Just got my ps3 back. The DVD that was stuck inside came back so that's good news! But the bad news is...it's already acting up. It wasn't the ps3 I sent in...I had my serial number written down. This refurb'd ps3 is acting up....on the first damn game I tried playing. So it's going back tomorrow as I've got a 90 warranty. I'm pretty pissed about this shit.

When ever you get an S or A rank during one of the demo missions you get this sweet wall paper for your PSP. It has your stats for kicking the games ass in the bottom right corner. Pretty cool!

Wow! I woke up and found out that the MGS Peace Walker Demo is out! I was hoping it would be after it was released at the Tokyo Game Show. It's on IGN and can be downloaded here:

Also the first thing that I noticed is the defualt camera controls are terrible. They needed to be inverted bad! So I headed on over to game faqs and saw a topic with instructions on how to change the options around:

That topic was very helpful. If only I had bought my PSP TV out cable sooner! I could have a gameplay video of the MGS PW demo up right now! I'm headed off to Wal Mart and Meijer to see if I can track one down in the real world.

I keep getting comments on youtube about my Gameboy collection video. Specifically comments about how I toss my games onto my bed as I go through what games I have. They're fucking Gameboy cartridges! Falling six inches onto a bed will not hurt them. I could throw them at a brick wall as hard as I can and run it over with my cart, set it on fire and it will still work fine. What the hell is up with these dudes? Are they not familiar with how indestructable carts are? Must be because they grew up with CD based games and think everything is delicate.

There's a new rumor that localization for Yakuza 3 has begun! This is great news! I loved Yakuza, a lot. I haven't started on Yakuza 2 yet but I'm really really excited for Yakuza 3 on the ps3. This will be one of those games that I rush out and buy on release day, to show support for Sega. Sega deserves my dollars when they do something good. Keep doing good things Sega.

I'm pissed. Really fucking pissed. I was on ebay looking for a Dreamcast webbrowser, specifically version 3. I got one for $20 total. That wasn't bad, they're hard to come by. All those Dreamcast browsers you see for like basically free are version 2, which are useless with the broadband adapter. Only version 3 works with the broadband adapter so that's why I ponied up the cash for this bitch. First of all it took like a week and a half to get here when it came from the same state, so that means the ebay is slow and secondly there is a giant fucking crack in the disc. Gee, don't you think that's something that should have been mentioned in the fucking auction? No it says it was working and tested, well there's no pictures of the data side of the disc on the auction so I guess I have to take their word for it. Maybe it happened during shipping? The case it came in was one of those folded in half cardboard jobs, and the case was in a fucking bubble pack. Boo. So it may have happened during transit. Let's see if this asshole gives me my damn refund. I'm mad. I can't find another 3.0 webbrowser on ebay, and I can't find a fucking ISO on the internet because I'm not agaisnt burning a copy.

All I wanted to do was download some images to my VMU for use in Jet Grind Radio. Fuck! Stuff like this gets me super mad, this sucks. I was so exicted to finally spray some custom tags. Damn it!

Dropped off the ps3 at the UPS store. Man, I hope she makes the trip safely! SHould be about two weeks till I get it back. Still stressing about my DVD. I better get that shit back!

Got the coffin for my ps3 today, boxed it up and got it ready to go to UPS tomorrow. So sometime tomorrow I'll go up there and drop it off. I'm still super bummed about the whole situation.

I found the sound track to 3 Dirty Dwarves. Man, listening to it is awesome it has such a catchy soundtrack. The more I play this game the more I love it. what a shame that such a bad ass game went unnoticed just because it was on the Sega Saturn. Had Sega only known how to advertise the Saturn's strong points and maybe didn't screw up the launch and piss off all the third parties then maybe games like this would be classics and we'd have a new Sega console on our entertainment centers.

So I've started playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass. It's pretty sweet, but do you know what would make it even more sweet? Normal controls. I've only beaten the first dungeon but I can tell this is going to be a pretty easy game.

It definitely feels like a Zelda game which is good. I actually am one of those weirdos that loved Wind Waker and the Link in that game. Toon Link is awesome and expressive making him the only Link to have any kind of personality which is one of the reasons I loved Wind Waker so much. I can't wait to get further in this game, its nice that I'm starting to get some good DS games.

The controls are ok but I'd really rather control Link with the D pad. The only cool thing so far about it is using the stylus to draw the path of the boomerang. Using the stylus to run around is awkward though.

Just got paid for the Network adapter, so I'm going ot be sending out the package with the Network Adapter and memory card. So in about a week or so I should be playing games straight off the HDD on my ps2. Can't wait. It may give me something to do while waiting for my ps3 to get back from the graveyard.

Uploaded several videos. Most importantly the MGS VS MGS TTS video. It's my third video to ever use any kind of editing. So I'm always proud of those. So check those out, there's a handy dandy youtube app on the right hand side of this page.

Also I finally got 100 subs on my youtube page! Someday I'd like to have like 50,000 subs so I can slap google adsense on there and start making the big dollars. Wouldn't that be sweet? To be paid to play with video games and making videos? Hell yeah it would be. So subscribe to me and tell all your friends your Mama and your Granny to sub.

I'm going to make a review. An honest to God video game review for my page. It won't need much video editing, and I can just slap a narration over it, so that's why it's happening. Expect that someday soon. Probably the next video I upload.

Today I missed the UPS man, he was dropping off my ps3 coffin. I need it so it can be packed up and sent in to Sony. I hope I'm not with out it for too long, I dearly love my 60gb ps3.

Called Sony and got everything taken care of for sending my ps3 in for servicing. The phone call was pretty painless. Let's just hope that I get my damn Venture Bros DVD back. I really want to watch that crap! It's one of my favorite shows!

A ps3 Died in Ohio tonight.

Very tragic news. My Playstation 3 died on me tonight. Very sad. I just started watching a Venture Bros DVD and about 30 seconds in the video freezes and the screen goes black. I hit the eject button and get beeping, I hit the power button and more beeping and the power light started beeping. So I turn off the main power, turn it back on and hit the power button, I get a green light, it flashes red then just starts flashing red. If I hit the power button it'll go into standby, if I hit the power button again it starts blinking red again. Lame.

So in the morning I'm going to actually call the support line. If you knew me you'd know how much I hate making phone calls, talking to people makes me uncomfortable.

I may make a video about it documenting the process of shipping it off. I better get my God damn DVD back is all I know. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

So yesterday I got my hands on a ps2 HDD and an extra Network Adapter. I want an HDD for my ps2 so I can run HDD Loader! Which is a program that lets you rip an image of a ps2 game to the ps2's HDD so it can be played from the HDD. Neat! I think you can even make it so it'll play ISO's or some crap. That'd be rad!

So looking up how to make all of this magic happen I came across a youtube video showing how to load the homebrew app for the first time. Well the only thing stopping me from being able to do this all right now is that I need a Memory card with a cracked file on it. So the youtube video linked to a page with written instructions and the guy said he'd help you get ahold of the file or if you need it you could send him a memory card and he'd copy it for you and send it back. Sweet! So I sent a message and arragned that. And I'm also selling him the spare network adapter since he recently had an accident with his. So I basically am getting a free HDD and the ability to run HDD Loader. AWESOME.

Also did a little work on the stencils for my MGS1 ps1. So maybe sometime soon I'll try painting up the last bits.

Oh! And one more thing before bed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST! You brought me such joys as Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue and even Phantasy Star Online!

I hate how I can't start and finish a game withought moving from one game to another. I just have one more palace to clear before beating Zelda II. I must finish it! Someday soon! I'll set aside some hours for it.

Haven't been playing many games at all. At least for the past few days or maybe about a week actually. Man I hope after Zelda I pick The Bard's Tale back up! Hahaha that game is a blast! But last night I found http://www.tetrisfriends.com/ and was hooked and played Tetris online for hours. It was sick. I think it's because I was depressed that I got so sucked into it. But man other people suck at Tetris....I was kicking asses. It was great.

Made two videos. I snuck around Vacs 'N Videos guerilla style and got some footage, took it home and actually fired up Windows Movie Maker and added a voice over. I can't use my computer to do that so it's slightly inconveniant. Then I decided I'd go to the CD Depot inside the Flea Market and actually ask the dude if I could get some footage and talk about some games and junk. There's on more store I'll hit up in Fairborn, someday. Don't know when I'll get around to that. Then in Riverside there's a store called Game Haven....they have table top RPG tournaments or some shit...I might go ask them if I can tape their store...but I didn't really give to much of a shit about that place. They had some decently priced n64 games but that was about it.

Getting close to beating Zelda II the Adventure of Link. I'm really loving this game. I'm enjoying it way more than I've ever enjoyed the first Zelda. I just got done knifing Barba, the boss in Palace number 6, in the head. I was stuck there for a while but eventually with a little jump magic and downward thrusting I was victorious!

Right now I'm doing a little level grinding to gain the last few levels to max Link's stats before going on to the final Palace to kick some ass. Really glad I fixed the battery in this game and am giving it the attention it deserves.

I like the overworld and how it gives the land of Hyrule some much needed size. I've always hated how small the worlds are in Zelda games. Link to the Past seemed so small...with its only village being a few shacks and a couple chickens. The world just seemed smaller than a real world village...devoid of any significant population. Even OoT seemed tiny and devoid of life. There's more people on my block than there are in the entirety of Oot. But in Zelda II there's several towns spanning several screens. Sure there's like 5 sprites for villagers but at least there's a ton of them moving around, carrying pots, giving out life and magic or letting you know that they infact "know nothing."

The combat in this game is a lot more engaging than in the first. Mastering the jump n slash is pretty satisfying for taking out those enemies with the shields...their name escapes me at the moment. I just simply love this game.