Review

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Game Center CX

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Reality TV is just another nail in the coffin being built for American culture. I don't care who Ray Jay is porking, has porked or will pork. Tori Spelling is a hideous skeletal monstrosity that needs to be kept off of television screens where innocent people may accidentally see her bony horrors. I don't like reality tv.

There is however one reality show from Japan that I absoloutely LOVE! Game Center CX chronicles Shinya Arino taking on some of the hardest video games ever made. Arino's dedicated work ethic towards completing objectives is truly inspiring. Putting in 14 hour game sessions trying to beat crushingly difficult Famicom games is a regular occurance for Arino on Game Center CX.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

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The first High Def game

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I was looking through my tweets yesterday and came across this article on Hudson Soft's Facebook page. It's an interesting look at the first High Definition video game...from 1993. With the extra definition came extra screen space which they used to make the game support 10 players in the game Hi-Ten Bomberman.

From the article:
"We may take High Definition gaming for granted now with the prevalence of HD TVs and HD-ready consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it’s still a relatively new technology for gamers in the states. Not so for our counterparts in Japan. Although it wasn’t quite the HD we’re used to nowadays, over a decade ago a Japanese video game made one small step for Bomberman, and one giant leap for Bombermankind."

It's a very interesting read and very much worth checking out.

00011 Live From the Terror Dome!

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The first live episode of the Mondo Cool Cast was a great success! With just barely one days notice 16 people showed up to the chat and caught the first of the live Mondo Cool Casts! It was a great time, wish you all could have been there!

On this episode I talk about Dragon Quest IX, the Gamestop event, Markers on N64 carts, Used game store owners hate my ass and of course we interview Atarix777. Find out why his youtube channel went down, came back and of course we talk about his gaming community The New Net.

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