Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 91

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Metal Gear Rising, VAG, Famicom, Bomberman and more after the jump!

Blu-Ray Review: Bodacious Space Pirates Part 1 (2012)

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Bodacious Space Pirates is an animated science fiction adventure about ordinary school girl Marika Kato whom finds out that her long lost dad was a space pirate captain of a ship called the Bentenmaru. Sad news follows shortly as she also finds out that he had died from food poisoning just hours before Marika found out about her dad being a pirate. She is also the next in line to be the captain as she is his only child and of course she refuses (wouldn't be anime if it wasn't for this cliche you see in a bazillion other anime titles) because she would rather have good grades over piracy (how evil). When she returns to school she is surprised as not only is her new teacher one of the pirates that want her to captain the Bentamaru (with the sweetest name ever “Kane McDougal”) but she also gets a new exchange student joining in her class (named Chiaki Kurihara) and she is also up for joining Marika in the Space Yacht Club. The Space Yacht Club is where a group of students from different classes fly spaceships in order to excel space travel so they can be astronauts. Marika also has a after school job where she works as a maid at a very beautiful vintage cafe. Marika also notices that strange people in suits start showing up at the cafe as soon as she gets the offer to be captain making her very nervous then Chiaki walks into the cafe and explains to Marika that they are all agents from the government who want to kidnap her and get any piece of info they can out of her (F**king government fascists pigs). The suits then try to take Marika but Chiaki saves her and they get the seven seas of rye right out of there. Marika then decides that she wants to be captain after-all and thus begins our journey for Captain Marika the Space Queen.  (Hit "Read More" for full article or I'll make you walk the plank arrrgghhh).

Mondo Cool Team Reviews: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)

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This is a prequel to FF7, and a damn good one. People who love action RPGs and/or FF7 will definitely enjoy this.

Gamingbeast plays Shadow Warrior with Critical Failure

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Playing Shadow Warrior with Critical Failure, in a level his brother made years ago. Who wants some Wang?

Beastcast 36 - Moar like Fantastic FAIL

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Talking about the Fantastic Four movie Reboot and how it will probably suck, other movie news and D&D Dungeon Master tips!. Download and player after the bump!

Blu-Ray Review: Red Vs. Blue: RVBX 10 Years of Red Vs. Blue (2002 - 2012)

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Red Vs. Blue X is a gigantic box set containing the first ten seasons of the video game based show Red Vs. Blue. The first five seasons cover The Blood Gulch Saga which is about two groups of soldiers, one red, one blue whom are out to capture each others flag but the downside to all this is they are all a bunch of idiots. The members of the blue team are: Church (the leader), Tucker (the horny loser who wants the sniper rifle), and Caboose (king of the idiots). On the red team we have: Sarge (the leader and always goes on tangents about old war stories), Simmons (the know-it-all ass kisser), Grif (the lazy orange one), and Lopez (the Spanish speaking robot). Right from the start we get a classic scene of Simmons and Grif asking “why are we here?” while the blue team are in the cliffs spying on them. Sarge calls over Simmons and Grif with excitement and reveals that they have a new vehicle (a warthog). The red team also gets a new recruit (named Doughnut) and as a joke they send him to the blue base to pick up some supplys but really want to see him get shot at. Doughnut makes it over to the blue base with ease as the blue team is bickering with each-other and takes their flag as a fluke. The blues get embarrassed by all this and start firing at Doughnut but lucky for him the reds take advantage and start attacking the blues right back. Caboose finds this to be the perfect time to use the tank that the blues have but he ends up getting it stuck on auto-pilot and ends up killing Church (oh dear). Funny enough Church comes back as a ghost and continues to boss around the other blues. Church and Tucker get desperate trying to get their flag back and call for backup and end up getting a freelancer with a dark secret named Tex. Tex goes out to retrieve the blues flag but ends up getting captured and we then find out that Tex is Church's ex-girlfriend and they go rescue her. They rescue her and get back their flag but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The adventures of our loveable nincompoops just keeps on getting bigger with battling other freelancer, meeting aliens, and time traveling. (Click "Read More" for rest of review).

Beastcast 35 - Dungeons & Dragons

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Talking about some movie stuff, like a new series based on "Wizard of Oz" and tabletop Roleplaying Games. Download and player after the big bad bump!

DVD Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Collection 2 (1998 - 2000)

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Cardcaptor Sakura Collection Two is the second (and final) set out of these long-awaited DVD releases and contains the second and third seasons of the show. Season two has Sakura collecting the last few cards in order to stop a great tragedy from happening. She is also having this recurring dream of her standing on top of Tokyo Tower battling some shadowy figures that seem very familiar to her. Sakura is also starting her next year at school and absolutely adores her new teacher Mizuki but Li (the other cardcaptor of this story) seems very suspicious of her. Will Sakura capture the last of the cards and stop the great tragedy? Who are these shadowy figures Sakura keeps on dreaming about? Is Mizuki somehow connected to all this? Season two is rather short being only ten episodes long so you will find out the answer to all these questions rather quickly. What I don't get is why they didn't just do these episodes for season one? I really hate it when shows do that grr. There are some things I do really like about this season and that is the shows writing has gotten more tight and less predictable than what it was in the first season. I also do like how the great tragedy is written to be very mysterious to the point where it could be anything leaving you guessing to the very end. I really enjoyed the second season but once I saw I still had twenty-four episodes to get through after an ending like that, it gave me a bad feeling that the show is going to go downhill from there. Will my expectations come true? Or will I be wrong? Well let's move onto season three of the show. (Click "Read More" for rest of article).

Darabka's Dungeon Episode 2: Delegating RPG Authority (Response to SamwiseRPG)

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his is a response to Tim from SamwiseRPG, where he asked the question if we ever Delegated Authority in a RPG before. I talk about my experiences with giving the players some of the burden of being a Dungeon Master. Check out Jeff Stuff here

Darabka's Dungeon Episode 1: How did I get into Tabletop Roleplaying Games

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Responding to Jeff's response and also starting a new series about me talking about roleplaying games. Today I talk about how I got into the hobby in detail and ramble on. More episodes to follow soon. Check out Jeff Stuff here

Katawa Shoujo Interview: TheHiveMind Emi Path Writer

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Katawa Shoujo is a wonderful (and FREE) game, so I decided to interview some of the writers. Here we have the writer of the Emi path, the girl with no legs. Even if you're not interested in the game, or never heard of it, give the interview a listen as it's pretty interesting and gives some information regarding the video game development process.

Mondo Cool Reviews: Star Ocean: The First Departure (PSP)

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If you have a PSP and you don't have this game, shame on you.

Mondo Cool Reviews: Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360)

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An epic game deserves an epic review, this is a lengthy one but by the end of it you will know all you need in order to be convinced as to whether you will dig this or not.

The Anime Room: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

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I hate this show. NUFF SAID.

Tiger Claw TV - Final Fantasy 9

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This video has been in the pipeline for a couple years now. I havent made a video in awhlie so it feels really rough but I'm proud of it. This is the single longest scripted video I have made since 2008 when I started. I worked my butt off to get this done so I really hope you guys enjoy it!

DVD Review: Samurai Horror Tales (2006)

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Samurai Horror Tales is a collection of three classic Japanese horror stories brought to life in animation by three different directors. The stories they picked for this series are: Yotsuya Ghost Story, Goddess Of The Dark Tower, and Goblin Cat. The show is structured like a anthology horror show like you would see in sonething like Showtime's “Masters Of Horror”. I'm going to do something a little different with this review as I'm going to talk about each feature individually as if each feature were its own thing. So let's dig deeper into this dark hole of a review (ghost sounds). (Click "Read More" for the rest of the review).

Beastcast 34 - Spiderman in the Avengers 2?

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The new Spiderman might be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Half Life might be getting a movie and I ramble on about how almost all movies based on video games suck! Download and player after the bumpety bump!

The New Heroes of Thair (D&D) Episode 1

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I start my new Campaign and thanks to Fantasy Grounds 2, its a roaring success. We played for at least 5 and a half hours, but I edited it down to 4 and a half. More info after the bump

Tiger Claw Radio #116 - Kirby's Demon Project

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Awful Falafal and Cap had a discussion with me about a bunch of things including the Sega Saturn and Emulaton. This episode is somewhat short because I opted to use the time to work on my upcoming Final Fantasy 9 video which is due out on the 8th of this month. Thanks so much to The Corner Pub for letting me use thier mumble escapades in my podcast!

Download Links After The Jump!

Birthday Acquisitions: 2013

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Once upon a time I told my good friend Arthur about this bad ass arcade in Cincinnati  Eventually he would go on to check it out.  During a text conversation I mentioned that place was awesome because they had Super Famicom games and that you don't run into many import games in the least not this far inland.  Being the super rad cool dude Arthur is he picked up a few random Famicom games as a slightly late birthday present.  This gives me an excuse to buy a Famicom (we all know I need more shit piled up) which I had been thinking of buying anyway.

When I got home I got to google image searching the games and figuring out exactly what it was I had just been gifted. Check out my awesome new Famicom collection after the jump.

Beastcast 33 - Beastverse Phase 1, begins!

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Beastcast 33 is a one hour almost 40 minute epic. Catching up on Nerd News, saying what I played. Talking about the new D&D campaign and officially announcing Beastverse Phase 1! Things are about to get awesome! Download-links after the bump!

Gaming Beast plays FTL (Parts 1-4)

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The Final Voyage of Starship Catcast.

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 90

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New year new MCC!  I'm selling some shit on amazon.  If you want to get first crack at any of this bullshit here's a list.  Get a hold of my before Monday if you want any of this shit.  List and show after the jump.