Banjo-Kazooie First Impressions

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, August 29, 2010 3 comments

Woke up this morning and ate some boneless chicken wings, my stummy is exploding now because of it.  After that breakfast of champions I sat down and played some Banjo-Kazooie for the first time.  Not bad!  It's the first 3D platformer I've really put in any time with on the N64.  It seems like the first few levels are throwing a lot of fucking new moves at me that the next time I pick it up I will have forgotten.

I played the first level and found everything but one item.  This gives me a bad feeling though.  There's like 7 groups of items that I have to collect a shit ton of.  So I was basically just running around  this level finding shit, getting power ups and new moves to find even more shit.  One of the most important items you need to find are puzzle pieces.  There's 10 per stage and you use them to complete pictures of stages that you enter to find more crap.  You also need to collect 100 musical notes per stage so you can unlock doors in the main hub so you can unlock get to more pictures of worlds with missing puzzle pieces so you can ultimately collect more shit.  I had collected 74 of the musical notes for the second level and died from a shark attack I believe.

What a fucking pain!  I have to recollect all 74 musical notes again!  I was reading the wikipedia article and found out that the XBLA version fixes this problem.  So that when you die or exit a stage you still have all the collected musical notes.  So that's where I quit for the day.  There are 9 stages and I'm sure as the game progresses they get harder and filled with more puzzles to hide the items you need to collect more effectively.  Seriously.  Tons of fucking items to hunt down.

Don't let my laziness fool you...sitting here typing up this first impressions piece about the game has me itching to fire it up and give level 2 another shot.  At least the new moves I've picked up weren't lost when I died!  I probably would have chucked the cart out the window if that were the case.

Addendum: one of the moves is egg shooting.  You can shoot eggs out of the front end or out of the rear end of your bird companion.  The rear egg shooting is accompanied by a farting sound.  Banjo Kazooie has bird queef sound effects.


Half Blind Gamer said...

There are boneless chicken wings? What the heck!

Never sank much time in this series either. Would love to at some point though. Always enjoy a good (3D) platformer. But man, you just have to hate that item collecting that's forced down your throat in these games.

DeathAdder83 said...

Banjo Kazooie is fucking awesome game. I feel the urge to go get some wings and chase them with a pitcher of ranch now, mmmm.

Tecmo Ballz said...

hahaha Bird Queefs..Classic. Can we get some more of these "First Impressions"? Your overdue

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