Got my PS3 back. It seems to be working this time. I haven't checked the Serials yet to see if it's the one I sent in. I'll look when I get around to trying to swap the hard drive.

Got in a Sega Cd today. Doesn't work. Tried swapping the fuse and put it back together and fired it up. Now I get something. The Drive access light doesn't light up but I get an image on the screen. The background of the Sega CD logo comes up but not the foreground and no sound. I might have to readjust the ribbon cable I took out of the CD drive. Who knows. I might try to swap the motor in this one with my other Sega Cd that works but has a crappy CD motor.

Downloaded Audacity. I think I might record a podcast and see what I think of the finished product. I might have to get some friends in on that project. But none of my friends are hardcore into the games like I am.

Right now I'm off to check out a TV I saw on the curb while out on my run. BYE INTERNET!


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