I just typed up a huge thing about Bleemcast Metal Gear Solid, but blogger ate it. I'm mad and refuse to retype it right now. God damn internet.

I made a sweet video about my Pioneer Laseravtive. You should hop on over to my youtube page and check it out. Yesterday in the mail I got ahold of Star Trek Starfleet Academy for the Sega 32X. I loved the SNES version so will I love this version? Well I got in about 10 minutes of play time while my girlfriend was running to the store so I could at least get a feel for the graphical upgrade.

The 32X version looks WAY better. The SNES version all the ships are gray polygons and pretty bland. In the 32X version there's some actual details and a few colors. The Klingon Bird of Prey and Batle Cruisers are actually green! In the battle practice mode I dicked around in I couldn't figure out how to activate the cloaking device on the Bird of Prey so I'll need to pull up a FAQ and look for the controlls.

My first impression based on that short ten minutes of gameplay were actually really good. The combat controls were really smooth, the graphics and sound were great. I look forward to simulating some Starfleet Academy!

I picked up Morrowind again. Haven't played since April according to my last saves date. I was questing along the north coast and found an Orc town. They wanted to kick my ass so I killed some Orc lady and was looting her corpse when some Orc Wizard came around and tried to start some shit so I got out of there. This is a note to myself:Go back to Orc town and fuck up Orc Wizard.

Got my PS3 back. It seems to be working this time. I haven't checked the Serials yet to see if it's the one I sent in. I'll look when I get around to trying to swap the hard drive.

Got in a Sega Cd today. Doesn't work. Tried swapping the fuse and put it back together and fired it up. Now I get something. The Drive access light doesn't light up but I get an image on the screen. The background of the Sega CD logo comes up but not the foreground and no sound. I might have to readjust the ribbon cable I took out of the CD drive. Who knows. I might try to swap the motor in this one with my other Sega Cd that works but has a crappy CD motor.

Downloaded Audacity. I think I might record a podcast and see what I think of the finished product. I might have to get some friends in on that project. But none of my friends are hardcore into the games like I am.

Right now I'm off to check out a TV I saw on the curb while out on my run. BYE INTERNET!

Virtual Reality, where'd that go?

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, October 15, 2009 1 comments

Remember Virtual Reality? I do. When I was a kid cartoons, movies, and even theme parks were all abuzz about VR. The last time I heard anything about Virtual Reality was Nintendo's Virtual Boy. The VB did a good job of mimicing those helmets, in design anyway. It definitely looks like some VR goggles. Even if all it did was allow you to see what amounted to Gameboy games in 3-D.

Well wouldn't now be the best time for Virtual Reality? We've got some sophisitacted control schemes and some damn impressive graphics. Back in the mid 90's all the best super advanced VR looked like a couple texture free polygons.

Just think how cool it'd be to have a VR headset spitting out HD ps3/xbox 360 visuals with your Natal and ps3 motion controller based interactions! Now the possibilities are endless but no one even remembers VR. I guess the Virtual Boy hurt its repuation that bad. What a shame.

Can not fucking wait to get my Sega 32x. I think it's being mailed from Ohio and I believe I got a confirmation number in my email this morning. So I'm thinking I'll have it on Wedensday. I hope so! Then I have to go up to lame ass Vacs N Videos and get me a 32X game or two. To test this bad boy out.

I think I've seen Star Wars Arcade up there a million times so I'll try to snag it. What I really want to play though is Star Trek Star Fleet Academy. I loved it so much on SNES and I've finally found some video of it on youtube and it does look significantly better on the 32X. So that's the number one game I want for my new Sega add on. Can not wait!

I hate holidays that keep me from getting mail. I hate Sundays because I don't get any mail. I LOVE GETTING MAIL! Actually I LOVE GETTING VIDEO GAME RELATED PACKAGES IN THE MAIL!!!

I just beat Gunstar Heroes for the first time. I only died once. Awesome. Now to kick this games ass on Hard mode. I've been playing the game with my good friend Arthur Perkins. He wants to do a two player speedrun for my youtube channel. So I'm beasting up my skills. After playing last night and getting to the second to last Boss fight going back by myself the game was way easier. So now that I've beat the game by myself I think beating it in two player will be a lot easier. Now that I know how little I had to go.

The two player mode does really ramp up the difficulty. Not impossibly mostly just how much damage is dealt and the length of the boss fights. Man I need to go to fucking bed soon.

I won a Sega CDX on ebay this week. It was mailed out on Monday so I'm really expecting it to get here today. I really really want it today. I want to start another playthrough of Snatcher when I get it. That games also bad ass. I've decided it's in my top 3 favorite all time games.

Also I've been questing for more subs on youtube. So I had a free game give away! The first batch of games are ready for shipping. So I should be getting my shoutouts soon!

I made this Bomberman. I might make another, better Bomberman. The plan is to make a Bomberman trophy and send it out to Atarix777 for his Bomberman 10 player tournament spectacular! Good thing no one reads my blog of the secret would be out! I'm thinking of painting it gold. I want to let this one dry out first and see how the paint works before I make my Bomberman 2.0 statue.