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Pay Per View Review: TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2 (2013)

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It's time one again for that time of the month where I bust out my old dusty VCR and record me some wrasslin' that I've spent some money on so I can review the heck out of it to make it seem that I got more bang for my buck.  Unfortunately my VCR bit the dust ten minutes before I was set to record the event so I'm going to have to do this whole damn review going off of memory alone...crap!  Anyway the pay per view that's up for review today is TNA Hardcore Justice 2.  If you aren't familiar with my pay per view reviews then let me give you the general idea of how I do them because they are not like any of my other reviews I do (click "Read More" right now if you wish to skip this mumbling and get straight to the review). 

The way I do these pay per view reviews is that I just simply talk about each match separately and say what I liked and disliked about the match.  I also want to clear up a mistake I made back in the Payback review ( review can be found here) where I said that TNA only does a pay per view every three months.  Turns out that TNA does indeed have monthly pay per views with a live one happening every three months.  The months in-between they have shows called "One Night Only" that are pre-taped and are half the price of the live pay per views.  The idea of having pre-taped shows as pay per view is a little daunting but you are not simply paying for an episode of "Impact" as they do make these shows very special and really interesting.  Another way I can describe it is that they are like the old "WWF In Your House" shows but pre-taped.  If you still think that paying for pre-taped pay per views is a waste of money then I don't really blame you at all as it does sound like a very steep thing to buy.  Anyway that concludes the rambling part that's starting to become a regular segment of this review and onto my thoughts, opinions, impressions, or whatever you like to call them but in the end it's going to end up being an review of "Hardcore Justice 2".  (Click "Read More" for the full review).

Beast & Kaiser Amazing Show, Great Job! - Warioworld Part 1

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Blu-Ray Review: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (2012)

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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is an romantic horror comedy series about a boy named Teiichi who is wondering around the old part of the school and just happens to meet up with a ghost named Yuko.  The two instantly become friends and form a paranormal club where they go over the schools urban legends to see if they can unlock Yuko's past as she doesn't have any recollection of it.  We are soon joined up with two more characters named Kirie and Momoe.  Kirie is Yuko's great niece and is very unsure about whether or not that they can trust Yuko.  Momoe is a very hyperactive girl that is always trying to find proof of paranormal existence and always finds very outlandish urban legends.  She also has a crush on Teiichi but is always failing on trying to woo him as Yuko gets very jealous and tries to hold her back.  She is also the only one of the main cast that can not see Yuko.  There's also a word going around that there is something else roaming around, could it just be Yoko or could it be something that will be a threat?

Kaitoons #1: Gut of the North Star

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Darabka's Dungeon: Interview with your Main Man

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Interview with the one and only Ander aka "your Main Man!". I ask him questions about the nature of roleplaying games, where the hobby is headed and his own project to fix the situation. More info after the bump!

Beastcast 41 - Let's Chat with Michael again!

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Having a real good talk with my fellow content producer from theNextRound Michael Smith from Michaels Retro Review and MRGR Radio. Downloadlink after the bump!

Gaming Beast and Kaiser Play Beat Hazard Ultra

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"Beast & Kaiser Amazing Show, Great Job!" aka Let's Play Beat Hazard Ultra with Retrokaiseraiser. Well play "Hamburgers and Hotdogs" song from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! who wants to have a barbecue?

Blu-Ray Review: Kids On The Slope (2012)

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Kids on the Slope is a coming of age drama story about a high school student named Kaoru Nishimi who moves into a small town and is a very miserable person.  During his first day at school he suffers a panic attack and dashes off to the school's roof.  Kaoru bumps into another student by the name of Sentaro Kawabuchi on his way there and finds out he was skipping class to catch up on some sleep.  A group of school bullies turn up to kick Kaoru's teeth in due to an incident from earlier in the day.  Lucky for him Sentaro steps in and whoops the gang of bullies and helps Kaoru get to the rooftop so he can relax.  After the brawl Sentaro jokingly charges Kaoru for his services and gives him the nickname "Ritchie Rich" due to being fairly wealthy.  Later that day Ritchie (is what he is known as for the rest of the series) drops by at the local record store he runs into Ritsuko Mukae (a girl he befriended during his first day of school) invites him to come into her basement to hang out with her and Sentaro.  Sentaro despises this idea at first but things soon change when they find that they have a thing in common and that is that they both know how to play a certain jazz song and from that we see the trios friendship grow very quickly and they form a band with Ritchie on the piano and Sentaro on the drums.  That's only the tip of the iceberg as you will also see romance, drama, school life, and some smooth jazz music.  (Click "Read More" to see the rest of the article).

DVD Review: Tiger & Bunny Part 2 (2011)

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Tiger & Bunny Part 2 (AKA Volume 2) is the final volume of this series about a division of superheroes that are not only fighting with each other but are also fighting against each other in a televised sports show where catching crooks gets you points and fame.  In this thrilling volume we see Barnaby confront his parents killer and fights life and limb to take him down so he can avenge his parents death.  Unfortunately no matter how hard he fights he can't seem to take the guy down as he knows every move that Barnaby will make making him very frustrated.  Meanwhile in the hospital we see the other heroes recovering and Tiger figures out how to defeat the horrid villain from thinking back to his battle with him and runs of to help Barnaby.  Barnaby has finally avenged the death of his parents and has finally set his mind at peace... or has he?  This could only be just the beginning of his problems.  Meanwhile Tiger is having problems of his own when he can't seem to take control of his powers as well as he used to and fears that his powers might be vanishing away due to old age (much like how our muscles get weaker as we get older).  What's a hero to do in this situation?  Plan retirement that is and spend the rest of his life with his family. Unfortunately for his family Tiger wants to help Barnaby with his problems first before he hangs up his cape (metaphorically speaking as he wears a robot suit) for good. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the review).

DVD Review: Nisemonogatari Part 2 (2012) [Limited Edition]

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Nisemonogatari Part 2 is about that mundane perverted vampire guy (or is that ex-vampire guy?) named Koyomi  Araragi trying to live a normal life.  In this volume he is hanging out with his two younger sisters, Karen (the older sister) wants to meet Koyomi's girlfriend but he doesn't want to introduce his girlfriend to her unless she could beat a humiliating endurance test.  Later they decide to go for a walk and bump into a weird woman that is balancing on park benches.  The woman asks for directions and Koyomi tells her and the woman leaves and also tells them to expect someone else asking them for directions as well.  Koyomi's sister was oddly very silent during this whole ordeal and that was because she was getting ready to battle as she sensed a very strong aura about her and was worried that she had to fight her.  Later a little weird looking girl appears asking for directions just like to woman told them will happen.  They give the girl directions and immediately think that this meeting was much more than just a simple coincidence.  Trying to find out info they run into the tall creepy man from Nisemonogatari Part 1 and get some interesting information out of him.  Turns out that the weird woman and the weird little are paranormal hunters that destroy supernatural beings (plus other things that I won't spoil).  Why are they here?  Are they friend or foe?  How much did the creepy man charge Koyomi for the info?  I'm sure aren't going to be giving those answers away that's for sure.