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Reality TV is just another nail in the coffin being built for American culture. I don't care who Ray Jay is porking, has porked or will pork. Tori Spelling is a hideous skeletal monstrosity that needs to be kept off of television screens where innocent people may accidentally see her bony horrors. I don't like reality tv.

There is however one reality show from Japan that I absoloutely LOVE! Game Center CX chronicles Shinya Arino taking on some of the hardest video games ever made. Arino's dedicated work ethic towards completing objectives is truly inspiring. Putting in 14 hour game sessions trying to beat crushingly difficult Famicom games is a regular occurance for Arino on Game Center CX.

To aid Arino in his quest he has guide books and play guides and occasionally the assistence of a highly skilled game master. During especially troubling and difficult areas of a game Arino can pass off the controller to a highly skilled gamer, my fovirte being AP Toujima.  After several hours of intense gameplay it is a common for Arino to place a cold pack sticky thing on his forhead, it took me a while to figure out what the hell that was. 

Pictured: Stress Relief.

During my youtube exploits I came across a clip from Game Center CX and immediately fell in love. I began scouring the internet looking for sub titled episodes. There was even a special where Arino travels Japan looking for the nothernmost Game Center. The journey was larger than life. At each Game Center, or arcade, Arino would attempt to win a prize for the viewers. I've never had so much fun watching a grown man try to win trinkets from claw machines and UFO catchers.

The show inspired a DS game so good that it was localized for the Western Market despite the show being relatively unknown outside of Japan. Of course that game is none other than Retro Game Challenge. I have yet to add it to my collection but I know someday I will buy that game. Just because I love Game Center CX and you know because I hear it's a really great game.

One of the reasons I'm writing this short article is because I often hear people talk about Retro Game Challenge and how it is an amazing game. Sadly most of the people talking about the game have no knowledge of its origins and relation to my favorite Japanese television show.

With a little bit of googling you can find sub titled episodes of this charming little show about beating difficult games. It's very much worth it.

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