Tiger Claw Radio #154 - The Blackwell Frustration

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With Christmas on it's way, it's time for a point and click special!

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PC Game Review: Mushihimesama (2004, 2011, 2015)

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Mushihimesama is a vertical scrolling shmup (shoot 'em up) that has you playing as a teenage girl, Reco. Reco is on a quest to help cure her village from a mysterious illness and the way to do so is by traveling though the Shinju Forest and meet a god. This quest isn't going to be easy, the Shinju Forest is full of huge bugs and I'm not talking about the glitchy kind, I'm actually talking about giant insects (yikes). These bugs also require a human sacrifice of a 15 year old girl every 150 years to help give humans the resources they need to survive and Rico is the next one on the list to be on the chopping block.  Thankfully, Reco isn't going through this journey alone as she has a bug of her own to help guide her though the forest. This bug is named Kiniro and he has a nice golden coat and a whole array of firepower. It's Studio Ghibli meets Starship Troopers (1997) in this fantasy shmup. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Let's Play Pressure (with Alex Swingle)

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Me and Alex some Steam game called "Pressure". A Steampunk car themed shmup. This was our Dead Multi Society event.

Tiger Claw Radio #152: Dip Dip Dip

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Another day, another dolla. Let's get to work!

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PC Game Review: Deadly Sin (2015)

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Deadly Sin is a role playing game about a young adult woman named Lorelai.  Lorelai is a bit upset as her teacher, Winchester, suddenly goes missing and leaves Lorelai with some very important letters. Yep, you guessed it, Lorelai has to deliver those letters and she must deliver them to the King (a-huh huh).  Lorelai heads on her way to see the King but is attacked by some thugs, only to have her friend, Glade join in to help her beat them and then join her on the quest.  The group makes it to the King's castle and is surprised to see that the King has gone missing, so she talks to the kings eldest daughter, Dori instead. It turns out that the letters say that Lorelai is the key to saving the land as she is actually a special type of person called a Dragonborn. Our heroes are also on a mission to stop the Empress of the kingdom as she is actually an evil demon that is out to take over everything. Can Lorelai become strong, find Winchester, and put a stop to the great evil? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Beastcast 58 - Lets talk about the new Batman V Superman Trailer

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What it says on the tin. I talk about the new Batman V Superman Trailer. Download link and info after the bump...

PC Game Review: Nekopara Vol.0 (2015)

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Nekopara Vol.0 (Volume Zero) is a visual novel comedy drama, also a side-story to the main Nekopara series. The story in this game is about a group of catgirls named Chocola, Vanilla, Maple, Azuki, Cinnamon, and their trainer, Shigure, a little girl with a weird obsession over her older brother, Kashou (oh, incest themes). The story starts off with Shigure, Chocola, and Vanilla waking up in shock to see that Kashou has gone to work at the La Soleil Cafe (see my review of Nekopara Volume One for more details) and have to spend the whole day without him. What will they do to pass away the time? Simple, all they do is simple everyday stuff like making meals, cleaning the house, and watching the television. Yep, there's nothing much to the story of this game but does that mean that this game is bad? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Supreme League of Patriots Issue 1: A Patriot is Born (2015)

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Supreme League of Patriots Issue One is an comedic point and click adventure game about two guys, Kyle and Mel.  Kyle is just an average bloke that works at a police station as a janitor, while Mel is his sarcastic best friend that works as a surveillance/tech-guy at the very same police station.  Kyle is sick of his average life and thinks he is good enough to become a superhero.  Kyle is also lucky enough to be invited onto a television talent show to where he can show off his talents and become an official hero. Sadly, there are a few problems with Kyle becoming a superhero. The first is that his costume got stuck in the hot wash, so his costume is now purple instead of being red, white, and blue. Secondly, Kyle isn't a very talented person, his main skills include eating pizza and watching Swiss porn. Yep, it is going to take a miracle for Kyle to succeed in becoming a superhero. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

CF's Thanksgiving Steam Gets for 2015

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PC Game Review: Kamui (2014)

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KAMUI is an arcade styled vertical shoot 'em up and is the second chapter in the ALLTYNEX Trilogy. This game starts up with a story telling about a great mysterious device that hangs above the Earth and how people worship it like a God. Sadly, for the people that worship it, it is not a God but a giant man-made doomsday machine and this doomsday machine has been re-activated. All hope is not lost as that is not the only thing that has been re-activated as a little ship has been re-activated as well. This little ship is just as mysterious and is on a mission to destroy the doomsday device and save everyone. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #151 - Just in Time

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Even with family coming in from out of town for thanksgiving, I still got this weeks TCR to press. Just barely.

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Playstation 3 Game Review: 5 Star Wrestling (2015)

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Five Star Pro Wrestling is an action packed 3D wrestling game that has you stepping into the squared circle and raising some hell. Yep, the concept of this game is just like the rest of the other wrestling games out there but as we all know it's the fun about the gameplay and characters that truly matters. In this wrestling game you'll be playing as parody versions of well known wrestlers: Johnny the Bull (parody of The Rock), Mike Iceberg (parody of Goldberg), Raganbrok (parody of Brock Lesnar), Curtis Angle (parody of Kurt Angle), Greg Hardy (parody of Jeff Hardy), HarVee Dee (parody of Rob Van Dam), and Dynamite Pegasus (A parody that's made up of multiple British wrestlers).  Will this small roster be enough to give you some big fun? LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #150 - Power Turkey

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This week on Tiger Claw Radio, It's Power Turkey Time!

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Tiger Claw Radio #149 - Thankful Soul

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Looking into my purchases from last thanksgiving, Revisiting Minecraft, my NES & SNES wishlist and more! This week on Tiger Claw Radio!

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Edit: I fixed whatever was wrong with this weeks episode. Sorry about that guys.

SixHealthofFury VS Deathadder83 (TheNexTournament)

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Two epic Youtube titans will finally settle question of who is the better Virtual Warrior: Alex Swingle aka SixHealthofFury VS Deathadder83!

Tiger Claw Radio #148 - Tiger in the Stars

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The new Star Trek series and movie, more about the Steam App, Super Cyborg and much more! This week on TCR!

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Retrokaiser VS Tomcat X (The Next Tournament)

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Retrokaiser faces of against Tomcat X, in the first installment of "The Next Tournament! The members of TheNextRound will face each other to determine, who is TheNextChampion of Doom! More info and links after the bump!

PC Game Review: Ninja Pizza Girl (2015)

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Ninja Pizza Girl is a time-trail platformer game that has you taking the role of a teenaged girl named Gemma. Gemma is not only a pizza delivery girl for her father's pizza place, she is also training herself in the fine art of ninjutsu. Gemma has found a way to combine both her skills to become one of the best pizza delivery girls of all time due to her being swift at delivering delicious pizza. Sadly, not all is fun about being a ninja pizza girl, she has to battle against rival ninja from a bigger pizza chain that also happen to also use ninja for pizza delivery. The rival ninja are also very mean to Gemma as they like to make her life uneasy, depressing even, don't let them stop you from achieving your goal of being the best darn ninja pizza girl in town. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Red Bit Ninja (2015)

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Red Bit Ninja is a platformer that has you playing as a little ninja that wears a red ninja outfit. Red Ninja is on a tough mission, the mission is that our hero must complete sixty trails that are full of dangerous obstacles, he can only beat the trails by collecting all of the coins that are found in each level. Red Ninja must do the task without any kind of weapons but he is armed with a spear and rope, so that he can scale walls, get across gaps, and even latch onto things so he can swing just like the mighty Tarzan or George of the Jungle (watch out for that...).  This sure does sound like a tough game but will it be worth going though the hellish trials? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Default Dan (2015)

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Default Dan is an anti-platformer game that has you playing as a blond haired kid in a red cap, Dan.  Dan is just chilling at home and playing video games with his turtle-shelled dragon buddy that looks like someone that we all know from that certain game about a plumber. Dan's play session is cut short as his home is invaded by a bratty little princes that has come to take his friend and only to dress him up and play tea-party. Dan must now go out of his way to save his friend but Dan must travel across a world where nearly everything is out to get him. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Ghost in the Shell Arise Part 1 (2013)

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Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Part One is the first volume that contains the first two chapters of this exciting new revision of the Ghost in the Shell universe. This special series explores the early days of the Section Nine crew in a time before they were in the Section Nine. In this volume you'll see a younger and more inexperienced Motoko whom is part of a huge group, 501 Organization.  Motoko is trying to solve the case of the death of her superior after he was murdered. Motoko is not alone on the case as Daisuke (a Ghost in the Shell character you are all very familiar with) is also trying to figure out the case and he also wants to join forces with Motoko. Motoko doesn't want to join forces but she is willing to help out on the case just so that she can get the information she needs to know what happened.  Makoto soon finds out that there is a lot more going on in this case than just a simple murder (wouldn't be Ghost in the Shell otherwise) and soon finds herself in a lot of trouble and confusion that'll drive any normal person insane. Scandalous. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Tiger Claw Radio #147

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Check out the new Tiger Claw Radio! This week, YouTube Red and a new Steam app!

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PC Game Review: Supercharged Robot VULKAISER! (2015)

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Supercharged Robot Vulkasier or as I like to pronounce it, VULKAISSSEEEEERRRRRRRRRERERR! is an arcade styled horizontal side scrolling schmup (shoot 'em up).  This game is set in the past, the year of 1977 and the evil General Roz is leading the Goroh Army on a crusade to take over planet Earth.  Earth is not defenseless though as Professor Amamori has created a laser shooting, fist firing giant red robot called the Vulkaiser.  The Vulkaiser is piloted by an young adult named Takuya Akatsuki and he is willing to put his life on the line just to save planet Earth.  The Vulkaiser does also more than just shoot lasers and fire giant fists, it also has the ability to combine with other mini robots and gain cool new weapons and special attacks.  GO, GO, VULKAISER! (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: The Centerfold Girls (1974)

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The Centerfold Girls is an anthology thriller movie containing three tales about the lives of nude female models that have all appeared in the centerfold of a famous men's magazine. All stories are linked in two ways: 1. They are all centerfold girls have all had a part in the same magazine. 2. There is a crazed killer that's after them and he won't stop unless he has murdered them all. The reason why this killer wants them dead is because he is an anti-sex guy and finds that stuff disgusting and degrading and so he wants them dead to help make the world pure (just think of the late Margret Thatcher but as a killer). The killer is only one part of the tale(s) as there is more to this story than just a crazed slasher. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Magnetic by Nature (2014)

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Magnetic by Nature, a platforming puzzle game that takes place in a cold and wet dystopian world full of ruins and rusted metal.  In this cruel world you play as a little robot that has just awoken from being shut down, this robot gets charged up by a very special energy source that charges up machinery.  The little robot starts to look around the place and finds a huge robot in need of repair, so the little robot tries to charge up the big robot with the special energy but is shocked (no pun intended) to see that he hasn't got enough of it in stock to bring the robot back to life (even though robots don't actually live anyway).  The little robot discovers that the land is full of this special energy but trying to get more is going to be very difficult as the robot will have to go through some very dangerous areas full of ghastly spikes and harmful rivers of liquid.  The little robot does discover something interesting and that's it has a special ability to create magnetic waves that can attach and detach to certain platforms.  Godspeed, little robot dude.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (2015)

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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is a touched up version of the 1997 game, Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. This game has you playing as Abe, a simple everyday janitor/slave that works at a factory called Rupture Farms. This factory is a slaughterhouse that takes weird and exotic creatures (well, weird and exotic to us that is) and turns them into tasty treats. Abe is just doing his job at cleaning the halls as he typically does, however on this fine day he just happens to peek into a business meeting between all of the executives and overhears them talking about a new product. Abe is in shock as this new item on the menu is Abe's entire race, the Mudokon, on the menu to be slaughtered. Abe must now escape from Rupture Farms and help out his fellow Mudokon brethren and lead them to the promised land. Sadly the odds are against him as he must get past all of the security and even then the journey gets harder after that. It's nice to see that this game has an updated version after all these years but will it be tasty as it advertises itself to be? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movies (2012). Limited Edition Box Set.

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Puella Magi Madoka: the Movies is an animated magical girl drama film series that is also based on the animated TV series of the same name. This film series is about a teenaged girl named Madoka, she is just an average young girl that just wants to be a little popular with the boys and she also loves to hang out with her friends (I'm sure we all knew a girl like this at one point in our lives). Madoka's life takes a huge change on the day that a new student, Homura, joins her class and demands that Madoka keeps her life the way it is. Later on we see Madoka hanging out at the mall with Sayaka (one of her best friends), where they are just browsing for music until they see a little cat-like creature running around the mall. The two of them go chase it but end up getting caught in a supernatural situation with a labyrinth, an evil creature called a Witch, and magical girls. The two girls are saved by a magical girl named Mami, then she goes on about how lucky Madoka and Sayaka are to be alive and explains the situation. The little cat-like creature, Kyubey, ends up making them an offer to become magical girls themselves however Homura is not very happy with the idea. Will Madoka and Sayaka become magical girls? Or is there something more to Homura, Mami, and Kyubey than meets the eye? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Out of the Park Baseball 16 (2015)

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Out of the Park Baseball 16 (16 as in 2016) is a sports simulator (a proper simulator, not a novelty game parading as one) that has you taking the role of a baseball coach in the MLB (Major League Baseball). This is a game where you're not just taking control of the current roster as you have a large roster of teams and leagues from across all eras of baseball history. If that's not enough, you can create your own teams and league and become the ultimate coach of your very own make believe league. Will this game make you get out of the park and run for home to get to your computer? Or will it be a strike out? (Sorry for the painful puns and the out of left field apology). Find out after the jump and you might be pleasantly surprised with what I have to say about this game. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Sym (2015)

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Sym is a puzzling platformer game where you play as a teenage boy named Josh that's suffering from social anxiety. Josh also has a split personality and this personality is his shadow self. In order to beat this game and get over your problems, you and your shadow self must work as a team and complete some interesting levels. You and your shadow self will also operate on different levels (literally) as your regular self can walk on top of platforms, while your shadow self can sink into the shadows and do the same but in an inverted world instead.  This game is just as SYMple as that (hurr hurr hurr). (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Kill la Kill Volume 5 (2014)

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Kill la Kill Volume Five is the final volume of this action packed, over-the-top, dramatic anime about the high school from hell, an alien invasion, and a spunky young woman named Ryuko. This volume opens up with Ryuko rejecting and leaving her Kamui, Senketsu, due to all of the crazy stuff that I dare not spoil as it is way too huge to spoil. The final battle is also at hand as Ragyo Kiryuin (Satsuki's mother) is getting close to fulfilling her evil plan for world domination.  Satsuki (Ryoko's dear rival) also happens to escape her imprisonment and is off to get her revenge on her dear old mother... Heck, The Elite Four, The Naked Nudist, and Ryuoko are all after Ragyo as well. Sadly, Ragyo has a lot of cards up her sleeve and one of them is to capture Ryoku and brainwash her into doing her bidding. How will our heroes and antiheroes put a stop to Ragyo and save the world from the evil aliens? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Jump/Boxer (2015)

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Jump/Boxer is a retro styled 2D action platformer that has you playing Dag, a martial artist who is also a master at the urban martial-art of parkour.  The goal of the game is to get though the city but that's not going to be easy as there are dastardly traps and other martial art masters getting in your way.  You will also have to do a lot of climbing and getting past some tricky platforms, thank goodness that Dag is both a martial artist and a master at parkour, otherwise any other normal person would be doomed as they'd be beaten up and thrown off the buildings (ouch). But enough with the padding and onto the part where I tell you if the game is good or not.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Kill la Kill Volume 4 (2014)

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Kill la Kill Volume Four is the second last volume of the epic saga of Ryuko and her journey to avenge her father. In this volume we have our heroes, the ruthless Satsuki, and the Elite Four, still in a huge battle with the entire region of Osaka due to Satsuki declaring war on them.  Ryoko is still trying to find to all of the pieces to her loyal friend and battle suit, Senketsu the Kamui, but is having a hard time trying to do so.  Satsuki and the Elite Four are still dominating as they are more than a match for anyone in the Osaka region. It doesn't take long until we see the naked freedom fighters from a group called Nudist Beach come out to join the battle because the Elite Four are getting way to close to finding out where their secret base is hidden. That's not all that happens in this volume, there will be even more game changing deep secrets revealed in this volume and it will just blow your minds. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Superbike TT (2015)

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Superbike TT is a motorbike racing game that has you living your dream of becoming a motorcycle racer via virtual reality with help from the Oculus Rift.  If you do not own an Oculus Rift (like me) then do not fear as this game can be played without one just fine.  In this game you will be racing all over the world in countries such as Canada, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom, just to name a few.  You'll also be racing in many different speed divisions and you'll be unlocking new bikes in the process.  That's it, there's really not much to explain about to what this game is about, it's just a straight up good old fashioned racing game where the focus is on the racing instead of having some complicated story.  Grab your helmets, rev intensely until you pre-maturely shoot out smoke from your exhaust pipe, it's time to race.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Beastcast 57 - Fantastic Four will be in the MCU

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I talk about how shit the last Craptastic Four movie was and why this is a good thing for the MCU. Download after the bump.

PC Game Review: Canabalt HD (2009, 2015)

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Canabalt HD is the new PC re-release of the arcade-esk handheld game of the same name. This game has you playing as a business man who is on the run for his life as there is an alien invasion going on.  The goal of the game is to run as far as you can on levels that have no end and try your best to get a high score.  You are running on rooftops where there will be obstacles trying to put a stop to your life and these include: Pitfalls, missiles, giant machines, and even other buildings that will collapse once you have landed on them.  This version of the game also has some new modes thrown into the mix and also even has multiplayer added in.  This version is defiantly the most beefed up version of date, but will this end up also being the most definitive version of this game? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Goal of the Dead (2014)

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Goal of the Dead, a French comedy horror film about a soccer/football team going to the small town where they'll be playing a game against another team.  This game is especially big for a player named Sam (I like that name) as he'll be playing in his old hometown, so he is nervous, not because he is worried about impressing the locals, he is worried because that town hates him due to something that happened a long time ago.  There is one person who is especially hateful of Sam and  has held a grudge against him after what happened between Sam and his son.  This bitter old man wants revenge and so he gets an experimental steroid and makes his son use it to become ultra strong, so that he can wreck Sam a new one.  Sadly, this is the point where all hell starts to break loose as the steroid does something else instead.  What is this something else that I speak of?  This something else is that the steroid turns the bitter man's son into an ultra-violent zombie that is out to cause havoc to everything that crosses his path.  Looks like Sam is in for one hell of a town reunion...  And much, much more.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Snake Eating VAG: videos of Acquired Games

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Not much in the vag hole this week.

Playstation Vita Game Review: Sayonara Umihara Kawase + (1994, 2015)

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Saynonara Umihara Kawase + (Goodbye Umihara Kawase: Plus Edition*) is a game that has you playing as a female young adult, Umihara Kawase. Umihara is on a weird and wonderful journey across weird levels full of unorthodox platforms, death pits, spike pits, and giant walking fish that want to eat her.  All that Umihara has to defend herself in this world is her trusty fishing rod and rubber fishing line.  Umihara must figure out the best way to cast her reel so she can grip onto the platforms and swing along with her fishing line and find the doors that will lead her to her home.  All of these skills are necessary for if you want to break free, so be careful how you use them.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Brigadecon 2015 3 Days left

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Doom II Mouth Sounds Mod Showcase

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Solid Gyro VAG: Videos of Acquired Games

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Big Bumpin VAG: Videos of Acquired Games

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More Videos of Aquired Games...

Retard VAG: Videos of Acquired Games

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God damn.

Shenmue III Update

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mo money pls

Flea Infested VAG: Videos of Acquired Games

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Want to leave an audio comment? Want to text me and tell me I'm a huge faggot? Contact the Terror Dome with your TELEPHONE. (937) 419-1223

Shenmue III Kickstarter

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Holy shit. Never thought I'd get to say anything about Shenmue III.

Let's Play Duke Nukem 3d with Critical Failure

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Your one and only Gaming Beast faces of against the mighty Critical Failure, who will win?

Voltron VS Mechagodzilla

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Voltron defender of the universe and mecha champion of justice faces the terror that is known as Mechagodzilla. Who will be victorious? Let them fight...

Top 5 memories from my Rpg history

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Talking about my favorite RPG moments, more infor after the bump!

PC Game Review: Eden* (2015)

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Eden* (AKA Eden) is a dramatic visual novel set in a time where the Earth is nearly at an end, so most of the population have left the planet and gone into deep space.  Only a few people are still left on Earth and this is where we see the main character of this story, a young adult named Ryou Haruna.  Ryou is a very hardened soldier after having been to many wars and he is also an elite sniper with some serious skills.  Ryou's latest mission has him stationed to a small island that has a very important science institute on it to where he'll be a bodyguard of an important person named Sion.  Sion isn't your typical person as she is a type of human called a Felix (not the cat) that is also the next step up on the evolutionary ladder, so she possesses a lot of brains and has eternal youth when it comes to her looks.  This island institute also has a lot of mysterious things going on and they will all unfold during Ryou's stay there.  There's also a lot more going into this visual novel other than just a mystery and I'll get to that deeper into this review.  It's the end of the world as we know it, but will this visual novel be fine?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Sakura Spirit (2014)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Saturday, September 19, 2015 1 comments

Sakura Spirit, a visual novel that has you playing the role of a teenager named Takahiro. Takahiro, a Judo Fighter, has fought his way to the finals of a judo tournament but has found himself very nervous about fighting in them. Takahiro is a fighter because he has a dream of becoming a hero just like those from the fairy tales and comic books. Takahiro starts asking around for advice for a cure for his nerves and finds out from a friend that there is a special shrine that's said to give anyone good luck if they made a wish there. Takahiro makes his way to the shrine and makes his wish. Takahiro notices something strange after making his wish as he hears a female voice and then soon sees a weird scantily clad woman with horns and a tail. The woman tells him something regarding his wish and then uses her magical powers to warp Takahiro to another dimension. This dimension looks like feudal Japan and Takahiro is confused, he doesn't know what is going on as he didn't think that the woman was serious. Takahiro wanders around for a little bit and soon runs into a pair of very sexy Fox Girls. Takahiro notices that the Fox Girls were stealing the underpants of a Guard from a local village. Long story short, Takahiro gets himself involved with them and winds up living with the Fox Girls until he figures out how to get home. Foxy. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: Goosebumps: The Complete Collection. Seasons 1 - 4 (1995 - 1998)

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Goosebumps Complete Collection is a box-set that contains all four seasons of the old 1990's television show, Goosebumps. Goosebumps is a family horror show that tells tales in an episodic format much like the shows The Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964) and Tales From the Crypt (1989 - 1996). The episodes themselves are all based on the Goosebumps books and some episodes are even hosted by the author of the books, R.L. Stine. Some of the tales of terror you can expect in this show includes: A girls unfortunate experience with a haunted Halloween mask.  An evil dummy trying to get people in trouble.  A story of an evil comic book villain coming to life.  A young boy's adventure in the jungle with a shrunken head.  Several episodes about werewolves.  A bunch of ghost tales.  Plus way too many more to even mention as it's the complete collection, man. Readers beware, you are in for a scare... I mean that you're in for a review (well, you might be in for a scare if you're not prepared to hear what my views are). (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: My Litle Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 (2012 - 2013)

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Three is the next huge season about our favorite little mares and their adventures in friendship. The main premise of the show is that a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle is on a mission to learn what it means to be a true friend and report back to Princess Celestria. Twilight Sparkle has certainly made a lot of friends since she made her first step in Ponyville all the way back in the first season, now she has a much tougher task from Princess Celestria herself. Twilight Sparkles current (and toughest) task is to help save a place called the Crystal Empire, a place that was dormant for a really long time but now isn't. Twilight Sparkle must help the Crystal Empire by reviving the Crystal Heart but it isn't easy as the Crystal Heart is hidden and was so by the previous ruler, King Sombra (an evil vampire pony that I like to call a vampony). Twilight Sparkle doesn't have long though as the evil King Sombra has also returned to take back the Crystal Empire and he won't stop until he has it back in his grips. All this and more in this third season of My Little Pony. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

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The Thief of Bagdad is an fantasy adventure film based on the classic Arabian Nights stories. This film opens up with a blind man on the street asking for money and is then soon met up with a woman that asks of him to help revive a princess from a deep sleep. The blind man is soon at the castle and is soon surrounded by a harem of beautiful women that refuse to let him go. The blind man uses the time to tell the harem the events that lead up to him being blind. The story of the blind man starts off with how he is actually a prince that was not happy with his life as all royalty saw themselves above everyone else, he didn't find that to be fair. The prince soon gets caught up in conspiracy as his assistant, Jaffar, soon sends him to jail just so that Jaffar can take over the throne. The prince soon befriends a thief he meets in prison, named Abu (played by Sabu*).

The two of them soon manage to escape from prison and head out to another town where they can escape to sea from there. Sadly, plans are soon to change as the prince falls in love with a beautiful princess. The prince manages to sneak into the princess' garden in order to see her to which he gets spotted and it is love at first sight. Sadly, there is another man after the princess and it is none other than Jaffar. The princess refuses to go with Jaffar and thus this makes Jaffar very upset. The prince manages to get captured while trying to see the princess again and that just makes Jaffar mad. Jaffar punishes the prince by putting a curse on him and Abu to where the prince goes blind and Abu gets turned into a dog, then the film cuts back to the blind prince and the harem of beautiful women. The blind prince manages to wake up the princess but only for Jaffar to take her away from him. Now the prince and Abu must go on an adventure to save the princess and put a stop to the evil Jaffar. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

DVD Review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Two (2011 - 2012)

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Two is the next installment of the animated show about a group of little ponies and their huge adventures (check out my review of the first season if you haven't yet). This season opens up with a bit of chaos as a mischievous villain from the past makes his return to Ponyville (and debut to the series), this villain is named Discord, a creature that is made up of parts from multiple creatures. Our heroes must put a stop to him but Discord isn't going to go down easy as he has stolen and hidden all of our heroes Elements of Harmony (powerful magical items), then puts our heroes on a quest to find them. Why did Discord put our heroes on such a crazy task? He was just simply looking to be entertained is all. That's not all you'll see in this season as you'll also see: Twilight Sparkle trying to prevent a dark future from happening after she was visited from herself from the future.  Applejack trying to keep her farm in business after new competition comes to town.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders still trying to get their cutie marks and also trying to get their teacher a nice boyfriend.  Spike the Dragon trying to live life with other dragons.  And much, much more. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Beastcat 56 - Beast Trek

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Hannu "the Hande" Mäkkinen, Retrokaiser and my humble self, explore new frontiers in podcasting and boldly ramble about our favorite topics relating to Star Trek. Download and more info after the bumb!

Ahnuld plays Skyrim (Part 2)

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I eat green imperials for breakfast! GIRLY MEN!!! NYAAARGHH!!! Im Ahnuld!!! ENOUGHT TALK!!!

Ahnuld plays Skyrim (Part 1)

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What is best in life? off course its Ahnuld playing Skyrim you GIRLY MAN, NYAARGHH!!!

Discussing Satoru Iwata's Passing

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Batman VS Superman

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The new Trailer has for Zach Snyders Batman V. Superman has arrived. Let's finally answer the question of who will win in a fight? The Dark Knight Batman or the Man of Steel Superman? The DC titans will settle the score in the Virtual Warriors arena once and for all. Let the fight commence, for the Deathmug of Doom!

Let's Play Talisman (Part 4)

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Kaiser, Darabka and Swingle continue to troll each other and become the ultimate king of the hill.

Tiger Claw Radio #145 - Back From Vacation

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Returning from vacation, here is a roundup of what has happened in the subsequent two weeks.

Download the MP3 Here

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 113

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The E3 Episode.  Me and Justin argue over semantics.  Who won?  You be the judge.  Listen or download after the jump.

Franko the Crazy Revenge Review

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Beat the crap out of hot pants wearing steroid thugs in post-communist Poland "Franko the Crazy Revenge", Let's Go!!!!

The Terrordome!!! (Fanart by Darabka)

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This is a piece of concept/fanart for the Terrordome for a project I am working on with Jerry. Hope you guys enjoy! "Thats right kids, Mondocool!"

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 112

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We have an amazing guest on this program.  Dave from the original Classic Game Room shoots the shit with Justin and myself.  check it out.

Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 111

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It's an episode of the podcast.  You should download and listen to it.

Pocket Bomberman Review

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Mondo Cool Reviews: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3, 360, PC)

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Film Review: Game Loading - Rise of the Indies (2015)

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Game Loading: Rise of the Indies is a documentary film about a group of independent gaming developers talking about games.  In this film you will see people such as Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable (2013)), the Tail of Tales' crew (Luxuria Supurbia (2013)), Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone (2012)), and Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest (2014)), and even an appearance from game making legend John Romero (Doom (1993), Doom II (1994), Daikatana (2000), and that's just to name a few as this film has a whole bunch more video game developers being interviewed.  You will also see some developers giving their story and life journey behind developing an indie game from the start of the project all the way to the release of the project, the effect of the game on their lives, and the gaming scene as a whole.  This movie sure sounds very promising but how will the final product end up?  (click "Read More" to read the full review).

Blu-Ray Review: Street Fighter - Assassin's Fist (2014)

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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist is a live action movie based on the classic Capcom videogame series, Street Fighter.  This film/series is based on the lives of Ryu (played by Mike Moh) and Ken (played by Christian Howard) who are being trained up by their teacher, Gouken (played by Akira Koieyama).  Ryu and Ken have been training with Gouken for thirteen years and have matured a lot since they first arrived at Gouken's dojo and now they are at a level to where it is time for them to learn some advanced skills.  Gouken puts Ryu and Ken on a task to go on a journey to find Gouken who is hiding in a secret area.  It takes a little to do so but Ryu and Ken do make it to the secret spot only to find out that they are at Gouken's old training grounds.  Now it is time for Ryu and Ken to learn the advanced stuff and by advanced stuff I mean that they get to finally learn the shoryuken (a powerful jumping uppercut) and the hadoken (an energy ball attack).  That's not all that Ryu and Ken will be learning as Ken breaks his way into a sealed off room and discovers photos of Gouken's past and also an old book with some instructions to a mysterious martial art.  Ken tries to use this art but is soon told off for using it as it is a very evil technique that will corrupt any fighter that learns it, thus we also learn about the existence of Gouken's brother, Gouki, also known as Akuma.  Thing's have gotten very interesting at the house of Gouken.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

PC Game Review: Desert Ashes (2014)

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Desert Ashes is a turn based strategy game that takes place in an alien universe, on an alien world, on an alien land, and is about two rival alien races that are at war with each other due to a fallout that happened in the past.  You take the role of the alien race called the Winged Crusade (sounds more like a team than an alien race), they don gold and red colors and look like birds.  The Winged Crusade gets a bright new rookie and you are lucky as the leader of the Winged Crusade sees a lot of potential with the rookie and teaches the rookie the ways of becoming a great soldier.  The Winged Crusade's goal is to wipe out the other alien race named Landians (now that sounds like an alien race).  The Landian race have more of a squid look to them as they have pointy squid like heads, heck, some of them even have huge metal tentacles.  The Landians won't go down to the Winged Crusade without putting up a fight and so it won't be an easy task for either side to win.  How will this war unfold? (Click "Read More" to read the full review).