The first High Def game

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, August 7, 2010 3 comments

I was looking through my tweets yesterday and came across this article on Hudson Soft's Facebook page. It's an interesting look at the first High Definition video game...from 1993. With the extra definition came extra screen space which they used to make the game support 10 players in the game Hi-Ten Bomberman.

From the article:
"We may take High Definition gaming for granted now with the prevalence of HD TVs and HD-ready consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it’s still a relatively new technology for gamers in the states. Not so for our counterparts in Japan. Although it wasn’t quite the HD we’re used to nowadays, over a decade ago a Japanese video game made one small step for Bomberman, and one giant leap for Bombermankind."

It's a very interesting read and very much worth checking out.


atarix777 said...

Ha, that sounds gerat... This evening I had some of my familie members here, so we where playing bomberman on the video beamer with 6 playes some hours in a row.. It will never become old, but a HD version would be awesome :-D

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool, there's a lot of little things that just slip by I guess. Like, did you know that Panzer Dragoon Zwei on the Sega Saturn has a special widescreen mode that supports 16:9 aspect ratio TV's? I can't imagine anyone having a widescreen in '96, but someone was looking toward the future.

matt said...

computer games don't count?

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