I just beat Gunstar Heroes for the first time. I only died once. Awesome. Now to kick this games ass on Hard mode. I've been playing the game with my good friend Arthur Perkins. He wants to do a two player speedrun for my youtube channel. So I'm beasting up my skills. After playing last night and getting to the second to last Boss fight going back by myself the game was way easier. So now that I've beat the game by myself I think beating it in two player will be a lot easier. Now that I know how little I had to go.

The two player mode does really ramp up the difficulty. Not impossibly mostly just how much damage is dealt and the length of the boss fights. Man I need to go to fucking bed soon.

I won a Sega CDX on ebay this week. It was mailed out on Monday so I'm really expecting it to get here today. I really really want it today. I want to start another playthrough of Snatcher when I get it. That games also bad ass. I've decided it's in my top 3 favorite all time games.

Also I've been questing for more subs on youtube. So I had a free game give away! The first batch of games are ready for shipping. So I should be getting my shoutouts soon!


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