Fake Famicom Carts Made Into Real Freeware

Posted by Critical Failure On Friday, August 20, 2010 1 comments

The latest TIGSource competition prompted game developers to make new original freeware games based off of fake Famicom carts which have been previously made just for laughs. The end result is a huge crop of freeware games which are just awesome. Here is an example:

This phony cart…

was turned into this awesome freeware game…

This is one example out of about 20 or so playable games which have been entered into the contest. I have been having a blast playing through these games. Click here to check out the finalists, or click here to check out the game pictured here.


JerryTerrifying said...

whoa I might have to check these out...Vector Planet looks like an awesome game.

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